Revamped: The Iniquitous

The Iniquitous has been totally revamped and is now built with CMS Fire by Tim Nguyen [1].

Here is a recent screenshot which I took today:

[slider crop=”yes” slide1=”http://cdn.k0nsl.org/2013/05/The_Iniquitous01_k0nsl.png” slide2=”http://cdn.k0nsl.org/2013/05/The_Iniquitous02_k0nsl.png” slide3=”http://cdn.k0nsl.org/2013/05/The_Iniquitous01_k0nsl.png”][/slider]

There’s still some areas which needs to be done to make it fully functional; user pages, oAuth and most notably anti-spam.

Anyway, have a look-see:


Over and out!


1. See ‘cmsfire‘ on GitHub.



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