“You are an informercial ahole” (sic)

[blockquote]u r the same iodiot who pulls those jerky informercials (using the same cartoonist or are the cartoonist).. u use tactics to get personal information from others to do ur own form of hacking. fess up![/blockquote]

What “informercials (sic)”? What cartoonist? What tactics? My “own form of hacking”? What’s that? Are you suggesting that I engage in social engineering?
Ah, many questions.

[blockquote]The world is not ending… Why don’t u stop being the personification of Fox news? And yes u are an informercial asshole[/blockquote]

I don’t believe I’ve ever claimed that the world is ending.

As for me being “an informercial asshole” I still don’t understand the meaning. 

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