Why is there no information about Reinhard Heydrich?

Everyone has heard of him, but does anyone actually know about the man
himself. When one looks for information on this man, the man who was
to replace Hitler, all that one finds is cardboard image. He organised
the Wannsee conference and was the posterchild of national socialism.
Oh, yeah, at one time, he was so disgusted by his Jewish features, that he
supposedly shot his own image in the mirror. Yeah, right.

All this is kind of similar to the Hess description of being a dumb psychopath; how
many dumb psychopaths can fly all the way from Southern Germany to Scotland
and parachute within a mile or two of this destined target? Not many I think.
What’s more, Hess had never flown this route, it was an incredible undertaking on Hess part
which ultimately cost his life – he flew to meddle for peace, but got condemned by a pack of Americans, British, French and Russians for ‘Crimes against Peace’.

Well, in any case, the little I found about Heydrich also makes one wonder about
the cardboard image. He was a master fencer, a musician, and knew
several languages, and a skilled diplomat. He was so gungho to get
into the fight in WWII that he flew combat missions over Norway and
was shot down over Russia and by fortitude made it back to his own

At the same time, he’s supposed to be the guy who shot out his own mirror.

What’s the real story here and why was he so feared that a cardboard
image had to be constructed of a madman.
I guess, really, what I’m asking is, why is there no good information about Reinhard Heydrich?

The point to remember is, that WHATEVER is said about ANY of the personalities of the Third Reich, it’s essentially twisted, perverted and untrue. You forgot to mention that he was by far the best governor, or leader if you will, ever to rule in Bohemia. He drove to his office in an open car without body guards because he didn’t need any. His murderers were imported, since none could be found amongst the locals. Also, legitimate criticism is never an issue here. e.g. Hermann Göring. THAT man could be criticized legitimately on any number of points, since he is personally responsible for some of the worst disasters of World War II to befall the German nation, but they criticize him for his obesity, for his love of life (which is of course described in a totally perverted sense) and for his addiction to drugs, the latter of which he can’t be blamed for, since it was the only way he could escape incessant pain.
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