Mathis: “Why I don’t have a listed phone number…”

Andrew E. Mathis writes — in an empty message containing only the line below — bearing the following heading: “Why I don’t have a listed phone number…”:

Furuliden 5 46155 TROLLHÄTTAN SWEDEN Mobile phone: 073-5458350

I told him this:

I can actually imagine how you sit behind your monitor copying and
pasting this information with a clumpy smile on the thick lips,
thinking “I have done something good. I am onto him now, raawr!”

But as usual you got it all wrong. What is it with Holocaust Believers (+ Holocaust Enforcers) and personal details? I’ve never been asked to exchange my private details with Andrew E. Mathis, nor do I want to 


Well, it doesn’t end there. Andy goes on to say this in a reply:

What’s really funny is that my contact in Sweden has already confirmed for me that this information is correct (which I didn’t know until I checked the phone directory). And the Expo article (note #1) does speak for itself, doesn’t it?

Well, as I say: the information is wrong. I also told him to tell his “contact” (Daniel Poohl) that he/she is a retard and should lobotomise themselves according to the old standards employed a hundred (or so) years ago.



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