“What was their motive for confessing?”

A person calling himself “Village” on the ‘hunting grounds’ of TIME.COM asked some questions of me earlier today, although a lot of it were intended to obfuscate and distort what I had written. So I decided to quickly knit together a short response for him.

Village wrote:

so you contend that every Jewish family who lost people to the Holocaust is actually lying about it, eh?  All the several million of them?  Uh, yeah, that’s plausible…

And that the hundreds of SS men who guarded the camps, and later testified or gave interviews admitting to the mass murder or torture there–what was their motive for doing so, again?
And your answer, when you’re asked “well in that case, what DID happen to the millions of European Jews who disappeared?” is… ??  What?

And I’m sure, if you contend that Nazism is perfectly friendly to Jews and would never mass-murder them, then you would say what about the fact that hundreds of thousands of German Jews were made to emigrate?  Do you claim that they were NOT forced to emigrate?  Or do you claim that the Jews all falsified Hitler’s speeches, or Heinrich Himmler’s or Heydrich’s or other officials’ memos, or the SS’s resettlement office records, those were all false?  And you welcome the German Jews to live in Germany, where they grew up?

If not, then your own logic falls apart instantly.  The Nazis didn’t hate or mistreat the Jews, you claim; so then if you instantly claim “but they were right to drive the German Jews out of Germany,” then you reveal exactly that hatred and mistreatment.  German Jews won Iron Crosses by the dozen, in World War One and earlier–you are a shame to the German people, and they are not.

I wrote a spontaneous reply to him quickly because it’s not worth putting down too much of ones time in discussions that are likely to be deleted just days or weeks after. Better to record them someplace else, such as here on my own blog.

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Here is my response to “Village”:

You’re putting words into my mouth, Village. What I don’t believe in is the following: I reject the usage of the term “holocaust” to describe what truly happened to the Jews in WWII – at the most one could describe it as a tragedy. Secondly I reject any intention of the Germans to exterminate the Jews in any manner; thirdly, I reject and have never seen a plan for exterminating the Jews issued by the German government of the times; fourth, I acknowledge no past existence of a German agency  which sat out a budget to plan these things (a must, obviously, since such a undertaking would be enormous); fifth, no trace from any of the technical methods which were said to have been used to carry out these things, etc.

As for confessions, that’s easy. One example, and probably the most important, is Rudolf Höß. That man had to be tortured for almost a week to confess to all those impossibilities. How long would it have taken for you to confess, under circumstances barely just resembling that which befell Höß? Minutes?

There were many Jews (tens of thousands) right in Berlin all the way to when the war ended. This is a fact. And there was a Jewish Hospital right in Berlin which was 100% functional all throughout the war and until the very end. Klaus Zwilsky worked there, for example. Strange, if the intent was to exterminate every Jew they could possibly get their hands on, right?
As to where those deported ended up, that’s easy, you can check out this reference in the Nuremberg records:

  •  Interrogation of Joseph Bühler at Nuremberg, as recorded in Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol.12, Tuesday, 23 April 1946.

Except from this interrogation:

The Reichsführer-SS has received the task from the Führer to collect all the Jews of Europe and to resettle them in the North-East of Europe, in Russia.

The German policy was that of deportation and resettlement, not one of mass murder in all sorts of absurd manners, where in many cases the methods even defy science and laws of physics. I suggest you spend a bit of time reading survivor testimony, and see for yourself just what it is they say. One is actually flabbergasted that they’re getting away with telling their stories to mere children. That ought to be criminal.
What really happened to Jews in WWII was but a stain of flyspeck compared to anything else in the same time period. What Jews did to other peoples before, during and after WWII clearly outshines the so-called Holocaust, even if it all would’ve been true.
That’s my short and quick answer for now.



“Village” also writes the following to me:

And k0nsl, if you knew the first thing about Dr. Larson or Nazi Germany, you’d be aware that Dr. Charles Larson’s experiments addressed Dachau–which everyone agrees was not one of the primary gassing sites!  So the fact that he said few at Dachau were gassed proves nothing (and by the way, he didn’t say “no indications” that “any prisoner” was gassed, he said: “”only relatively few of the inmates I personally examined at Dachau were murdered in this manner,” – as he writes in _Crime Doctor,_ McCallum & Larson, p. 61, ISBN 0-916076-20-2).
The main camps that gassed Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and others to death were: Auschwitz-Birkenau; Belzec; Chelmno; Sobibor; Treblinka; and Majdanek.  These were sited carefully in occupied Poland, mostly (except for Majdanek) in rural areas, so as to be out of sight of ordinary Germans or other eyewitnesses, and so as to be closer to the eastern front, where most of these victims came from.  These gassed about three million Jews, along with many Slavs and Roma, and the remainder of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust were murdered in the field, either by shooting, torture and beatings, exposure and starvation as prisoners of the Nazis, or by mobile gas vans, which the Nazis themselves also testified to using.  So Dr. Larson’s statements about Dachau prove _nothing_–no one even claims that the mass gassings were held there.

To which I replied:

Eh, is this for real? First of all, Larson said NONE were gassed there, that’s a “0”. Then you wish to split hairs by saying that Dachau ‘was not one of the primary gassing sites’.
Read his interview in “The Wichita Eagle” dated April 1, 1980, page 4C: where he says “never was a case of poison gas uncovered.”
That’s pretty clear. All the camps you mention which lays outside of the Reich’s border were all in plain view of the locals, especially in the case of Auschwitz I, II and III (where many civilians even worked!).
At Treblinka the eyewitnesses said they had to camouflage the camp perimeter because otherwise the locals could see what’s “going on”. Funny how every point you make is so wrong.
Did you take a “crash course” in Holocaustianity? Better do it one more time.



I’m sorry if I appear a bit testy (alternatively worked-up), but I’ve been up too long and need a bit of coffee now. But sometime you just wonder if they’re pulling your legs 


Yes, I am naturally aware that Dachau is even retired as a supposed ‘extermination camp’, but Village brought it up by saying that ‘it was not one of the primary gassing sites’ thus implying some sort of activity with regard to gassings took place there. A belief no historian (even mainstream ones) seem to hold. Only these Holocaust Believers sometimes says gassings took place in the camps located within the pre-1939 Third Reich borders, they clearly must have graduated without learning anything in their Holocaustianity classes.

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