What proof is there that the document [L-3] is a forgery?

[quote]”What proof is there that the document [L-3] is a forgery? I have seen this quote cited by Toland in his biography of Hitler as well as several other sources.”[/quote]

DAVID IRVING, NUREMBERG: THE LAST BATTLE, hard cover, 1996, E: p. 100: …”[the prefixed letter] L [on Nuremberg documents] signified a document from London, like the now-famous forgery 003-L, the report on Hitler’s speech to his generals on August 22, 1939, which the anti-Nazi opposition had fed to Associated Press journalist Louis Lochner in Berlin.”

DAVID L. HOGGAN: THE FORCED WAR, 1989, p. 472: “One version of these conferences [August 22, 1939] was presented by Louis P. Lochner of the American Associated Press to British diplomats at Berlin as a valid record of the conferences, and it consciously or unconsciously influenced the thinking of British diplomats at the time. Otherwise, it would have been dismissed as too ridiculous to receive serious consideration. The crass propaganda in the material would have been immediately discarded had people been permitted to think normally about important issues. Unfortunately, a furious and uninterrupted war propaganda campaign had been carried on in the West for more than five months, and nearly everyone, regardless of his mental calibre, had been seriously affected.

“Why would anyone believe that Marshal Goering danced on the table and shrieked like a savage before a group of austere German generals? Why would Hitler blandly announce to his Generals that ‘Goering had demonstrated to us that his Four-Year Plan is a failure and that we are at the end of our strength, if we do not achieve victory in a coming war?’ This sounded more like a leaf from the book of President Roosevelt, who, unlike Hitler, was still facing a catastrophic depression. The statement would be sheer nonsense when applied to war with poverty-stricken Poland. Every informed person, including Lord Halifax, knew that Goering was the last person in Germany who would deliver arguments in favour of a general war at this time [footnote 50: J.W. Wheeler-Burnett, Nemesis of Power, New York, 1954, pp. 446-449, W.L. Langer and S.E. Gleason, The Challenge to Isolation, 1937-1940, New York, 1952, pp. 181-1892].

“The memorandum stated that Hitler told his Generals he planned to kill the Polish women and children. This would have been proper material for an American ‘comic book’, and also for Hitler, if his purpose had been to goad his Generals into an immediate revolt against the German regime. The memorandum claimed that Germany could not hold out in a long war, but added in the same paragraph that ‘Poland will be depopulated and settled with Germans’. The memorandum also claimed that Stalin was very sick, and that Germany would dismember Russia after his death.

“Succinct and reliable references to the meeting of August 22, 1939 are available from the actual participants. The traditions of popular journalism cannot excuse people, from any country, who seek to precipitate war by spreading lies when feeling is running high [Footnote 51: British Foreign Policy, III, vol. 7, no. 314; for reliable records, see especially Raeder Diaries, Washington D.C., and the account by Admiral Boehm, Washington D.C.]

[In the German-language version of Hoggans’ work, DER ERZWUNGENE KRIEG, published in 1961 and actually more complete, see p. 624.]

For a high-quality scan of this document, see http://www.cwporter.com/gl3.htm.

For a full translation of this document, see: http://www.cwporter.com/transl3.htm.

For a discussion of this treatment of document at Nuremberg, where it was never even accepted into evidence, see: NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG by C.W. Porter

See also National Archives Head Fakes Captions to Hoaxoco$t Poster Exhibit by C.W.Porter, and Anatomy of a Nuremberg Liar by C.W.Porter.

These links contain other links to many scans of original documents, with translations.

In view of the fact that L-3 was never even accepted into evidence, it seems strange that it found its way into NAZI CONSPIRACY AND AGGRESSION, vol. V, a collection of so-called “authentic documents”.

Have a look at the scans, and see what you think; if you want to believe this kind of thing, FadeTheButcher, you are free to do so; we will not gas you.

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