What is your opinion on the Hutton report?

“What is your opinion on the Hutton report?”

The Hutton report clearing Tony Blair is typically British. It reminds me of the Lusitania report, the Rudolf Hess report, the Irving-Lipstadt trial, the list of horrendously dishonest British ‘reports’ and trials is endless, going back all the way to Henry the 8th, and possibly even further. Did anyone really expect Hutton to come to an honest conclusion? Is such man even capable of arriving at an honest conclusion? I venture to say, NO. Had he been such a rare individual, he would have never gotten the job. Did anyone NEED an inquiry? Isn’t it obvious to anyone with even a smidgen of brain power that Blair and his bosses Bush and Sharon are monstrous liars? Has anyone ever heard of a British head of state who wasn’t? I think the last head of state of any nation who was an honorable man was Grand Admiral Dönitz and you know what they did to him.


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