What is the difference between Marxism and Americanism?

“What is the difference between Marxism and Americanism?”

None. Both are materialist, universalistic, and interventionistic. I once asked an American, what is the difference between Communist “wars of national liberation” and that of USA? It’s no good saying, Americans are sincere, because so are the Communists. Communism has a logic of its own which justifies everything Communists do. What’s the difference? If America decide there’s not enough “freedom” on the South Pole, that gives America the right to invade the South Pole. If it turns out that 100% of the people on the South Pole, or the penguins, or whatever, all hate Americans, that proves that they don’t understand what “freedom” is, and should be bombed, starved, imprisoned, and brain-washed until they accept a puppet government set up by America. How does that differ from Communism? The only real difference is that Americanism is more successful economically. There’s no more freedom, really. It’s just not as crude.

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