Slovakia was pressured into declaring its independence by Germany.

“Slovakia was pressured into declaring its independence by Germany. It was also pressured into submitting to the wolves that tore away parts of its territory. Afterwards, Slovakia was nothing but a pathetic little warrior satellite for Germany.”

Millions of people were handed about from one country to another, like cattle, without any respect for history, economic interests, markets, nothing…like the colonial borders of an African colony and this is democracy? There were more Germans in Czechoslovakia than there were Irish in Southern Ireland, a nation to which Britain granted independence. How long would any other nation tolerate such a situation? The borders ran through the middle of towns, farmhouses, cut cities off from markets, cut families in half… even Harold Laski, a notorious Communist sympathizer, said, “I doubt whether any European statesman entirely trusts Dr. Benes. No one knows better than he how to be most things to all men.”

If 50 Arab states declared war on America because of our invasion of Iraq, you would say they “started” the war with America. It’s not a fact that Hitler “started” WWII, it is a political value judgement masquerading as fact. If Mexico declared war on America because of our invasion of Panama, you we say we “started” the war with Mexico? No. You’d say they started it by declaring war on us.

It’s time for Americans to admit that they are doing everything they ever accused the Germans (or Hitler, if you prefer) of doing, but you are always right and the Germans are always wrong. It’s wonderful, it’s a system.

It should also be pointed out that Hitler waived all claim to extensive territories which had been claimed by every German political party except the Communists, since 1919: Alsace-Lorraine, Eupen-Malmedy, the South Tirol, all of East and West Prussia, including areas of enormous economic value which were 65-80% German. The Sudentenland was German, like it or not. Hitler never made any territorial l demands on Poland: Danzig was never a part of Poland, and was not part of Poland in 1939.

It was a “free City” administered by the League of Nations, a city 98% German. He was told by the British that the only way he could avoid war was to give up all claim to Danzig.

It’s like Saddam Hussain giving up all his weapons, same thing.

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