“Siegfried Verbeke is a racist asshole”

The below was written by a person from the “Hoax Museum”:

Yes, he [Siegfried Verbeke] is a racist asshole but his sentence [denying the “holocaust”] wasn’t handed down in America. I believe it was in Belgium.

Cranky Media Guy”, of the “Hoax Museum” forum

Oh really! Thanks for letting us know of his fierce racism! Maybe you could be so kind as to explain why Verbeke is engaged to a lady from the Philippines?
People from the Philippines tend to be a bit brown. Maybe Verbeke overlooked that? Maybe he forgot that he was a racist? Perhaps now you can do the bait-and-switch by implying Verbeke is racist against Europeans (which he isn’t, of course).

Some people (and in particular one people) are incredibly good liars, but when one investigates their foul lies, truth is often piercing and quite refreshing.

UPDATE (Nov 27, 2005) and a reply from “Cranky Media Guy”:

“I made that entry so long ago (back in May) that I had completely forgotten about it and this thread in general. I think what I meant to call him was “anti-Semitic” rather than racist.”

Cranky Media Guy”, of the “Hoax Museum” forum

You “think” you meant to call a person “anti-Semitic”? Can you present any evidence for this bold suggestion? If not, I would leave the thinking for others.

You posted your previous accusation in May and you do not possess the ability to remember this? Seriously, Dear Sir, are you of the [DELETION] faith?

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