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hello ,
I must say firstly,thankyou for the nice site,I am Australian,we are
very multicultural,so was surprised to find someone with such strong
Jewish philosophies and then find a stable socks5 trojanlike
proxy..hehe.. just *rare* , i had to send an email when i saw this
readme,i noticed the site forum stopped supporting this and the
downloader.. i am more interested in using a cool server,and sofar
aphexs is only one and is socks4,i want some for use on irc etc to
upload to if you have some updated version,it would be
appreciated (I dont see any need for a sub7 CGI notifier btw,unless
you perhaps reeconfigure the sub7 code to suit new sub7,one just got
release),or perhaps use a more common one,and make it "optional" in
GUI,as some people only want trojan..well i know for me,i have no RAT
need atm,BUT it would be an excellent "mod-addon" to have ,source
would be great ;o .. hehe.. j/k , i know this is good shit,well
everyone says so anyhow,and i found out about it on forum
( ,this has beena problem for awhile now,needing
a stable run-as-service melting and small socks troj,also i recommend
not binding the exe to any packers,ie- make it only pack with UPX,so
many niceee packers now like MeW (NorthFox),JDPack.many other nice
ones,plus encryption with morphine ofcourse as Optional.. so making it
only pack with upx is bad idea in my eyes,apart from that i think it
looks really NICE,just wanted to email you to try get a version maybe
updated with no sub7 sorry to abuse sub7 server,but i just
think its had its days now.
Anyhow feel free to ask me about anything you like,i run a few
"things" ,and was reading on your site for bloody ages..hehe. then i
came back and it had lost a few forums,tried to register and would not
alow registration,although i have strong views on holocaustal events
myself so was dissapointed i couldnt post..hehe,i am a pretty stable
headed person,and Australia sortof we accept alot,tolerate alot,and
form very strong opinions on cultures etc,i think this country is nice
anyhow :) i would like to post when its back online anyhow send me
link plz,and anything you need (I can code alittle.. very little.. and
compile/modify .. do a few things.. unix and windows) , im still
learning though,am a very good learner ;) .
Anyhow please help me with this trojan server if possible,I do not
expect mracles,also last note for socks,should "encrypt" the one
regkey so it will not be showing anymore by a/v ;) , is VERY easy to
make things re-undetectable once found.
Ok ,well hope to hear from you,thanks for the interesting reads and
points on holocaust events ,some i was verymuch unaware of,so i had
some really long and hard thinks.Enjy life,and regards,
D , darkstorm

Response from k0nsl:


Thank you very much for the nice compliments. Which forum did you
mean? The one at If that’s the one it’s been down since two
years or something. I can’t remember exactly.
As for the socks4/socks5 — I am planning new versions and new changes but
I have not had much time lately for any projects. It’s sad, because
many people like it and want me to continue the project further and
improve on it. I can probably make one more ‘stub’ which is without
Sub7-notification code, that will also make it considerably smaller.
But what should I replace the Sub7-notification code with? Any
suggestions are welcome.

OH, and while I remember it, all the latest versions are posted at the
below link:

Latest socks4 versions: [defunct]

Latest socks5 versions: [defunct]

About encrypting the registry key, yep thought of that too. Latest
version of the socks5 server ‘encrypts’ the vital information with
(ha, excuse me!) simple Caesar’s cipher — which will be changed to something else,
indeed — but at least it’s something and the AV companies hasn’t
catched the newer versions even though they have been out in the wild
for months. Quite nice.

What else…I hope to get started soon again and produce something
new, something better. I might also release the petite uploader I wrote which has
some nice features, but right now it’s not public, it has been in
development for a couple of months, but I get bored of things very quickly
and I need something which distracts me; the fraudulent ‘holocaust’
nonsense does a good job at that, trust me. There’s a forum for such
things and it keeps me very busy; [defunct]

Check it out. It’s fun, interesting and informative. When I first got
started with all this, that is — not believing in the holocaust —
people thought I was absolutely nuts. Especially when I started
publishing links to holocaust revisionist websites in my applications and stuff
like that. But then they started to e-mail me for information!

A guy contacted me the other day, told me I was crazy. I said, look at
the pictures and read the documents, then decide. In about a week he
was completely on my side. It’s not THAT deep. Or difficult. I intend to move
slowly, slowly, catchee monkee [1], because it takes time. The past is
useless, really, the question is, what can we learn from the past?

The only thing that’s positive in the world today is that people like Bush
have no credibility any more, at least outside the US. The whole world
realizes, now, at long last, that the Americans lie, that they commit
atrocities, that the world is full of lies and propaganda hoaxes. It’s
getting very easy. I talk to people about 911, about the Oklahoma City
bombing (which I know quite a bit about), about phony hoaxes used to
pull off other wars, Pearl Harbor, the Maine, Fort Sumter, etc., then
very casually tell them the gas chambers are a lie too, just like all
the others. If you move gradually people will listen to you. Nobody
gets offended any more. If they are interested at all you can convince
the average person in about 15 minutes.
Once people lose the will to believe, the belief itself is doomed. I
tell people, Americans used to lie better, and they agree with me.
They don’t get all hysterical and start telling me about how the
Americans saved freedom, and all that sort of shit. C’est fini.

Anyway, thanks for your e-mail. I take it to heart and I will be
continuing work on future projects.



Final Reply from SecNet Securiteam Founder

Hey k0nsl,
Thankyou for your reply :D ,
I am glad some people have some social skills and can still be good at
theyre other skills q;) , The forum i meant was the so i
thought,it was “old” , but it was updated alot ,especially found many
other forum posts by you about that seem greatly interested
in it, we will have to discuss this sometime :)

The only thing that’s positive in the world today is that people like
have no credibility any more, at least outside the US. The whole world
realizes, now, at long last, that the Americans lie, that they commit
atrocities, that the world is full of lies and propaganda hoaxes. It’s
getting very easy. I talk to people about 911, about the Oklahoma City
bombing (which I know quite a bit about), about phony hoaxes used to
pull off other wars, Pearl Harbor, the Maine, Fort Sumter, etc., then
very casually tell them the gas chambers are a lie too.

^^^ Thats very true,America does do that,are very good at it to, and
theyre government promotes it,unfortunately it has spread,In Germany
for example,nazism is still alive and well,as with Usa,(KKK),these
people are always and most usualy high ranking officials,so to exose
them is exposing YEARS and years of lies..great topic this :) anyhow
its 4am so better move on..

Regarding the socks4/5 ,thanks for the links Ill check them when i get
to work (in about 5hours :s) somehow have to get some sleep..hehe.. I
like to code (practise) and specially read read read about the new
exploits,read sources etc,gain info on ports,exploits,also have a VERY
close friend who is also my ISP provider ,he allows me to host alot of
nice things q;) ,and also shows me the info of MANY .exes etc he gets
from Installs he does,there is alot of info in A?V companies
themselves.. i would suggest to comletely rmve the sub7 ,and make an
“optional” Beast FINAL , or even Radmin? Somethig that can completely
control a machine,so then uploading other things would be
easy,something that will kill some firewalls,so an Updated av-killer
to run on command (Im VERY new at rootkiting,so im going by my own
knowledge here..i could be wrong.) another RAt tool i see is
Assassin,and there is a top.5 list on , and also have a few cool things,although i found
theyre socks4 to be unstable.. configured socks4,loaded on
localhost,worked fine..Uploaded to bot,didnt work :S (Unstable,shitty
coding). Your one however is proven working,and has very sart
features,honestly it doent need alot,just i think something for remote
access,and newer,if there was a way to code in a “config-gui”,and in
there,you could add you “RAT of choice” ,ofcourse you could set
boundaries and permissions on size etc,just another idea,that would
take some time.. i think he encryption of regkey is a must thats for
sure,ust not sure about the rat to use i guess :s , thats a touch
one… customisable username/port is also great,thats one function i
like, and webdownloader is nice the v i have i think are old ,v1.1b
for socks5 , so i must be behind..was awhile since ive been online,I
had a server almost melt on me (Overheating)..
Anyhow this has been interesting chat, im glad you are still working
on the socks4-5 , its such an important thing nowdays and people take
socks4-5 for granted… I have one idea, making a http://
option,anonymous http:// tho ;) ,that IS possible,i have no idea how i
would code it,but i know it can be done…. i think that is also a
really good thing to look at making alonside the socks4&5,only because
VNC usage would be nice,internet use would be great if you loaded in a
custom list and tunneld through 3-4 private http:// anon ones..
impossible to trace,tooooo much encryption,1000000% anonymity,but
would be hard to code..theres an idea for you..
Anyhow i better goto sleep.. i will think about RAT to integrate,Im
thinking more like radmin now.. as it will make it less detectable,and
still allow total control to upload further files,then remove anything
un needed …
Ok time for bed! Cyaand will speak more about the holocaust,will goto
that sit in morning :)
Have a nice day/night where you are,im in australia..


1. Slowly, Slowly Catchy Monkey is effectively the absolute opposite of a knee jerk reaction. The phrase is an anglicisation of “softly, softly catchee monkey” which Lord Baden-Powell (founder of the Boy Scout movement) learnt from the people of Ghana.

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