RE: your website (Meyer)


A short letter I sent to Meyer  12/27/05.



Hi, Herr Meyer!

I came to your website by a mere mistake while I was searching
Google for some good photographs of Streicher. Couldn’t stop reading
the letters and viewing the many photographs on your website.
I don’t know what to say, really, except that you should be proud of your
father. It felt good to read that you are not ashamed of him – unfortunately many
Germans are, and they are raised within the incredibly dishonest
Holohoax religion. There should be no guilt.

Myself, I decided to speak out against the foul lies which has
been bestowed upon the German people. I am not a “Nazi” or a “Racist”, just
somebody who cannot sit quiet while we are flooded with all these lies
about the German people.

>Und ob auch die
Feigline schweigen,
wir Zieh´n fur die
Wahrheit ins Feld
und werden in
Ehrfurcht uns neigen
vor den tapferesten
Männern der Welt.<



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