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[box]Message from Samia on the topic of my old web site. Dated 1/27/05.[/box]

Samia writes:

Dear K0nsl,

I am Samia from Pakistan.I have been thinking about writing to you, and here I am. I wanted to compliment you on mounting such a well-researched online effort to pull apart the whole idea of holocaust.Surely, not a mean feat.Keep it up!

You must have guessed from my name and my nationality that I am , by the grace of Allah, a Muslim.
My political affiliation (and opinions) is partly shaped by my faith.Therefore I have never invested much in the story of holocaust.My heart always said how can Jews inflict so much pain, death and cruelty on Palestinians if they have gone through it themselves.But it is not possible to discredit such a widely accepted, sanctified and pseudo-fossilized account of history purely through the whims of heart.You need to engage such notions intellectually, academically and scientifically to disprove them.So when I found your site I was pleasantly surprised to see your effort.

The site is so rich in content that I wish I was a fast reader.I have gone through few of the articles.I need to digest what I am reading because it is so pithy.All this made me curious about you.

If my memory serves, is it true that you are a Jew, or of Jewish origin and German (I read somewhere).How come you are not a Zonist, and moreover you are a revisionist.How can you distance yourself from your (recent)jewish heritage(however questionable or false it may be), and still be considered an “authentic” Jew by others.How do your jewish friends and family react to your non-conformist ideas?Don’t you fear for your security because you have undertaken such a “dangerous” task.How do you divide your time between your work/study, programming/hacking & researching for and managing your site?

I don’t doubt your sincerity, but do you really think that you and the like-minded would be able to reverse(revise) the process of making up a fabricated past?I ask this because Jewish media machinery backed by America is at its best now.The pattern of falsification of truth set in and about Germany can now be seen in America’s treatment of Iraq (and Afghanistan as well).The war on terror, premised on dubious allegations that Iraq is amassing WMDs, continues even when prejudgement has proved to be a pack of lies.Tragically as Iraqis lose lives no one questions the validity of the war.Years down the lane when history is written, America would gets its way in glorious words:liberation, democracy,peace etc.I know the quest for truth should not stop in the bleakest of times.But perhaps you can provide a better answer because you are knowledgeable.

Thanks for going through my email.

Warm Regards,

Good day!

Thank you for the compliments.There have been many people who has
e-mailed me from Pakistan lately and they seem to share the same
opinion: that the alleged Holocaust is a lie. I’m glad to hear from

You’re absolutely right. One must engage intellectually to disprove
their fraudulent story. It’s been done already — intellectually and most
importantly scientifically!

I recommend that you read ‘The Rudolf Report’:

You can read more about the author (Germar Rudolf) here:

Let me explain something about my site. I created it with the intention to
assemble important articles which challenged the standard ‘holocaust’
storyline. I did this so that the articles could be easily found, in one
place, not scattered everywhere. Thus I have only collected what I think is
material worth reading. I also post daily news, newsletters, and much more.

Now. Onto my supposed Jewish ancestry. No, I have no Jewish ancestry
as far as I am aware of. I am of German and Swedish ethnicity. Where did you
read about my Jewish ancestry? I’m curious.

I know it’s dangerous to do what I do. It’s very dangerous, you’re very
correct. But I have no fear; none. The Jews fear us and they will do
anything to silence those who speak the truth. Don’t take my word for it, see
for yourself:

That’s what they do. I could even be sent to jail for simply speaking
out against these lies. What a world it is, huh? Democracy,,,

Dear Samia; about your last paragraph, their ‘Reign of Lies’ will fall.
It cannot last forever, trust me. People are all over their lies. The
‘holocaust’ has already been exposed as a lie it’s just a matter of
getting the word out to the masses — of course the Jewish media won’t
say anything about it. They just repeat their sad propaganda movies
and repetitive articles with the usual spin.

Thank you very much for your e-mail, I take it to heart.


-F. H.


Final reply from Samia:

Dear K0nsl,

Thank you so much for writing to me.I was not expecting such a prompt reply.About the Jewish ancestry thing:I am sorry.I actually picked it up from a flame war going on about Jews in a hacking forum(don’t remember which one), long time back.And I wrongly attributed it to you.Accept my apologies.It must habe been some other person.My best wishes are with you.

Stay Safe and Secure.

Warm Regards,

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