RE: “That is NOT Maria Scharapova”

Hello there…

I hope you don’t mind me saying this… But I’ll hope your information about the holocaust is more accurate then the name you have given this tennis-player here: [defunct]

Because that is NOT Maria Scharapova… That is Anna Kournikova

Well at least this gives you something to think about!


Grtz (

Dear “John Doe”,

I just compared Maria with Anna, and you’re absolutely correct, they
look like the same person!

Compare [Maria]: [defunct]

With [Anna]: [defunct]

Honestly, can you see any resemblance at all? I do hope you see “vraisemblance”. Please note the obvious sarcasm of my e-mail.

Another thing. I have two photographs of Scharapova on my website, one
as she celebrates victory at Wimbledon 2004 and the other in a
stunning evening gown, the one you mistakenly thought were Anna! Why did you
think the photograph was of Anna Kournikova?


Maybe my information about the “holocaust” isn’t so far “off”, after all?

Thanks for contacting me, please feel free to e-mail me again, if you want. [NOTE: he never did]





Source: k0nsl-archives

Dated: 5/31/05



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