RE: “Tell me, what is a jew? Are they not human?”

Somebody asked this in a rundbrief (newsletter):

tell me, what is a jew? Are they not human, how about Catholics are they more
human? Or Muslim, are they are better humans, or Hindu’s, what about Native
Americans, or Eskimos? Which BELIEF is most proper under price system

Gerry Frederics answers:

No, Jews are not human in the accepted sense of the word since they do not adhere to human norms of decency as a general rule. They are rather a criminal enterprise which has for 3000 years robbed and plundered, embezzled and blackmailed every nation which has ever been foolish enough to give them shelter. The most massive fraud in recorded history is the holocaust, a fraud so gigantic as to defy human logic. The entire jewish race is involved in this, not only a handful of masterful manipulators. When push comes to shove, a jew will invariably back another jew, whether he knows him or not, whether religious or not. This includes child molesters and even child-porno snuff movie producers, the most horrid type of person, all of whom find a safe haven in the jewish state. They are a relentlessly hostile, parasitic people who know no shame, decency, morality or honor. No, they are not human but rather are a tormenting curse upon mankind, aided and abetted by so-called “shabbas goyim” who ought to be hung, everyone of them.



Source: k0nsl-archives

Dated: 2/13/06


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