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Source: “k0nsl-archives”.

Dated: 4/25/05.




Hello Kamerad!

Here “Dr. Brandt”. I need your help.

Recently I met Günther Deckert at a meeting who held a good speech. He is working on a project, where he is collecting [DELETION].
You posted once a good list with such story’s – like the one with the [DELETION].
Could you supply me with a link and/or list with all these story’s WITH the source of origin!
I promised to pass it on to him.

Thank you very much!
Hope to see you around on some forum.

You still post on Phora?


Hello, “Dr. Brandt”! Nice to hear from you.

[DELETIONS]. I lost track of his
message otherwise I would have saved it! But alas—.


I will promise you to find something more. There was a long list
available at [DELETION]. I just recantly got my computer assembled again so
it’s all a bit messy at the moment, forgive me. I’ll look into it.

Yes, I still frequent the Phora.

Hope all is well with you.




Hello K0nsl!

If you are not all to buisy, we would be honoured and happy if you join our lil circle here:


We finaly have our own place.

Were you able to find those other [DELETION]?

Best wishes,

“Dr. Brandt”




Hello K0nsl!

LOL – I hope you have read this already and can add it to your website:


I’m still interested in that [DELETION] story – LOL!  If you find anything, pls let me know.

If you sign up on our forum, please let me know under which name.


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I deleted a lot of text seeing as I didn’t want to compromise Günther Deckert’s name. One cannot be entirely sure what the desperate “German” government makes out from these things, ever. They can build an entire case upon one meagre comment — I’ve even heard it said, from some informed sources, that revisionist books have been indexed vis–à–vis the § 131 paragraph. 

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