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Saw your message. I will be taking up the usual activities in the
early spring, when I get my broadband connection. My modem has always
been one strong link in the chain of events that caused me to cease
most things.
Anyway, thought I would let you know. In the spring, if #trinity is
still alive, I will be your usual [DELETION] again, 24/7 -- and I will
ofcourse be myself as much as I possibly can. I note that most
h4x0r-boards are dead and gone. Maybe it was for the best? I don't
What I do know is that I will always like the people in #trinity and
that includes you. Is akcom still around? Or any of the other guys?
Digerati? He reminds me of Finn McCool. A very obnoxious Scottish
person. Finn McCool, went to school, and never learned the Golden
Rule. Just like DigiJew.

I are k0nsl, as you must have seen from the subject of this message.
See you soon, slash.

"If the millions of German families are assured of food for the
future, it is thanks to you armament workers. Only a couple of
armament factories were picked out in our attacks on Paris. The
Luftwaffe aimed wonderfully. British bombing has failed to put a
single German arms factory out of action, but they have made many
families unhappy. Hospitals are their favourite targets." - Adolf
Hitler, Dec. 1940

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yeah, most everything is dead. Except for chasenet.. in which we got 
hash and posted the beta to a new trojan they are coding and digerati flipped
shit s and said if we didnt take it down, he would have our sites taken down.
so, of course, we got everyone to mirror the file.

then digerati supposedly got drunk and showed his dick in a webcam 
chat, little
did the jew know, that the people in the chat room were not horny 15 year old
girls, they we're [myg0t]h4x^^ and his gang.

yeah, #trinity moves alot, its at currently, which is olympuses

akcom is AROUND, but not around. if you're his friend, he will contact 
you, but
if not, he isnt like, just chilling in irc channels, d-one is back aswell.

i'll tell akcom you asked about him.
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