Some old FadeDebauchery…

I asked FadeTheButcher:

What are you saying, Fade?

And he replies back to me with this:

I am saying, amongst other things, that Hitler intended to destroy the Czech people and resettle them in Siberia.
Czechoslovakia was not an ethnically pure nation state. In light of the situation that existed in Central and Southeastern Europe, it was virtually impossible for anyone to carve out ethnically pure nation states. Why don’t we see you shedding any tears for the non-Germans that fell under Nazi tyranny?
I have a feeling that you are just attempting to apologize for the crimes of National Socialism.

This reply is abridged, as I lost much of it:

Only 60% of the population of 1919-1939 Poland was Polish, and only 60% of so-called Czechoslovakia was Czech. Millions of people hated the Poles and Czechs, because they considered themselves citizens of other countries. The situation was exactly comparable to Palestine. Do you want me to quote Lloyd George? (THE TRUTH ABOUT THE PEACE TREATIES, vol II, pp 937-38). Vicount Rothermere of England (WARNINGS AND PREDICTIONS chapter 8)? Anybody could see the whole situation was an injustice rendering another war almost inevitable.

Millions of people were handed about from one country to another, like cattle, without any respect for history, economic interests, markets, nothing…like the colonial borders of an African colony and this is democracy? There were more Germans in Czechoslovakia than there were Irish in Southern Ireland, a nation to which Britain granted independence. How long would any other nation tolerate such a situation? The borders ran through the middle of towns, farmhouses, cut cities off from markets, cut families in half… even Harold Laski, a notorious Communist sympathizer, said, “I doubt whether any European statesman entirely trusts Dr. Benes. No one knows better than he how to be most things to all men.”

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