Mussolini was good for Italy

Shiraz Al Baghdadi asked me the following question:

it is said that what Benito did did only for him self for lust of power is it true ?

Well, the brief reply is that it’s untrue. Mussolini was good for Italy, good for Italians, and naturally good for Italian interests, but bad for communists and other treacherous elements (e.g jews and other criminals). His system was fair, the people lived well under his rule. In simple terms: Italy flourished! Look at Italy today — disgusting.
Il Duce did not have supreme power, either. The king of Italy Victor Emmanuel III was actually the man calling the “real” shots. Hitler was appalled by the treatment Mussolini had to go through in lieu of this: Hitler mentioned this in the ‘TABLE TALKS’, or it could have been recalled by Christa Schroeder in her book ‘Er war mein Chef’. Sorry, I forget.
No doubt Mussolini did some foolish decisions which ultimately Germany had to pay dearly for, I’m thinking specifically about Greece. Very foolish. Everybody makes mistakes.
The gist of it all is that Benito Mussolini was good for Italy. That’s one of the reasons Mussolini is maligned in our ‘history’ books by various history gangsters.
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It was in fact in Christa Schroeder’s book where she recalled how badly Mussolini was treated by Victor Emmanuel and Hitler was appalled by it. One passage read:
[blockquote][…] during the military parade in Rome there were seats arranged on the tribune for members of the royal family and Hitler, while Mussolini had to remain standing.[/blockquote]

Hitler apparently said the following with regard to the above:
[blockquote]It made me so upset that I was about to make a public scandal. I only held myself back for Il Duce’s sake.[/blockquote]

This is from the Swedish edition in the chapter about travelling with Hitler. Page 88.


Italians and people all over the world honour his legacy, even in the year of 2015!

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