“k0nsl is a profesional Holocaust denier”

k0nsl is not just some kid who read something nutty on the web and believed it. He is Germar Rudolf, a professional Holocaust denier.

Well, back when the quote above was written I actually was – more or less – a kid. But he’s right in one other aspect; I didn’t ‘just read something nutty on the web and believed it’, no. I read mostly testimony from self-proclaimed ‘holocaust survivors’ to reach the conclusion that this event we’ve come to know as ‘the Holocaust’ is very rotten in it’s core.

Of course, I read many books too by authors focusing on holocaust — Rees, Hilberg, Arad, et cetera, not just as supplement but because to get a wider picture of the alleged extermination thesis preached by holocaust believers and their indoctrinators. But the important bits are buried in the details of testimony, however dreary it may be to read such testimony — I believe it to be important in the process of unmasking the truth about this issue.

And yes! This guy actually wrote that he believed I’m Germar Rudolf [1] 

Whilst that is very flattering I think he’s doing a big disservice towards Germar Rudolf. I’m just an amateur who’s interested in modern history, I’ve never written a book, nor am I talented enough to actually write a book on the subject. If I were a professional “Hoaxco$t denier” shouldn’t I have at least one book to my credit – which I do not?

Of course, as anybody with a brain would see and consequently understand, I’m not Germar Rudolf! Thus, as I say, very flattering, thanks, but I believe it is somewhat offensive to say so, because Germar Rudolf is tremendously gifted, he has the brainpower of several people, the energy of a buffalo. A titan. I am just a very ordinary person who discovered and learned the truth about the foul allegations against the Germans and acted upon it. This is why I decided to inform others about it as well — albeit with very modest methods. The key is to do something, whatever it is.

By the way! A little anecdote from early 2005; according to a “Holocaust Scholar” (whatever that is!), one guy called Andrew E. Mathis, alleged my identity to be John, Jack, Jonathan, Martin and Micke. I marvel.


1. Germar Rudolf’s Personal Website.

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