k0nsl, I have a couple of questions

Hi, it’s [DELETION], and I have a couple of questions. It’s regarding [DELETION].

Do you suppose you could tell me how much and when you pay for the
hosting of [DELETION]? The reason why I ask this is because I would very
much like to pay for the hosting. Since you have been so very, very
kind towards me, hosting my website all this time, for absolutely
nothing. I feel it’s wrong. Therefore I would like to know if you pay
for the hosting/domain monthly, quarterly, yearly etc,. and how much.

What’s the best way to transfer money to you? I have paypal. I’m also
reneewing [DELETION] very shortly and I will be paying
through Master Card ([DELETIONS]). Another thing,
has the datacenter ever complained about the content of my website? If not,
then it is surely is a good datacenter.

The reason why I wish to still be hosted at your server, if you still
want me to be, is because there hasn’t been any problems, none
whatsoever, and [DELETION] is becoming established, people are linking to the
site and everything runs smooth. Switching hosting, and address, will be bad.

Just let me know. I’ll be able to transfer money 16 June or a couple
of days later, if that’s fine with you.

Thank you so very much.



Hi !
You don’t need to pay anything because it doesn’t cost me extra money
to host your site, see? 
If you like [DELETION] and my hosting, I can give it to you after 4 months.
Because I won’t be needing it after completing some minor tasks with it.


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Need hosting? Do you have a website with “controversial” content and you’re unsure if your current host will keep or kick you? On my servers you needn’t worry yourself with such petty issues. If you’re interested, please contact me via i.am@k0nsl.org.

There’s rarely any issues on my servers, and if there is…I’ll usually fix them in a flash. 


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