“k0nsl hacked my site”

I found this entertaining message through Google:

does anyone know how I can regain control of my site SNIPPED, I went to go on this morning and it says “K0nsl owns you”

Then somebody gave the man this response:

k0nsl (also known as System33r) is a well-known figure related to the trojan scene.

I think the best way to solve this issue is to go to this forum and kindly ask him to remove any trojans which may be on your machine. Moreover, you should ask him to not hack your site again. The address of the forum is:


I assume that k0nsl perceives this hack merely as some kind of sports. Moreover, he wants to spread the word about his special idea of German history.

After you made sure that he won’t hack you again you can freshly upload your frontpage and everything should be fine.

(Of course you can also contact the FBI and the CIA. But I guess that would not be the most effective solution.)

Notice the advice given to contact the FBI or CIA — well, in 2004, according to Google, k0nsl “owns” and “works” for the FBI and has a datacentre there (and so forth), see:

Obviously that never was so, but the images weren’t manipulated — Google actually delivered those results back in those days when one queried for “k0nsl” 

Notice also that my website was (and probably is) listed in some peculiar “Hate Directory”. Why? For the simple reason of publishing and hosting websites which contest the ‘gas chamber’ lies & misinformation. Now, ask yourselves, is that really something hateful? Of course it isn’t – it really ought to be any person’s duty to dispel such lies, if they have any possibility to do so–which I have and I will definitively continue to do that as long as these lies are propagated.

My motto for doing this has always been inspired by an excellent saying by Lubomyr Prytulak:

When Jews stop fabricating lies about the ‘holocaust’, we will stop disclosing the truth about Jews.

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