I’m interested to know why you say that England is anti-European.

I’m interested to know why you say that England is anti-European. Can you give some specific examples?

You are asking me a question which is very difficult to answer. It is sort of like asking; ‘Why are Jews destroying western civilization.’ This would require an encyclopaedia to answer. Well, I’ll try to answer your question without being specific, because their perfidy is all-encompassing and their corruption is absolute. Firstly, I think the British isles are more a part of European civilization than geographically, making the terrible developments more easy. The people on the isles have always attempted to isolate themselves, knowing fully well that to be a protective device. This held true until the 1950’s, when German missile technology was perfected by the US. By 1955, the isles where no longer invulnerable from attack.

Anyhow, REAL British anti-European perfidy started as early as the latter part of the 19th. century when the ‘Balance of Power’ doctrine was made sacrosanct. By that diplomatic-nationalistic philosophy, they set themselves apart from the European mainland officially. They simply stated that they were a ‘power’ separate from those of the continent, rather than ONE of the European powers. They furthermore exacerbated the situation by making open overtures to the US, a country which had very recently acquired ‘power status’, by destroying the separatist movement of the Confederacy and subsequently the remnants of the Spanish empire. The US had also made unrestricted warfare (rape, plunder & murder) a staple of their military might, something which had been notably absent in the warfare conducted by Napoleon Bonaparte and by Bismarck in the Franco-Prussian war, the latter possibly being the only war conducted in history where the victor was far more generous than self-preservation would have dictated, particularly since it was the victor who had been attacked sans any justification. This, unlike the German ‘attack’ on Poland in 1939, for which there exist enough justifications to fill an encyclopaedia. The Brits justified their overtures to the US by common ties, common language etc, something the Americans swallowed line hook and sinker, forgetting all about the fact that it was German general von Steuben who had saved Washington’s army from annihilation by the very people who were making the overtures and that the American population was made up by far more Germans than Englishmen. Furthermore, the Americans assiduously forgot the massive amount owed to their German immigrants. In short, the Brits aligned themselves with a none-European power versus the continent itself.

The Continent was home to the French Empire (no threat to Britain in an economic sense, but a useful idiot for British aspirations), the German Empire (a PERCEIVED threat to the Brits), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (a PERCEIVED threat due to its being identical to Germany in language, traditions and culture) and the Russian Empire, a behemoth in the east, neither European nor Asian, a useful idiot for England’s ambitions like France. Neither the Austro-Hungarians nor the Germans had expressed any animosity toward Britain, any threatening attitudes or indeed had made any attempt to curtail British influence worldwide in any area. On the contrary, they had made every diplomatic effort possible to show their collective good will toward The Crown. England in the meantime made overtures to France which ended in the Entente Cordial of 1904, no more than a treaty to destroy Germany, this in spite of Germany acting in more than responsible ways internationally and threatening no one. The Entente Cordiale was a direct, utterly unjustified slap in the face of Germany, a declaration of open animosity as it were, for no reason Germany could fathom and understand. The Brits and the French arrived at this insane pact only with the implied assurance that the US behemoth would stand by them in case of a war. The Brits convinced the French that Germany was a threat to them, a totally unjustified assertion, since Germany felt all matters between the countries had been settled. THAT was one of the reasons for Germany’s unusually fair treatment of their foe in 1871. They had no intentions of causing bad blood, but rather wanted to avoid it. Alas —- we know the rest of the sad story. After that the US owned England and since the Jews even then owned the US to a large degree (today totally), England was forever aligned with a non-European imperial power whose ruthlessness is possibly unequalled in history and which is being directed by the darkest forces in history, the International Jew. In short, Britain has been a 5th. column in Europe since about 1900 and due to the corruption of the leading classes (it is said Jews have made incredible inroads there) it’ll likely get worse before it gets better, if such is possible.

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