How do I create a channel on k0nsl’s IRC?

It’s very easy to create your own channel on the k0nsl IRC Network, but I’ll give you the required steps to successfully create a channel on this IRC network (or any other network, for that matter). There are of course a string of obvious advantages when creating a channel and registering it.

If you register a channel you become the founder of it, thus you will have the ultimate control — kind of like how the Jews control Western media. See? The channel you register will actually be linked to your nickname.

Before you can actually register the channel of your choice, you must begin by registering your nickname. To do this, issue the following command into your preferred IRC client:

/nickserv register password email

You must replace password and e-mail with a real password and e-mail address, respectively. Below is an example of how it typically should be formatted (although you will need to replace the values with your own equivalent):

/nickserv register tq3xc6vZth

It’s vital that you use your genuine e-mail address as this will be used in future if you ever forget your password. If you supply a “fake e-mail” kr0kedNET cannot send you a new one.

After you have finally registered your new nickname, you can register the channel. All channel names on my network begins with the # (number) symbol; for example #nodejs (and it can’t be just nodejs or anything else), #linux or #vps. You can use your own imagination to create the channel of your choice, my imagination isn’t the best. I believe Elie Wiesel has excellent imagination, and could perhaps inspire somebody to create #tattoosrus. In any case, once you have come up with a channel name, you can join it using the command:

/join #channel

For example:

/join #k0nsl

When you have successfully joined the channel – if it is not already registered – you should see the name you picked to register in the nickname list with the @ (operator) symbol next to it. This means you are the operator of the channel. You can now register the channel with the following command:

/chanserv register #channel password description


/cs register #channel password description

[box type=”info”] (cs is an abbreviation of “ChanServ”), ns is an abbreviation of “NickServ”, et cetera)[/box]

It’s really important that you actually replace the values #channelpassword and description with the channel name, the channel password and a description of the channel. An example of using this command and filling it with actual values would be:

/cs register #zorin mypass a channel about zorin (not klorin!)

Now you’re done. You should see your name in the nickname list prefixed with the ~ (tilde) symbol. This means you are the founder of the channel.

Should you, despite this comprehensive (and very simple) guide, need any further help: connect to k0nsl’s IRC and chat with me personally in #k0nsl.


On most IRC clients you must create an alias for /ns and /cs, or simply send a message to the service: /msg nickserv help or /msg chanserv help.

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