“Hey k0nsl, do you know of any forums or crews that are active?”


Response dated 10/22/05.



Hey man, we talked before a long time ago about the scene and purebasic, not sure if you remember me (demon) but I have been away for a while and I noticed almost every community I was apart of is gone.  Do you know of any forums or crews that are active anymore?  Also, do you have AIM or something because I’d love to chat again.


I think I remember the name “demon” from somewhere, perhaps from the CIA
forums, I forget which, but I believe that it could’ve been those forums –
but I may be wrong, too.
Well, to tell you the truth I sort of inoficially left everything
which had to do with those things almost two years ago, I would
however, very rarely connect to the #trinity irc server and speak with
some old friends (akcom, olympus, drocon, h4x and everybody else). I’ve done
some stuff on my own, wrote a couple of private applications which I
only released in the wild for testing purposes, but nothing major. I
guess I must have lost interest
There’s also been alot of problems recantly in my life. Threats of
prison and such; [DELETION].

I don’t know if you remember exactly who I was, but I always was
interested in history, so that is what has kept me busy for the last
couple of years. My knowledge of programming also came in handy on a
couple of occasions!


Anyway, it seems like some people were inspired by these deeds when
they began reading about it. [DELETION]

So do I know of any forums or crews which are still active? No. I was
informed that #trinity is now full of “n00bs”, which of course was very
predictable. There is another server where most of the ‘respected’
people meet, but I cannot remember the adress right now, its on my
other computer…
I am downloading MSN as of right now and will be reachable on
k0nsl@msn.com or k0nsl@k0nsl.net (on MSN).

Thank you for contacting me.

Best wishes,

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