“Germar Rudolf is a Holocaust denying Nazi kook.”

A random guy on a forum said the following to me in 2004:
[quote]Germar Rudolf is a Holocaust denying Nazi kook.[/quote]



  •  Ask them how they define a Nazi.
  • Tell them: Just because someone answers questions asked by people on a website deemed “neo-Nazi” does not turn that person into a Nazi.
  • Guilt by Association is one feature of being a Nazi, so if they insist that I am a Nazi because I answered questions of people they call Nazis, then you have a proof that your discussion partners are Nazis.
  • Calling somebody a Nazi does not address the issues raised. It is not a valid argument, it is only a swear word. It is like saying: “The earth is flat because those who claim the opposite are Christ deniers.”
  • Tell them to grow a brain.

Germar Rudolf


This response was written by Germar Rudolf and sent to me via e-mail — as I thought it would be better to let him answer accusations levelled against him rather than having me answer for him.

Dated: 11/26/04

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