“Franz [k0nsl] is saying the Holocaust never happened”

Over here at [DELETION], Franz [k0nsl] is saying the Holocaust never happened, which is interesting, because he could probably be prosecuted for that in his own country.



Yes, it certainly is true that I could be prosecuted for what I write, if I ever decided to visit [DELETION]; the term of punishment would most likely be a couple of years in jail, the maximum being five years, I think, without a fair trial; one where evidence supporting my view is not allowed to be introduced, and where I would have no sufficient defense as my lawyer would be liable to prosecution if he submitted any material against the extermination thesis.
I should also like that tell you that I am not “denying” anything. Logically speaking, one cannot deny what did not happen. I do not believe in the “gas chambers” and other nonsense — mere horror stories which defy laws of science, logic, and rational thought — impossible stories which they want us to stake a belief in, and which we are forced to believe in — it is dictated to us via judicial measures.

The “Holocaust” and its “HCGs” have been entirely dissected by professors, chemists, engineers and historians. I can’t see why anybody should ever want to believe in those stories, when research has shown that the Germans never “gassed” anybody.


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