Did the Nazis stage the Reichtag Fire?

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“Did the Nazis stage the Reichtag Fire?”

I do not know for sure BUT, neither does anyone else. What I find telling is, that it is always the same identical ‘Hate Germany’ sources, who claim that Hitler or Göring was involved. This alone makes me very suspicious of what we are being told. The disinformation we have been fed is so unbelievably bad and viciously dishonest, that I tend to disbelieve ANYTHING we are told by the usual sources. Setting a fire such as that simply doesn’t fit in with the character of either Hitler or Göring. It doesn’t make any sense. That they used the incident for their own political purposes is clear and understandable. Who in his right mind wouldn’t have? This is like saying; “Miss World invited this guy to make love to her and guess what? That VILLAIN did!” True, Hitler used the opportunity to arrest 4000-or-so Communists. Of course he did. He should have had the bastards executed on the spot, that’s what he SHOULD have done. The communists had plotted to overthrow the government à la Russia, à la Hungary. You must use Google and find ‘BELA KUHN‘. Read up on that monster –that is what ‘The Nazis’ were fighting against. It is even claimed by English sources (it always appears to come from there), that van der Lubbe was tortured by the Gestapo – THAT is a lie. Whenever torture by the Gestapo crops up, it is never supported by any evidence, but rather is a statement of someone who is maliciously attacking Germany and the German people. You see, NEVER forget that ‘Hitler’, Gestapo’, ‘The Nazis’, etc., are ALL code words for ‘German’. That is the reason for the incessant vilification of all these names and concepts. There is NEVER any philosophical reason given, always intellectual trash such as – They were abominable, Their philosophy was unacceptable, etc. My message is simple and to the point . Don’t BELIEVE anything – period. You either KNOW or you don’t. Banish the very word ‘Believe’ from your vocabulary, from your mind. ‘BELIeVE’ is the handcuffs of the mind. Hey, I just coined a phrase!


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Robert Kempner, one of the Nuremberg prosecutors (one of the many who exaggerated their own importance, by the way), in his book ANKLÄGER EINER EPOCHE. LEBENSERINNERUNGEN, claims that Van der Lubbe was nearly blind, and hitchhiked to Berlin by himself, without any knowledge of the layout of the city or the Reichstag itself, and that it would have been impossible for him to burn the entire building with only the amount of gasoline which he could have carried on his person. Kempner has been condemned by David Irving and most other historians as a thief of, and falsifier of, documents, and is not generally considered very credible. In any case, the entire building did not burn. It was made of stone. The fire was confined to the Plenum. I assume this means the seats and furnishings, which must have consisted of plush coverings, varnish, and wood that was probably 75 years old, all of it. Thus to me it appears entirely possible. There is more or less unanimous agreement among historians that no evidence has ever been found that Van der Lubbe did NOT act alone; Werner Maser, in his book FÄLSCHUNG, DICHTUNG UND WAHRHEIT ÜBER HITLER UND STALIN, disposes of this myth, among many others, i.e., that Van der Lubbe did act alone. In any case I am personally convinced that the burning of the Reichstag had little or nothing to do with the passage of the Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act) by the Reichstag, which would almost certainly have been passed in any case due to the general situation in Germany.

The most famous exchange of debate between Hitler and a Reichstababgeordnetner named Wort, a member of the Social Democrats, does not even mention the Reichstag Fire, not even once, on either side. Doubtless it added to the general impression of insecurity in Germany, but this impression existed anyway, since thousands of people had already been killed in street fighting, since the IRON FRONT, an Communist organization, had an armed membership of 100,000 men, and since Communist uprisings had already taken place in a dozen or so German cities, one of them, in Berlin itself, killing 1500 people.

Another myth is that Hitler came to power because the Communists voted for him. I have never found any evidence of this; it appears to be yet another myth invented by Jews (particularly anti-Communist Jews like Ayn Rand). In any case the Reichstag Fire seems to have been overrated. In itself, it would never have been sufficient to enable passage of the Enabling Act with 75% of the votes when only 65% was needed. After 14 years of chaos, the National Socialists had the biggest majority in the history of the Reichstag and represented the only possibility of stable government and civil order. David Irving, in NUREMBERG, THE LAST BATTLE, describes Kempner’s role in the theft and/or falsification of several documents. Kempner was a typical Jew. There were 22 prosecutors at Nuremberg, each of them claiming in later years to have been “the prosecutor at Nuremberg”.

Incidentally I’ve seen many pictures of the Reichstag after it allegedly “burnt”, and the building is obviously intact. Presumably the debate during which the Reichstag is said to have “voted itself out of existence” (another Ayn Rand cliché) was held in the Reichstag itself. In view of the fact that Hitler convened the Reichstag many times in the next few years, and that the building is still in existence today, it is obvious that the seriousness of the fire has been greatly exaggerated.

Kempner claims that Van der Lubbe was too blind to find his way into the building on his own, but not that he was too blind to hitchhike all the way to Berlin from Holland. The “tunnel” supposedly used by the Nazis to burn their own building has of course never been found.

Werner Maser also disposes of the Reichstag Fire myth in a book called FÄLSCHUNG, DICHTUNG UND WAHRHEIT ÜBER HITLER UND STALIN, no reputable person believes that the National Socialists burnt the Reichstag, all the evidence is that Van der Lubbe acted alone.

Maser is an expert on Hitler who also wrote the best book on the Nuremberg Trial, TRIBUNAL DER SIEGER.


Die Angeklagten im Reichstagsbrandprozeá (von links nach rechts):

Lubbe on top with Ernst Torgler, chairman of the Communist Party faction in the Reichstag (bottom row, right); Georgi Dimitrov, the Bulgarian Comintern representative for Western Europe (bottom row, left); and his Bulgarian colleagues Blagoi Popov (middle row, right), and Vasil Tanev (middle row, left).


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