You can’t say “I don’t BELIEVE it”

Oh my God! it’s not like a theory, it realy hapend, it’s a fact. You can’t say “i don’t BELEVE it”, it’s like saying “I don’t BELIVE the world is round and rotating around the sun”. Go call my grandpa who witnesed it and tell him you don’t BELIVE… idiot…


The “gas chamber(s)” stories are not a theory, they are not a fact. They are lies which has been repeated incessantly in every aspect of the media and today some people look upon this lie as a “fact”. This does not mean it is a fact. If it is repeated a thousand times that the moon really is the sun, and that the sun really is the moon, it still would not be true. If they would also introduce laws which makes it illegal to question their “fact” it still would not make it a fact, just a lie which needs circumvention of special laws to pass as “fact” – which is the case with those beloved “gas chambers” everybody keeps howling about. Truth does not need laws to protect it, it can stand on it’s own merits. I do not believe in the “gas chamber” stories, see. I said it and it wasn’t hard either. Try it yourself! 

What did your grandfather witness? Why should I tell him that “I don’t believe the Germans “systematically exterminated” the Jews”? What did he specifically see that you believe to be evidence of “extermination”? Do tell. I will guess that he saw the showers and that he was told gas would come out from the shower nozzles. Tell your grandfather that those stories were lies and that nobody believes in them today. Tell him that the story has changed and that baskets were lowered from crude openings in the roof onto the ice cold cement floor, filled with pellets — which are activated by heat. That is the most recent addition to the alleged “gas chambers”. The previous stories — they realised — were too primitive even for Jewish standards, so they had to invent something more advanced. If one may call their new inventions that.

AND, lastly, I certainly can say that I do not believe in the “holocaust”. I do not believe in the “holocaust”. It is not something irrational, unreasonable or illogical to say. To believe in the “holocaust” story you must set aside what I just mentioned; ignore laws of physics, laws of nature and you must also completely forget that much of the claims are scientifically impossible, but sorry, I can’t set aside those things. I cannot understand how you are able to believe in a story like that. Actually, I can’t understand how anybody can believe in the story of the alleged “holocaust”; but the point is, that it is the right of the people, to believe in what they want, no matter if the story is scientifically impossible as alleged. The people of the world are free to believe in the “gas chambers”! Why then should those who do not believe in them be sent for many years in prison? 

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