Question: “Are the Jews a race?”

It was once asked:

Are the Jews a race. This is a question which has been with me for quite some time now. It is my personal opinion that they are. Someone once wrote, Dilling I think:

A glance at the photos of leading Jews in a Jewish Who’s Who reveals a striking, often fierce, “Talmudic look”.

That’s true. But just because they look the same doesn’t mean they belong to one race, correct? Jews are always the first ones to deny that they are a race.

What do you think?

DNA studies show that Jews who have lived thousands of miles apart for thousands of years have more in common genetically than Germans from different parts of Germany.
Dr. Duke discusses this in his book MY AWAKENING, with all the scientific references.

Also, according to John Baker in RACE, published by Oxford University Press, Jews are a sub-race, Turko-Armenoids, virtually indistinguishable from Armenians.
The Ashkenazi are different, I forget what they are, but they are the only true Jews. In any case they are a race, or sub-race, showing considerable mixing.

Carlton Coon, an anthropologist and expert on race, once said that people are so saturated in one point of view that they can no longer hear what is being said.

Can you distinguish any differences between these four men:

Did you spot any fundamental differences?

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jewishness is racial in the sense that group membership is primarily genetic, passed from parents to children, only some portion assimilate and interbreed with their hosts, creating the impression that jews are “mixed”, but long-term and overall the gene flow is nearly entirely outward, while the resources consistently flow inward to feed a genetic core which reproduces like flies.

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