Anna Thomas of the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation in 2006

In 2006 I was contacted by Anna Thomas from the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation (AJC) through my now defunct ‘Holocaust History Archive’ web page. For what reason, you ask? She requested my services.
I’m unable to find a profile on her or even a photograph. But I strongly suspect (on circumstantial evidence, I might add) that she is Anna Chłopek, a volunteer at the Auschwitz Jewish Center — very young, in her middle twenties, or some such, it is difficult to guess it. She could be close to my age. I cannot find any Anna Thomas from the AJC so this girl probably did the old ‘change the name trick’ when sending me the e-mail (which was sent from a contact form on my site); but despite her little trick, I’m almost convinced she’s Anna Chłopek. If she isn’t, then I’m sorry for the mistake. Perhaps one could call the Anna Thomas? Try 212.575.1050, that’s not a number in Poland, so perhaps I am wrong. What’s more, and this is the real hoot, her surname ‘Chłopek’, when translated into English from Polish, means ‘yokel’. You know what a ‘yokel’ is, right? If you do not, let’s hear what Wikipedia says:

Yokel is a derogatory term referring to the stereotype of unsophisticated country people.


This could perhaps explain Anna’s stupidity. Remember, she could not comprehend the simple, very easily verifiable fact, that she was visiting a web page that was put together with the aim to destroy the ‘Holocaust’ myth. A yokel, indeed!
At any rate, here is the message she sent to me via my (defunct) web page in 2006:


I work for a Holocaust education non-profit. We are interested in adding a blog to our website so that visitors to our Center outside Auschwitz-Birkenau can post comments about their visit and also go there to learn about the Lecture series we offer, etc. My question is this, how do screen people who comment to protect against anti-semites and generally unfriendly thoughts people might leave. Any adivice you could give would be most helpful.
Anna Thomas
Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation


Dear Anna Thomas!

I should like to ask a couple of questions myself before we continue.
The following questions are not intended to be unfriendly or
disrespectful in any way or shape.

Can you please define, in your own view, in what way your Holocaust
education organisation may help human understanding, evolution and the
process of learning? What will humankind benefit from being educated
with the Holocaust?

Can you specifically describe, in vivid detail, what your Lectures
offer in terms of understanding the Holocaust? What do these lectures
contain that we must know? What areas of the Holocaust do these
lectures cover? In your own view; what do you find compelling about
these lectures that you think other people must know of?

Why do you believe it to be necessary to protect from anti-Semites and
generally unfriendly thoughts which people may have? What is a
anti-Semite in your own definition and view? What could these
unfriendly thoughts be which you are afraid people might have?

I may have further questions, soon. In the meantime I thought we could
discuss the blog matter which you wanted advice about. I can’t say
that I believe my website is a ‘blog’, although it is listed in many
blog directories across the Internet. I see it more as a news archive,
that is essentially the only purpose of it. It was intended to
be a portal of information, easily accessible by anybody who is
interested in the Holocaust.
It is based upon the source of AJ-F and heavily modified by myself
because the original code was very unstable and insecure and could be
exploited very easily unless changes were made. Today the code looks
nothing like that of the original and is essentially a new application
with little or no resemblance to the original code. I did all these
changes by myself and with the permission of the author of the
original code.

Subsequently, my honest suggestion would be for you to learn how to write in the
PHP language. Once complete you will have the feeling of having
accomplished something, rather than using the work of somebody else,
which I would imagine would leave a bitter taste in the mouth. That
is the way I feel about it. I prefer to accomplish things on my own, without
the help of anybody else. There are many positive things of this to be
sure. If you wrote something entirely on your own, you would not have
to rely on somebody else to fix a problem in the code, or having to
rely on somebody when something unexpected happens. You would just fix
the corresponding error yourself. I can assure you that it is very

Thank you for contacting me. I will look forward to hear from you again.

Hi Ho Cherry-O,
-Franz Holtzhäuser, Holocaust History Archive and News portal.

Anna replies back


Sorry for the misunderstanding, thanks for taking the time to write me back,
and the adivce about the code.


Anna W. Thomas
Director of Operations
Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation
36 W. 44th Street, Suite 1208
New York, New York 10036
(p) 212.575.1050
(f) 212.575.1051

She must have felt like a real chooch when she finally realized that she had contacted a ‘notorious holocaust denier’ for servicing their hate site (hey, lighten up – that’s essentially what it is, they’re knowingly putting out horrendous lies against the German people).
Anyway, just a little something from the archives

Here are the raw / complete email headers for when she sent me a message from her actual e-mail account ‘’:

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