“All bombers carried nothing but leaflets”

FadeTheButcher said:
[blockquote]k0nsl , Please see Middlebrook and Everitts Bomber Command war diaries.
You will see a number raids on Germany in 1940 which targeted the Ruhr and other cities. (22 to be exact). All carried nothing but leaflets. Bullshit Bombers as they were know in RAF circles.[/blockquote]

My info about the bombing of the Ruhr comes mainly from the Ribbentrop and Hess case at Nuremberg. There are 9,000 pages of defense testimony, including 312,022 defense affidavits and thousands of pages of Commission testimony. The prosecution never claimed they never dropped anything but leaflets. That the British would declare war and then fail to do everything possible to provoke a war stands in contradiction to everything we know about the British. Remember the sinking of the Belgrano during La Guerra de la Malvinas?

At the Nuremberg Trial at least 3 or 4 defendants said the British bombed the Rurh every night, and it never occurred to me that anybody would have the effrontery to deny this. The prosecution never denied it. I’ve heard stories of people saying “all we’re dropping is leaflets” (I think most notoriously by the author of BOMBING VINDICATED, in one of his books), “why don’t we drop bombs”? But I figured this was just newspaper stuff.

The point is, the prosecutors at Nuremberg never claimed, in 16,600 pages, that only leaflets were dropped. Wouldn’t that have been the place to make the claim? Nuremberg?

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