Adolf Hitler was a notorious liar.

Somebody asserted:

“Adolf Hitler was a notorious liar.”

Hitler made 5,000 speeches. Produce one lie, just one. I challenge you. Have you read all 5,000 speeches? Which lie are you thinking of?

“We don’t want any Czechs”“It is my last territorial demand”“We are barbarians and proud of it”“Hearts closed to pity. Be brutal”“Our enemies are little worms, I saw them at Munich”“The Big Lie”“The thousand year Reich”“The Master Race”? All these quotations are taken out of context or are complete Hitler-speech fabrications.

Hitler’s opinions changed as the situation changed, like everybody else. If you open a bank account and get good service, you say it’s a good bank. Later you get bad service and close the account and say it’s a bad bank. Does this make you a “liar”?

Hitler was the most popular head of state in history, with the largest majority in the history of the Reichstag. That’s more than you can say for anybody else during any period in history.

One person asked me, who was Hitler? Was he German? I said, well, actually he was Austrian, but here, I’ve got something about him right here, you can read it. He said, no, I already know alll about him. I’m surprised some of these people know the Earth travels around the Sun.

There are white Americans born in the Southern states who think the Civil War took place in the 1950s. A lot of people have never heard of Hitler (or don’t really know who he was) and have no idea who they fought against in either World War.

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