How to Not Remove the IHS

This video details the procedure as to how one should never remove the integrated heat spreader of a CPU.

Note how the poor guy’s hands are actually trembling because he realized that the CPU is more than likely damaged 

What a tool (and yeah I hate that word just like you — but today it felt applicable for description of this guy).

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/lMzzUuvKWPM?hd=1″ color=”white” theme=”light” modestbranding=”1″ hd=”1″]

Take care, friends.

Ah, by the way: I’m now involved in Rosetta@home again. I signed up 2006 but only completed 4400 for total credit, now, a couple of days later it’s above forty thousand. I’m leading in team XtremeSystems (average credit):





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