Daily Mail: “Seven Dwarfs in Auschwitz” Story

This story is so laughable I have difficulty finding the correct words for it.
Besides that, and the story being nothing other than crazed fantasies, Daily Mail (or Mail Online, whatever) carried this nonsense already in 2003: so this is a cheap repeat. Obviously Daily Mail must find this story to be credible?

See their 2003 story here: !!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

My friend over at DestroyZionism.com informed me about the story and I urged him to pick it to pieces [1]. If time allows, I may do so myself as well. Whenever we see these absolutely crazy stories we must take the opportunity to comment on them.
UPDATE: I’ll make some short commentary
From their article [2], we can glean the following about Josef Mengele:

  • He was a good-looking man
  • Everybody knew he had a ‘passion for collecting human ‘freaks’, including hermaphrodites and giants’ (LOL)
  • He was obsessed with hygiene (obviously this troubled many Eastern European Jews who for the most part never saw a shower, and only bathed, at most, once a year)
  • He had a penchant for asking lewd question’s about the sex lives of dwarfs, often ‘salivating’!
  • His favourite song was ‘Come Make Me Happy’
  • He was said to have written a work titled ‘Examples of the Work in Anthropological and Hereditary Biology in the Concentration Camp’ in which he outlined how the ‘Jewish race had degenerated into a people of dwarfs and cripples, but as he had no concrete findings, he was relying on the naked Lilliputs to give his speech some impact.’ (laughable!)
  • There were many jealous doctors at Auschwitz who sent dwarfs and ‘other specimens’ to the alleged gas chamber ‘behind his back’!
  • Whenever he took vacation the dwarfs “were besides themselves with fear” because the jealous doctors at Auschwitz were plotting to gas them

Apparently it was easy to fall in love with Josef Mengle, one Jewess notes:

‘Dr Mengele was like a movie star, only more good-looking,’ she said. ‘Anyone could easily fall in love with him’

Obviously many Jews probably had a secret crush on him, but knew they could never, even in their dreams, get such a good man.
When the same Jewess was asked if she wanted to see Mengele hanged — had he been caught — she replied:

“If the judges had asked me if he should be hanged, I’d have told them to let him go.”

The Mengele stories are just that — crude stories [3]. In this case as in many other cases the stories are patch works, containing a bit of truth, wishful thinking and malicious lies.
Another funny read on this topic is “The Lilliputians Of Auschwitz” by Jakob Skunkola.

I guess the moral of this bizarre story is that the cute lilliputian’s luckily managed to survive the terrible ordeal, then the bunch hopped along to Israel where they bought a theater and whatnot, did some shows and then they retired and lived off of the riches they had made. Even their jewelry and diamonds was still intact, which they had buried beneath the house before being used as “SS entertainers” and whatever else they had to “endure” during the war whilst most of Europe stood in flames
The stories are stupid, but the faithful subjects of the Holocaust rejoices at this most ‘remarkable’ story in the commentary section of Daily Mail (or Mail Online) while non-Believer comments rarely makes it, and if they do, they’re invariably howled down by an ignorant and hateful mob of indoctrinated dimwits.



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