Regina Franks: A ‘Holocaust survivor’ Who Survived Everything

I got to this stuff via Ken Watts’ “the daily mull” where he kept praising another self-styled ‘survivor’ named Irena Sendler. Well, I googled for more information and found a real beauty of a site called British Association of Social Workers.
From there on, I browsed some of their articles in the hunt for more ludicrous Holocaust testimony and wouldn’t you know it, right away I get to this Jewess by the name of Regina Franks! This gal apparently survived it all!

Let’s see some of the things this woman [miraculously] survived and experienced during the war, shall we:

  •  was useful because she knew three or four languages and was sent to a prison in Frankfurt because the Germans needed interpreters.
  •  tried to escape, but failed
  •  jailed as a ‘terrorist suspect’ (but wasn’t executed)
  •  moved to Auschwitz; the mother of all ‘Death Factories’
  •  was informed by guards that she would be ashes in two weeks (but wasn’t)
  •  was welcomed by bodies strung up at the gates of the women’s camp
  •  was desperate not to die silent, so she kept screaming at SS guards – but wasn’t shot
  •  put to work on a railway that would later lead ‘straight to the gas chambers’
  •  was inoculated against both typhus and tyhoid as a child, so those things wasn’t a concern for her
  •  contracted malaria, but avoided the ‘Death Laboratories’ because she was shielded by a Russian labour commando for whom she was working as an interpreter.
  •  became a runner delivering messages across the camp and thus learned which blocks were ‘marked for death’
  •  worked in the kitchen of Auschwitz
  •  survived Auschwitz after having spent several months there
  •  left Auschwitz together with the ‘monstrous SS killers’
  •  survived a ‘Death March’ with the SS to Mauthausen
  •  then she went on a journey to Bergen-Belsen
  •  survived the whole war, married a British GI, produced two rascals.

The text from which I gleaned these bits from says:

It seems incredible that she survived

You don’t say? 



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