Re-mounted the CPU water block

Hi friends,


I decided to re-mount my water block for the CPU today because I suspected my temperatures were higher than what they ought to be with such a good water block (see photographs of it here) and yes, the water block must have been mounted somewhat poorly. I cleaned both the CPU and water block from the old Gelid paste and then re-applied a thin / even layer onto the CPU.

I re-boot and fix the voltage for the CPU at 1,194V and the frequency at 4140.32 MHz. I can obviously go much higher (as seen here) but this frequency is OK for everyday usage, at least for what I’m doing 

So after all that has been fixed and confirmed to work I ran some stress / stability tests and monitored the temperatures in the process. I began with AIDA64 System Stability Test (stressed CPU & GPU at absolute maximum) and the results can be seen in this screenshot:

(Click on the screenshot for higher resolution).

The fans on the radiator and all other case fans were set to be inaudible – so they ran at VERY low RPM, yet this test and even LinX yielded very good temperatures. If this stays like the results presented above I might not need to add a second radiator (even though I wish to add another one for the heck of it) 

As for testing this completely I’ll leave it on for 24/h and see the results tomorrow, but I bet the temperature for the CPU won’t exceed 55 °C.



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