RE: Bobby Dylanio and Standardized Responses

Today when I was trying to ask Bobby Dylanio to share proof for his belief in mass gassings at Treblinka the man merely went into rage-mode, like so:


His response to my benign question went like this:

[quote]It all boils down to this…”You can believe mountains of evidence from victims, perpetrators and eyewitnesses or you can believe tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists with very flimsy “scientific” evidence and claims that a few inconsistencies nullify the claims of tens of thousands of people”. You stupid fat, primitive cunt.[/quote]


This is your typical standardized run of the mill Holocaust Believer response; i.e claims of mountains of evidence, eyewitnesses, et cetera. Notice the lack of factual argument – merely resorting to name calling and ad hominem.

I told Bobby Dylanio that he just earned himself a place on my blog. Now he has this place. The response he gave is only so typical! I told him, that, next time surprise me with a response that is saturated with facts. But he cannot, and this most certainly is revealing…


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