Quick update

Just a quick update from me today. I came home from Norway early this morning, had a nice time there 

As for the blog, well, somehow I managed to mess up the formatting on almost all pages (it’s just a blob of text now). As you may be aware if you read this blog I’ve indexed most of the stuff from my (now defunct) litek.ws domain, my so-called “Holocaust Detoxification Centre” — as it came to be known when I first spawned it, so many years ago. It was a site where I archived thesis, articles and other writings that I considered to be amongst the best of the best. In any case, I’m taking care of the formatting soon.

I’m also engaged in a bunch of other endeavours I may write about at a later time, must have permission first. But it might be of interest to some people, that much I can say 

Apart from these things I have decided to rigorously archive all of Walter F. Mueller “Patriot Letters” from early 2005 and onwards. As everybody knows — and as I made perfectly clear in the first note to his newsletter — I strongly oppose his foul and unfounded attacks upon Germar. However, I do believe his newsletter contains interesting stuff worth archiving for posterity. As for Mueller, apparently he went up in smoke because shortly after his attacks on Germar I’ve not heard a peep from him…

I’m still archiving his newsletters (my mail says 281-300 of many – so I have some more left), and they can all be easily found using the search function:


Take note: the search engine may not have indexed the latest additions yet. I put a cronjob on the indexer so that it runs everyday at midnight.

That’s all for now. I’m really looking forward to this Christmas — despite all the horrible things that has happened this year and I will spend extra much time thinking about our friends in jail. Send them a postcard, some persons can be found here:


Complete addresses to the prison in question should be available there too, in another post, but I couldn’t request it as of this time. Search it out..

I wish all my friends a fantastic Christmas. By the way, I don’t like people who tell me “Happy Holidays” when they mean should mean “Merry Christmas”. I’m not going on a friggin’ holiday, ok?



[box type=”info”]Coincidently I got an e-mail from Mr. Fromm (paulfromm.com) on exactly that issue (re: Christmas).[/box]



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