PunBB Incapsula Extension

I decided to hastily write an extension for PunBB, for those having a site (or domain, rather) on the Incapsula service — the extension will simply output the correct IP address; because in all other cases the IP of the Incapsula service will be shown as the originating IP all across your PunBB forum, which can be a pain in the ass if you’re planning to be able to ban a person/spambot.

This extension could of course be beneficial in other instances too other than those which I mentioned above, but generally speaking the example above would be the most useful scenario as it is by design.

Now, granted I have not tried the extension myself, I’m fairly sure that it’ll work straight “out of the box” just fine. If it doesn’t work just tell me in a comment or via e-mail exactly what’s wrong and include logs + specifics about your PHP version or other relevant details.

Admittedly I have never done a PunBB extension before but this syntax of mine can’t be wrong. I went through the manifest twice for any obvious wrongs but couldn’t find jack all, and the main Incapsula code in incapsula.php comes straight from the horses mouth, Incapsula. I merely wrote the syntax in the manifest and included the incapsula main code. Simple, as I say 

If you do, however, encounter something wrong with my extension you can contact me via this page. Or leave me a comment below.

[UPDATE: I’ve now tried the extension and it works.]

Download extension here: https://k0nsl.org/blog/k1/uploads/2012/10/incapsula_k0nsl.tar1.gz


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