Old Project Takes Shape

I’m resuming work on a old project of the devNET software group. This particular application sits and waits for “pings” from infected machines to arrive (or clients, one probably calls them..*cough*). This is similar to a web-based notification application (you know: all those CGI/PHP notification systems. I still use S7-notification for some applications he he) but a lot more convenient because you don’t have to set-up a script on your local web server or on a host someplace.

Additionally you can save all the collected IP addresses to a document for later review and usage. So, in effect: it is a tool for collecting your System33r Socks4 (or socks5) clients in a simplified manner.

I am not done with the interface yet. I wrote this code just a couple of hours ago, because when I started this project when I still developed System33r Socks4 for DSG I had merely began outlining the ideas behind this — but never really put it to practice. The notes were all saved for what-to-do and such but no actual code existed.

So that’s what I’m working on now. Also, the System33r Socks4 application is being cleaned up in the code and a FUD will more than likely follow when I feel everything is OK for release 

Best wishes, and enjoy the weekend.


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