Privacy – the main element in my life

Privacy is something very central in my life therefore I have tried tried securing my presence on the Internet one step higher. I used to only have all my data through a VPN (semi-private — I requested a specific location and was given a dedicated VPN only for myself through a company — and tunneling it through only the VPN may be sufficient for most people, but I want extra.

So today I configured SSH-tunneling with SSL on my server (http://gondor.holocaust-news.com): so my current set up looks like this:


Hardware firewall + router + software firewall then comes outgoing connection to the world: socks5 (gondor) > VPN (semi-private) > public socks5 (any I wish to use).


I’m very happy with this set up. I’m using VPN (custom) from HideMyAss:

It costs about 60 bucks for seven months, something like that. I never look at the price: if I want something I’ll buy it. That’s it.




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