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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Before we get to another quiz, the answer was “Die
Zauberfloete” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the
stage was in Verona, Italy.

The winner: Tony Lutz. Please send us your postal
address, so we can mail this awesome DVD.

Let me make a few comments. Just recently, I added
about 34 new readers to the Patriot Letter. We have
now a little bit over 1,300.

And now I might sound like Rich Brooks, who recently
wrote a letter to Alex Linder, owner of one of the
best websites in the net

on how he never gets really much response to his
bookreview. However, he says if he would write some
sossy gossip about David Duke, there would be fifty

Be assured, Mr. Brooks, you are not the only one who
is getting frustrated with this:

The Wagner quiz generated 8 responses

The Zauberfloete quiz generated 4 responses with three
being the same people from the Wagner quiz.

At any given day, I receive altogether 200 e-mails. On
a controversial issue, I have received more than 600
e-mails. What does that tell you?

Now on to a new quiz. And since classical music is not
a very popular item, I am giving away some precious
old postcards of Berlin, before the war. The first one
will be Berlin, Wittenberg Platz with Memorial Church.
This one is an original and can’t be bought anywhere
anymore. Now the Quiz:

Berlin hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics in Germany.
Which German city hosted the Winter Olympics in the
same year?

Whomever e-mails first with the right answer will get
the card for free.


A sad anniversary was this weekend. The sinking of the
Wilhelm Gustloff. But instead of me telling you, let’s
hear from someone who was there:


The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff

On January 30, 1945, the German liner “Wilhelm
Gustloff” sank in the Baltic Sea between the Bay of
Danzig and the Danish island of Bornholm. An estimated
7000-8000 people, civilian refugies from East Prussia
and wounded German soldiers, drowned in the icy
waters. Three torpedoes fired from a Russian submarine
had scored direct hits on the ship. The result was the
largest and most horrible naval disaster of all time.

The following is the story of Oberbootsmannsmaat Karl
Hoffmann a survivor of the sinking. Karl Hoffmann is
from the town of Frankenberg. The same town as our
Advisory Board chairman Hans Goebeler. I would like to
thank Hans and Erika Goebeler for providing this copy
of Herr Hoffmanns letter.

The Wilhelm Gustloff

Before the war, the Wilhelm Gustlofr was the flagship
of the “Power Through Joy” workers recreational
program’s fleet of passenger liners. Starting in 1939,
the ship was used as housing for U-Boat crewman
undergoing training. The ship lay docked for over four
years serving this purpose, until Admiral Donitz,
commander of the U-Boat fleet, ordered the evacuation
of the U-Boat personnel away from the approaching Red

The Wilhelm Gustloff was skippered under a strange
double-command structure. As a civilian ship, she was
commanded by Merchant Marine Captain Friedrich
Petersen. At the same time, as residential ship of the
2nd U-Boat Training Division, her military captain was
a regular Navy officer, Commander Wilhelm Zahn.

The Injured and Exhausted

On the evening of January 22, 1945, the ship was
readied by her crew and other navy personnel for the
boarding of thousands of injured, exhausted and
frost-bitten passengers, The themometer showed 14
degrees below zero. In the midst of military collapse
and the impending arrival of the Russians, there
prevailed an atmosphere of indescribable chaos.

There were approximately 60,000 people crowed into the
harbor of Gotenhafen. As soon as the gangplanks
settled down into position, people stormed forward
onto the ship. In the confusion, many children were
separated from their parents.

400 Female Naval Auxiliaries

Although the ship was virtually filled, on board came
approximately 400 female Naval auxiliaries, all
between the ages of 17 and 25. They were accommodated
in the former swimming pool area on E-Deck. Naturally,
they were happy to get aboard and escape the advance
of the Russian Army into East Prussia.

In the morning hours of January 29 another hospital
train arrived in Gotenhafen. The injured soldiers also
embarked onto the ship, settling into the glazed area
of the Gustloff’s so called sundeck.

Somewhere between seven to eight thousand people were
now on board, the exact number has never been
ascertained. Every last inch of the rooms and hallways
were used, and the ship could not take on any more
refugees. As a precaution against air attack, a couple
of anti-aircraft guns were hastily mounted on the
upper deck. Only about 60% of the passengers were
equipped with life preservers, there was insufficient
means of rescue for the remainder of them.

Ten Degrees Below Zero

Tuesday, January 30, 1945. 12:30 in the afternoon.
Four tugboats came along and pulled the ship out of
her berth and in the direction of the open sea. The
weather was bad: wind strength of 7, snow, ten degrees
below zero, ice flows on the water’s surface. As the
tugboats retreated into the distance back toward the
Bay of Danzig, the Wilhelm Gustloff began pounding her
way under her own power westward into the blustery
Baltic Sea.

It was freezing cold as layers of ice began to forming
on the deck. In order to be ready for any emergency we
crewmen had to constantly work to remove ice from the
guns. A small mine sweeper patrolled in front of the
Gustloff in search of mines. Night fell and it became
even colder. Below decks, the high spirits of the
refugees began to wane as many became seasick. But
most were lulled into a false sense of secruity,
believing that in a few days they would reach Stettin
or the coast of Denmark.

Deadly Torpedos

I had been designated crew chief of one of the
anti-aircraft guns. My second watch began at 9:00PM.
So far, all had been quiet on board. Suddenly, at
about 9:10PM, the torpedos struck. At first I thought
“We have run into mines!” But the Gustloff had been
hit by three deadly torpedos fired from the Russian
submarine S-13. I found out later that it was
commanded by Alexander Marinesko.

Thousands of people immediately broke into a terrible
panic. Many plunged overboard into the icy waves of
the Baltic Sea. At first the ship leaned to starboard
under the force of the explosion, but then righted
herself, only to suffer another hit by the forecastle.
We were off the coast of Stolpmunde, Pommerania. We
immediately began to broadcast an SOS and fire signal

The first torpedo had hit the Gustloff at the bow,
directly below the helm and deep below the waterline.
The second torpedo exploded under the swimming pool on
E-Deck where the 400 Naval auxiliaries were being
quartered, almost all lost their lives. The third
torpedo hit amidships in the forward part of the
engine room, ripping the ship hull and shattering the

Panic on all Decks

I attempted to retrieve a few personal items from my
room on C-Deck, but it was impossible. The desperate
crowd of thousands had only one thought: to reach the
upper decks, away from the massive flood of water.

They clawed their way upward, pushing and shoving
mercilessly. Those who fell were lost. Children that
slipped from their mothers arms were trampled to
death. No one was able to assist the most helpless of
the passengers: pregnant wifes and severely wounded
soldiers. The surging mass of people attempted to
storm the lifeboats, hardly anyone hearing the
command: “women and children first” No one obeyed: he
that was stronger, took advantage. Many of the
ice-covered lifeboat could not be lowered into the
water. I saw boats full of people snag and hang by the
bowline, spilling the screaming people into the waves.
The Gustloff continued listing, the forecastle
railings already underwater. The launching of the
lifeboats became increasingly more difficult.

Many Chose Suicide

Up until this time I had stood alone on the sundeck,
unable to escape, witnessing the horible chaos. I saw
families shoot themselves rather than suffer slow and
terrifing death through drowning that awaited them.
Those with a pistol chose suicide. Thousands clung to
the ship, hoping to be saved, while the Gustloff sank
ever more quickly.

I thought that my life, too, was soon to end. I jumped
into the water, swimming quickly away from the ship so
that the suction would not carry me into the depths.
At first I did not feel the icy cold of the water at
all. I grabbed the side of a fully loaded lifeboat and
held on for dear life. What I saw was then was
terrible. Children hung in lifejackets, their stiff
legs sticking straight up. Elderly people bobbed dead
in the water. Death screams and cries for help filled
the air. Two children who were still alive clung
solidly onto me and screamed for their mother. I
lifted them the best I could into the crowded
lifeboat. If they were later rescued, I can not say.

Suddenly, Deathly Silence

I then noticed that I was weakening because of
hypothermia. I grabbed a little sheet-metal raft and
tried to keep swimming away from the suction. I was
about 50 yards away from the Gustloff and saw the
forecastle was already halfway underwater. The stern
began to show itself. Hundreds of people were still
there, desperately screaming in mortal fear. The ship
sank faster and faster. Then suddenly, a deadly
silence. The Wilhelm Gustloff had slipped beneath the
waves, carrying most of the passengers with her. The
greatest and most terrifing naval catastrophe had
lasted about 50 minutes.

A Miracle

For about 20 minutes, the most dreadful moments of my
life, I swam through the water. Time and again, I was
covered by sheets of ice. Occasional cries for help
became fewer and fewer. What happened then bordered on
the miraculous. I saw a dark shadow coming directly
toward me and I recognized the outlines of a ship. I
screamed with the last of my strength. I was noticed
and pulled into a boat.

I was taken into the engine area of the German torpedo
boat T-36. Sailors took care of us rescued castaways,
giving us hot tea and massages. Many died during the
night of exposure and exhaustion. Among the rescued
were some pregnant wifes. During the night, three
children were born on board the torpedo boat, with
sailors acting as midwifes.

Torpedo boat T-36 was part of the squadron commanded
by Lieutenant Herring and had been assigned as escort
to the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper. Both ships had
also sailed from East Prussia, loaded with refugees.

With a sudden roar of the engines, the ship took a new
course. As I later found out, two torpedos were
sighted. One passed to starboard, and the T-36 escaped
from the other by means of a violent change of
direction. The ship sped so quickly that some of the
personnel in lifeboats were thrown off and drowned. To
the joy of the commanders, 550 people were saved.
Because of the great danger of submarine attack, the
T-36 turned away and at 2:00PM, January 31, 1945,
arrived at Sassnitz.

996 Survivors

The survivors of the Gustloff were taken on board the
Danish military hospital ship Prinz Olaf, which was
anchored there. Many had to be carried ashore on
stretchers. We in the Navy were accommodated in
barracks. The many dead people on board were also
carried off. Lieutenant Herring viewed the proceedings
from the command bridge, and as the last passenger
left the ship, he saluted. I found out later that only
996 of the approximately 8,000 Gustloff passengers
survived this dreadful tragedy.

We, the almost 1,000 survivors, had escaped death one
more time. We members of the German Navy were
comrades, loved our homeland, and believed we were
doing the right thing through our service. None of us
wanted to be heroes, and we do not honor our
casualties as such, only as human beings who had done
their duty according to the oath they had taken.

The Wilhelm Gustloff, a mass grave bearing the names
of thousands of young people, has to warn us, the
living and influence the leaders of nations in such a
way that wars, which bring unspeakable suffering to
mankind, will never be allowed to start again.



And let’s remember more of the Allied crimes committed
against the German people:


Allied War Crimes 1941-1950

Rixon Stewart

They say that the spoils of war go to the victors and
that includes the opportunity to rewrite history from
the victor’s point of view. This is particularly true
of World War II where for the last fifty years one
overall theme has dominated; namely that the allies
were the good guys in contrast to the Germans who were
Nazi war criminals. But was this really the case? Was
the distinction so clear-cut or have we allowed Allied
propagandists to reshape our view of history? Until
recently anyone who questioned this standard
interpretation was immediately labeled a “revisionist”
or worse still a “Nazi”: as happened to British
historian David Irving recently. Yet with the passage
of time a new perspective is beginning to emerge, one
that is not so clear-cut in its distinction between
good and bad.

When Germany surrendered in May 1945, the American
Military Governor, General Eisenhower, sent out an
“urgent courier” with instructions making it a crime
punishable by death to feed German prisoners. It was
even a capital offence to gather food together in one
place to take to prisoners. The message reads in part:
“…Under no circumstances may food supplies be
assembled among the local inhabitants in order to
deliver them to prisoners of war. Those who violate
this command and nevertheless try to circumvent this
blockade to allow something to come to the prisoners
place themselves in danger of being shot…”(1)

This was no idle threat. On July 31st 1945 Agnes Spira
was shot by French guards at Dietersheim for taking
food to prisoners. In effect this was a deliberate
policy to starve the German prisoners of war. Many
prisoners and German civilians saw American guards
burn food that had been brought to the prisoners.
According to one former prisoner who described it
recently: “At first, the women from the nearby town
brought food into the camp. The American soldiers took
everything away from the women, threw it in a heap and
poured gasoline over it and burned it.” (2)

In the chaos and confusion that followed Germany’s
defeat at the end of the Second World War literally
millions of Germans died. In an unprecedented
humanitarian disaster an estimated sixteen million
ethnic Germans fled their ancestral homelands in
Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other parts of
Eastern Europe to Germany. These were mostly women,
children and elderly men who took to the open road
before the advancing Red Army. Of these Canadian
historian James Bacque estimates that between two and
six million died in the process (3). Millions more
died in Germany itself through a combination of
disease, exposure and starvation, produced and
compounded by deliberate Allied policies.

According to Bacque between 1941 and 1950 around one
and a half to two million German prisoners of war
died. Whilst a further five million seven hundred
thousand German civilians died between 1946 and 1950,
largely, Bacque maintains, as a result of Allied
policy. In all Bacque’s estimates that between nine
and half and fourteen million ethnic Germans, German
prisoners of war and civilians were to die in these
iniquities. Part of the blame for this can be laid at
the feet of Josef Stalin who, through his propaganda
minister, Ilya Ehrenburg, actually encouraged the rape
and degradation of the German civilian population.

“Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There
is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the
instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic
beast in its cave. Break with force the racial
arrogance of the German women. Take them as your legal
loot. Kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill!” Ilya
Ehrenburg 1945.

Ironically, Ehrenburg was Jewish, and Stalin married
to a jewess, .

However it was not only the Germans who suffered at
the hands of Stalin’s victorious army, Russians did
too; in particular the large Russian émigré population
in Europe was to experience the depredations of the
advancing Red Army. And in this regard the Russian
Army was to receive help from an unlikely quarter. In
an episode of infamy that has largely been ignored by
the Western powers and their lapdog media Stalin was
helped in an operation that has become known as one of
history’s darkest episodes of betrayal: “Operation
Keelhaul.” Sources 1) Crimes and Mercies by James
Bacque. 2) Ibid. 3) Ibid.

A US guard looks over fenced off holding areas,
holding thousands of German prisoners, exposed to

“Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and
the French Army casually annihilated one million
[German] men, most of them in American camps . . .
Eisenhower’s hatred, passed through the lens of a
compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of
death camps unequalled by anything in American history
. . . an enormous war crime.”

— Col. Ernest F. Fisher, PhD Lt.
101 st Airborne Division, Senior Historian, United
States Army



Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

Not all your readers may be aware that there is a
three volume Report, 1600 pages in length, written by
the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in
1948 Geneva on the activities of the ICRC during the
Second World War. It is an objective description of
the Jewish question in Europe and the German
concentration camps during the war. The Report is
extremely valuable since it was written strictly
without political bias by neutral parties, an
important point which the team of authors headed by
Frederic Siordet makes clear.

The main conclusions of the Report are briefly
summarized as follows:

1. Food Relief.

Food Relief shipments amounted to 4,500 tons to the
camps. Jews were recipients as well as other inmates.
Parcels went to Dachau, Buchenwald, Sangerhausen,
Sachsenhausen, Oranienburg, Flossenberg, Landsberg am
Lech, Floha, Bavensbruck, Hamburg-Neuengamme,
Mauthausen, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen,
and to camps near Vienna and Southern Germany. The
ICRC distributed 20 million Swiss francs collected
from Jewish welfare organizations  in the form of
relief supplies. Purchases were made in Hungary,
Slovakia, and Rumania.

2. Genocide.

There was no evidence of genocide. As quoted, “In the
chaotic conditions of Germany after the invasion
during the final months of the war, the camps received
no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an
increasing number of victims. Itself alarmed by this
situation, the German Government at last informed the
ICRC on February 1st 1945 .. In March 1945,
discussions between the President of the ICRC and
General of the SS Kaltenbrunner gave even more
decisive results. Relief could hence forth be
distributed by the ICRC, and one delegate was
authorized to stay in each camp…” The ICRC found no
evidence in the camps of a deliberate policy to
exterminate the Jews. In all its 1600 pages there is
no mention of any gas chambers whatsoever. The Report
also lays to rest the notion of gas chambers disguised
as showers. Again quoting the Report, “Not only
washing places, but installations for baths, showers,
and laundry were inspected by the delegates. They had
often to take action to have fixtures made less
primitive, and to get them repaired or enlarged.”

3. Internment.

Not all Jews were interned. In Slovakia a large
proportion of the Jewish community was able to stay in
country. Emigration of Jews also continued throughout
the war generally by way of Hungary, Rumania, and

Polish Jews who had managed to flee to France and who
had been able to obtain American visas were considered
US citzens by the Germans. They were also allowed to
leave. The Report also states that until March 1944,
Jews who had a visa for Palestine were free to leave

For your readers that are interested in further
details please check the following link:

Mike Reisch



From M:


Top German Judge Says Far-Right Party Ban Possible

By Dave Graham

BERLIN (Reuters) – A controversial far-right party in
Germany could be banned despite the failure of an
earlier attempt to outlaw it, the head of Germany’s
highest court was quoted as saying by a newspaper on

The remarks of Hans-Juergen Papier, president of the
constitutional court, coincided with violent clashes
between police and demonstrators protesting at a rally
by the National Democratic Party (NPD) in the northern
city of Kiel.

Papier said that although the court threw out a
government bid to ban the NPD in 2003, future attempts
could still succeed.

“The suspension of proceedings to ban (the party)
then, does not represent a pre-ordained decision on
future efforts to ban (it),” Papier wrote in a guest
contribution for Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper,
due to appear on Sunday.

“These facts need to be remembered,” he added.

In Kiel, demonstrators threw bottles and stones at
police protecting some 450 supporters of the NPD as
they attended a public address by the party.
Discontent over the NPD event drew around 7,000
protesters, according to police estimates.

“There (were) massive and hard clashes,” a police
spokesman said, adding that tires and rubbish
containers had been set on fire and that police had
sprayed protesters with a water cannon.

Police said over 40 largely left-wing demonstrators
were detained. Many street signs and shop windows were

The center-left government has likened the NPD to the
embryonic Nazi party and tried to have it outlawed on
the grounds that it stirred racial hatred.

Despite Papier’s comments, Bavaria’s Interior Minister
Guenther Beckstein, who in 2000 kickstarted the push
for the NPD ban, advised against a fresh initiative
for the moment.

“I want to remind people that the NPD ban proceedings
failed due to a minority (vote) among the judges —
the majority wanted to continue proceedings,” he told
Reuters by telephone.

The opposition conservative lawmaker said a ban would
require a three-quarters majority in the
constitutional court.

Prior to its ruling, the court had suspended
proceedings after it emerged the government’s case
against the NPD included testimony and speeches from
paid informants.

The NPD, which seeks to promote policies that favor
ethnic Germans and is strongly anti-Jewish, produced
the far-right’s best showing in six years in September
when it won nearly 10 percent of the vote in state
elections in Saxony.

It provoked outrage last week by walking out of a
minute’s silence for Nazi victims and referring to
Allied strikes on the German city of Dresden in 1945
as a “bombing holocaust.”





The attack on civilian population is nothing new to
the U S .Just one example is General Sherman’s march
from Atlanta to the sea in which he used a scorched
earth policy. All crops,livestock,food stores were
destroyed. Homes were destroyed, civilians
His reasoning was that this would deprives the “south”
from means to supply their army.

There are other instances such as wiping out entire
Indian villages.(Of course the savages had used the
same tactics in the 1500s and later against the whites
who they considered to be invaders.

Our “honorable” ???? congress and president and
cabinet et al have plenty of precedent on which to
base their destruction of Falujah. Another one is the
huge loss of civilians in the Philippines during the
Spanish American war. That also was based on the lie
of a sinking of an American ship. I used to be “proud
to be an American”, but now I have reservations.
I was aware that the stories of German atrocities were
not true when I was in high school in a small town in
Northern Wisconsin in 1943-45. My English teacher
(white haired old lady) got letters from a former
student who was in a German prison camp. She got
letters from him.

He described conditions which did not match the
reports of atrocities that were in the papers at the
time. He said they did not have coffee due to the
allied blockades. He said they did not have enough to
eat but that the guards were on the same rations as
the prisoners. He blamed it on the allied bombing of
railroads and truck convoys that were strafed by
fighter planes. He said that there were not enough
medical supplies.

The class put together a Christmas package of fruit
cakes,cookies,candy etc, and sent it via the Red
Cross. The teacher got a letter thanking us and also
including notes from two (2) of the German guards
with whom he had shared. He said they were well
treated yet the papers were full of propaganda
telling of mistreatment of prisoners. That is when I
learned not to believe everything reported in the
so-called news.

I read Other Losses when it first came out.





Time to confess to a hidden agenda.  In addition to
the “primary agenda”:   seeking truth at nearly any
cost, I do have a secondary agenda in all this
discussion on touchy, emotional subjects:  creating
meaningful relationships of respect and trust with a
few select friends.

This holocaust discussion is certainly not aiding the
secondary agenda & I’m beginning to suspect it’s not
even accomplishing much on the primary one, so, this
is likely the last collection of comments I’ll bother
you with on this subject.

Let’s get on with life!






I read a few of the emails you forwarded about the gas
chambers in Nazi death camps being a myth.

This is total nonsense.

Thousands of survivors of the camps have publicly
testified that they personally witnessed or
participated in the extermination of Jews and others
using poisoned gas, then shoved the bodies into

I have personally spoken to members of my family who
escaped or survived Nazi Germany and they confirm the
gas chambers and furnances were all too real.  I am
only alive today because my relatives managed to avoid
the gas chambers.

I don’t know the motives of the person who wrote to
you denying this.  I do know they are sadly mistaken.

I suggest you check your facts and think twice before
broadcasting such nonsense, particularly to Jews.

— Jarret





We often hear speculation of the ‘Great Anti-Christ’
who is to appear in the last days. Revisionists of all
stripes argue with great vehemence over whether it’s
the Jews, the Catholic Church, the Mormons, the
Chinese, the Nazis, the Russians, …………….and the list
goes on.

David O McKay, president of the LDS Church, settled
this discussion once and for all – at least in my mind
– when he said:

“The Anti-Christ referred to in Scripture is Corrupt
Government.  Whether it is in the political parties,
the police force, the schools, the churches, elite
clubs,   etc. etc.   At any place where you find
corrupt government – there is the Ani-Christ’.

I found this definition to be so sane and so useful;
I’ve stopped fighting over who is going to appear to
destroy the world. I can see it happening, it’s growth
and size by definition.  I just don’t know how to stop
it – except with one person.

That’s the scary part.  Stopping the buck right here.
Stopping corruption in this heart and mind.  It’s a
challenge I’ve not yet solved. But am working on it.

I figure eating that green stuff you suggested will
certainly go a long ways towards making me a peaceable
green thing,  eh?




Michael Walsh:


Good stuff! Much appreciated., Keep it coming; the
truth is seeping out but will pour out if we all put
our shoulder to the wheel.





Killing Noncombatants
by Sheldon Richman

Richman is a common Jewish name as is Sheldon.




Adelaide Institute:


The time should be used as a celebration that another
German becomes a prisoner of war who has taken it upon
himself to show those Germans who still want to be
Germans that the German Law – §130 StGB – is

Hatred against Germans is the foundation of the new
European order – but only because the Germans are
letting it happen. A million Germans who refuse to
believe in the Holocaust would bring down the German

‘Democracy’ would be threatened in Germany – and would
the USA let Germans find their way back to their roots
– to the Deutsche Reich?

The matter will culminate on 8 May 2005 when Germany
would have endured 60 years of USA-Zionist military,
economic and cultural occupation.



New Order:



On the Guarantee of Victory

” But precisely in this seeming hopelessness of our
mighty struggle lies the greatness of our task, as
well as the possibility of our success.  The
battle-cry which either scares away the small spirits
from the very start, or soon makes them despair, will
be the signal for the rallying of real fighting
natures . . .

Only the best fighters will step forward.  And in this
selection lies the guarantee of success.”

— THE BOOK, II:2/399 (HM edition)

He was—and IS—right!

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227

For a handy, pocket-size compendium of His Words, send
$5 to:

NS Publications
PO Box 188
Ottawa Lake MI 49267





I wanted to mention that it is the anniversary of the
Jonas Salk vaccine. I believe I wrote to you before
about the strange history of how suddenly a Jewish
doctor was hailed by the press by creating a “cure for
polo”, although evidence comes up otherwise qestioning

whether he did, and he was just part of the medical
establishment’s new propaganda. But press also never
probed this new medical establishment about what they
already knew about the strange nature of this disease
they were calling polo. For instance after WWII, why
the polo epidemic break out in certain parts of the
United States, but not at all in other parts? Also
around the world, while children were susceptible to
other contagious diseases, they didn’t ever get polo.
For instance children in the Middle Eastern countries
never got polo. The current medical establishment
running our country didn’t seem to consider that there
are other certain environmental factors that can also
create a disease, and the cure or prevention of can’t
just be a vaccine. Already there have been many cases
of parents catching polo from their children who were
vaccinated to supposedly prevent polo in areas where
there were no cases of it before.

I’ve heard the theory before that there actually only
a few diseases in the world, and there is just
different developments of the same pathogens and
viruses. But the medical establishment are always
appearing to create new diseases and demand millions
be spent on finding a cure with synthetic materials
that do not come from natural resourses(because
naturally produced substances can’t receive a patent!)
The medical system’s cures also never appear to come
from building up immune systems by possible change of
diet, or vitamins or supplements.

Also, one cannot help but observed that even recently
recalled drugs to treat “disease”, including Viox from
the American medical establishment,  have Israeli
investment behind them. Is this part of a ironic
agreement to unknowingly test chemicals on us, which
go along with the creation of new diseases?














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Walter F. Mueller
“The truth is back in business”

The “Patriot Letter” is a free news service of
Community News, a monthly publication with a
circulation of 20,000. To subscribe to Community News
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