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[NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all the things written by Walther F. Mueller; I merely archive this newsletter because it does contain interesting bits worth saving.]



Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Zundel In Germany:

For Zundel updates please visit the above website!

To submit news, information, etc. about Ernst Zundel,
please e-mail

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It was only a few years ago that I distanced myself
from the Second Amendment crowd. Not that I don’t
support our right to bear arms, but the two-faced
policies made me get disgusted with that movement. The
indirect German-bashing from the NRA and the Gun
owners of America to make their point were too
outrageous. To make their point, they printed posters
of Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler as anti-gun

“This is what happens when the government confiscates
your arms.”

Besides that it is not true, it was a very dishonest
attempt to gain support.

The second time I cut my ties with a movement after
getting to know them was the white nationalists. Also
for the same reason. The white supremacists make it a
point to use Third Reich paraphernalia to not only
make their point, but also to engage in criminal

Today, I see the same two-facedness again with the
Terry Schiavo issue. Remember the signs outside the
hospice saying:

“Welcome to Auschwitz USA.”

And posted a picture of the judge with the
background of the American flag where the stars were
replaced with a Hakenkreuz.

I don’t know why these stupid brain midgets don’t use
their own country’s war crimes to make their point.

I am totally fed up with it! If these people disappear
tomorrow, the better it is for us who are serious and
really concerned about our people.

Later on this afternoon, I checked, as I do
occasionally,, and found yet another
two-faced swindle from the National Alliance. Kevin
Alfred Strom, spokesperson for the National Alliance,
was featured on the Arab website with an article,
entitled: “Bring our troops back home.”

His over inflated ego is just amazing. Besides that
the guy has never seen a military uniform from inside.
Now here, the National Alliance is forming the
Faustian relationship of pretending to support the
Arabs, however, almost on a daily basis we hear their
racial slurs about “mud people.”

One also has to ask the question: Which troops does
Kevin Strom want to bring home? We all know, the
National Alliance wants all black people to die, so it
can’t be them, and they are not very fond of other
minorities in the military as well. What he really
means is “bringing home the white troops.”

You see the same principle. Using Adolf Hitler to make
alliances and using the Arabs to do the same.

But what does that say about the white supremacists?
They are so stupid that they get brainwashed by their
own people.

By the way, has ever anyone seen Kevin Strom’s
website? This man has an actual page of himself,
posing as a model. “Just a Gigolo,” seems to be the
principle to keep himself in the news. This series of
pictures of himself make him look like Hollywood star
Dom de Luis – fat and ugly.

So you find these megalomaniacs day in – day out –
being two-faced, to keep being popular. Today Muslims,
tomorrow “mud people.” Today a Swastika and tomorrow
Ernst Zundel.

No wonder that the Americans still today ask the
question why the Germans supported Adolf Hitler to the
end. Loyalty – something that Americans don’t know
anything about.

And here is another small example. A bunch of criminal
National Alliance members got caught with illegal
weaponry, and guess what else the FBI found? A poster
of Adolf Hitler – now that figures:


Agents arrest 10 people, seize guns
By Michael Shaw
Of the Post-Dispatch
Tuesday, Mar. 29 2005

Federal agents arrested 10 people Tuesday and seized
more than 50 machine guns and seven hand grenades in
what authorities described as the largest weapon
seizure in Southern Illinois.

Most of those arrested are from the Alton-Godfrey
area. Police continued to look for one man accused
under indictments made public Tuesday.

“These are not sporting guns,” said Glenn N. Anderson,
of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
Explosives, at a news conference in Fairview Heights.
He said the confiscated weapons’ only purpose is “to

The charges range from blowing up mailboxes to
“manufacturing” machine guns by altering existing

The 11 were indicted last week by a federal grand
jury, but those charges weren’t made public until
Tuesday after the arrests were made.

The accused are not part of a single group, although
there are connections between several of them, said
Ron Tenpas, U.S. attorney for Southern Illinois.

He declined to say what prompted the investigation,
which began in mid-January.

He noted that agents discovered racist literature
while searching property of one of the accused,
Randall Brown, 53, of Godfrey.

Prosecutors are seeking to keep Brown jailed while
awaiting trial, arguing he is a danger to the

Agents found a poster of Adolf Hitler with the caption
“When I come back, no more Mr. Nice Guy” and fliers
from the National Alliance, a white supremacist

Some targets on Brown’s property were allegedly given

Brown is charged with engaging in a business as a
manufacturer of firearms, possessing machine guns and
related charges.

Prosecutors are seeking to detain two others, Laura
Brown, 25, and Mark Howard, 48, both of Godfrey. Court
documents indicate that Brown and Howard made
videotaped statements in which they admit to blowing
up a mailbox in Alton last July.

Anderson said the seized machine guns include AK-47s,
Uzis, Thompson submachine guns, and the old belt-fed
weapons, such as German World War II-era guns.

They were found in “multiple locations,” from
basements to storage areas, Tenpas said. Agents also
seized silencers claimed to be illegal.

“These guns can fall into the hands of people who are
not responsible,” he said.

Authorities are still seeking Christopher Howard, 40,
of Godfrey, who is charged with possessing machine

All 10 who were arrested appeared in federal court in
East St. Louis Tuesday, Tenpas said. The others and
the charges against them are:

Mark Chappel, 22, of Alton; possessing a machine gun;
possession of ammunition by a user of a controlled

Christopher Hall, 23, of Godfrey; possessing a machine

Charles Hemphill III, 43, of Alton; illegally
possessing machine guns, silencers and destructive

Michael Owens, 56, of Maryville, illegally possessing
a firearm, a machine gun and two silencers.

Eric Terry, 38, of Alton; possessing machine guns.

William Vogt, 23, of Alton; possessing a machine gun.

James D. Wehrle, 41, of St. Charles; possessing a
machine gun.

Most of the charges carry maximum 10-year prison

Reporter Michael Shaw
Phone: 618-235-3988





Dear Walter,

I don’t want to believe this, but here it is. From URL

New law curbs neo-Nazi rallies
Marches at Holocaust memorial banned

25. März 2005 F.A.Z. Weekly. Germany’s states have
opened the way for the country to restrict sites where
right-wing extremist groups may hold rallies.

The Bundesrat, the legislative body that represents
the states on national issues, approved the
legislation on Friday. The new law will address two
issues: marches by neo-Nazi groups and statements
praising the deeds of Nazi Germany.

The first portion of the law allows the government to
ban marches at the new Holocaust memorial in Berlin.
The states also will be able to determine other
memorial sites of ”national importance.” Such sites
could include former concentration camps. The state of
Bavaria also said it would use the new law to ban
annual marches in the town of Wunsiedel that are held
to honor Rudolf Hess. Hess was a deputy of Adolf
Hitler who fled to England during World War II and was
convicted as a war criminal after the conflict. He is
buried in Wunsiedel.

In addition, the change will expand a law covering
incitement. Persons convicted of ”approving,
glorifying or justifying” Nazi Germany could be
sentenced to up to three years in prison.

The immediate aim of the new law is to disrupt plans
by the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party
to hold a march in Berlin on May 8, the 60th
anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. The
party, a constant source of concern among national
leaders, surged back into the public spotlight last
autumn by winning 12 seats in the parliament of the
eastern state of Saxony. And a political ally, the
German Peoples Union, won six seats in the eastern
state of Brandenburg, one more than it previously had.

During the de-bate, the national government also noted
that it had determined that the number of neo-Nazis in
Germany rose 15 percent to 30,000 last year. The
number of such groups rose as well from 72 to 90, it

In another effort to foil the National Democrats’
plans on May 8, the city-state of Berlin is planning
to hold a ”Day of Democracy” to mark the date. The
festival will bring together political parties,
foundations, churches and charitable organizations.
The newspaper Berlin Morgenpost reported that such a
festival would make it impossible for the National
Democrats to march in the middle of the capital
because the government’s plans would take precedence
over private demonstrations.



Chris Borleis:


Dear Walter, we live in a sad period where everything
sacred to us is taken away. With the destruction of
memorials and statues our future generation are
deprived of the symbols and spirit of their ancestry.
Such destruction is treason to the nation and reflects
decay of the people, who sanction these acts.

The removal of the last statue of General Franco in
Madrid causes a riot in the streets In the middle of
the night, “in darkness and treachery,” as some of his
erstwhile supporters say, Francisco Franco made his
last stand on the streets of Spain’s capital. He and
his bronze equestrian companion of 46 years were
removed from their pedestal, wrapped in canvas, loaded

by crane into the back of the lorry and removed by the
Ministry of Public Works. It was a sad end for the
once-mighty general, and it did not go down very well
with everybody. Supports of the former dictator have
accused the government of “not respecting the memory
of Spain.” Statues and memorials of heroes had been
already demolished in Germany after the Second World
War by the Allies to relinquish history and national
identity in replacement of the ‘New World Order’. As a
replacement for the national regime
Democracy-American-Style was introduced without people
being asked. History was not any longer a subject in
schools since the Cornel of Kentucky Fried Chicken
replaced the memorials everywhere. Let’s admit it, a
full stomach after a long unhappy war appealed to the
people more than an old-fashion Bismarck memorial at
the downtown square. At the time living heroes like
‘histories highest scoring’ fighter ace Erich Hartmann
were kept in Siberia  for 10 years after the war
special rehabilitation treatment Soviet-Style. Look to
Iraq today and see a parallels to Iraqi heroes.
Old-fashioned patriots are ridiculed as racist bigots,
fanatics or lunatics and while political debate are
out of fashion, a stupefied populace release its
frustration in sports like soccer. No more heroes, no
more memorials. The only memorials pop up like
mushrooms around the world are the Holocaust
Memorials, to remind us to whom we are eternally
obliged to pay homage.

Christian Borleis,



From William Henry Harris:




I’ve never made a fortune,
and it’s probably too late now.
But I don’t worry about that much,
I’m happy anyhow.

And as I go along life’s way,
I’m reaping better than I sowed.
I’m drinking from my saucer,
‘Cause my cup has overflowed.

Haven’t got a lot of riches,
and sometimes the going’s tough.
But I’ve got loving ones all around me,
and that makes me rich enough.

I thank God for his blessings,
and the mercies He’s bestowed.
I’m drinking from my saucer,
‘Cause my cup has overflowed.

I remember times when things went wrong,
My faith wore somewhat thin.
But all at once the dark clouds broke,
and the sun peeped through again.

So Lord, help me not to gripe,
about the tough rows I have hoed.
I’m drinking from my saucer,
‘Cause my cup has overflowed.

If God gives me strength and courage,
When the way grows steep and rough.
I’ll not ask for other blessings,
I’m already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy,
to help others bear their loads.
Then I’ll keep drinking from my saucer,
‘Cause my cup has overflowed.

When I think of how many people
in this world have it worse than I do.

I realize just how lucky most
of us really are.

Don’t be too busy today…Share this inspiring message
with friends and family.






What a hateful and spiteful little-less-than-a-mind
you inadvertently display.  I was one of those
disadvantaged because of your vengeful retaliation
towards those who want to publish the truth.  Your
not-so-clever scheme has backfired because now even
those who were not previously aware of your nefarious
dedication to falsehood and lies have learned how you
thrive on distortion and the destruction of others.
Some of us did not realize why the entire world hated
your cause – but now we do.

DL Whipple






A long report, but very good and informative on many
subjects.  I will keep this P.Letter for further

Thank you,




Michelle Kunert:


Going through the Letters in the Bee these
past days about the Terry Shavio case,there is one by
Tom M.Wootton Jr (letters Mar 26) pointing out that in
1941 Hitler obeyed the demands of the Catholic church
and pulled the plug on a presumably voluntary euthasia
law enacted in 1939 when the public showed him it was
being abused by those who considered it approval for
murdering the handicapped and suicide. Wootton wrote,
“The implication… is more disturbing than it was
under the Nazi era. Most today apparently agree with
the notion of “lives unworthy of living.”

What is find ironic  that Sean South of the
Jewish Defense League and End of Life Choices is
promoting exactly what Hitler decided to outlaw after
he saw what went wrong with it. Hitler of course knew
the Jews always have always hated Catholics,
including those who believe in providing care of the
sick without making a personal profit from it.

Even though I am a Protestant, I can see that
usually the Catholic takes up a career in medicine
because he or she really wants to help others, while
the Jew does so for not only for monitory profits but
for social status.( It’s no wonder why they take such
positions as being plastic surgeons for the wealthy)
Just one example is that Jews just don’t go to poorest
places in the world, including Calcutta, India to set
up a clinic who won’t turn anybody in need of help
away. To do humanitarian things not for the sake of
gaining worldly wealth is a concept beyond the mind of
world Jewry.

In the meantime, and National
Right To Life’s website have  links to legal document
forms to download for “A Will To Live”, which will
hopefully help prevent when one is handicapped from
being locked up and then starved to death in an

-Michelle Kunert





Zundel Demo in Trieste this Friday

In front of the German Consulate

Via Beccaria, 8

fax: + 39 040 364 396



Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

The following piece as attached appeared in the Ottawa
Sun on March 25.

Along with the usual German bashing there is a
description of judge Blais, while under the influence
of alchahol no doubt, discussing the Zundel case at a
party in Westmount. This was at a point while the
proceeding was still in full swing in his court in

Any impartial judge would have recused himself after
such a slip. Canadian judges seem to have no such
qualms especially when Germans are before them. After
all they have sold their reputation as well as
Canada’s good name, what is left of it, for thirty
pieces of silver.

We all knew that Blais was biased against Ernst from
the start but here we have our suspicions confirmed
straight from the horses mouth.

Incidentally, the Schreiberling, Pat Mac Adam who
seems to have it in for Germans also has a super
sensitive olfactory gland. He claims that he can still
smell the odor of burning flesh from the Dachau ovens
60 years after the place was turned into a museum of
horrors for the tourists by our liberators.

This reminds one of the New Zealand Schreiberling that
made a similar claim recently.  Sixty years after the
war he could still smell the Zyklon – B at a camp
which had no gas chamber.

Based on such unusual stories one can only conclude
that some Western journalists have nothing short of a
super natural sense of smell.

Yet in spite of these remarkable senses they have
trouble smelling the odor of the cesspool from whence
they came.

Mike Reisch

Ottawa, Canada, Sunday, March 27, 2005
The anatomy of horror

By Pat MacAdam
For the Ottawa Sun

I was in the Mulroney residence in Westmount last
September as a guest at Mila’s surprise party for
Brian [Mulroney former Canadian prime minister] on the
occasion of the 20th anniversary of his landslide 1984

One of the 100 invited quests was Federal Court Judge
Pierre Blais, a former justice minister in the
Mulroney government. At the time, Pierre was presiding
over the lengthy Ernst Zündel hearing.

A couple of us were chatting with Pierre and we were
all very circumspect about discussing a matter that
was sub judice with a judge.

Either Charlie Mayer or Bill McKnight asked Pierre:
“Does Zündel appear in court every day?”
His answer was: “Every day!”
“Does he wear his yellow construction hard hat?”
Pierre rocked back and answered: “Not in my
Good answer!
I thought, at the time that, by not emulating Pierre
Blais’ common sense approach, Canada’s electronic and
print media created a monster. Had the media ignored
Zündel from Day 1, he would have been perceived as
just another nutbar who just happened to own a soapbox
and a yellow construction helmet.

Right to be ignored
Holocaust naysayers such as Zündel and David Irving
have earned the right to be ignored.

Sometimes I have flashes of brilliance. The hamster
isn’t always asleep in the wheel. My advice to judges

If Holocaust deniers and purveyors of hate literature
breach the laws of any country and are convicted, tack
on an additional sentence — 1,000 hours community
service as a tour guide at Dachau, Treblinka,
Buchenwald, Auschwitz or Belzek.
The word “holocaust” goes back to the time of Ptolemy.
The Greeks defined it as “an offering consumed by
fire.” In Hebrew, it means “burnt offering.”

If there was no Holocaust, where did 6 million Jews
disappear to during World War II? To Billy Butlin’s
summer camps in England?

What happened to 700,000 Jews who entered Treblinka,
near Warsaw, and never came out alive? The 600,000
Jews in Belzek, Poland? The hundreds of thousands of
Jews who were gassed and burned in the satellite camps
of Auschwitz?

Are the captured records of the Einsatzgruppen, mobile
killing units, fiction or forgeries? They document the
murder of 34,000 Jews and political prisoners in two
days in Kiev.

No Holocaust?
Go to Dachau as I did in 1980 with members of
Parliament Gordon Towers, Ron Stewart and Charlie
Mayer. We saw concrete slabs laid out in neat Teutonic
symmetry. Once, there were wooden huts atop the slabs.

We saw the row of furnaces — doors agape — still
displaying some ashes of the 35,000 who died in
Dachau. In other camps, the furnaces couldn’t handle
the volume. So, prisoners were shot in the back of the
head and bulldozed into mass graves.

I don’t have the most vivid of imaginations but when I
was a few feet away from a furnace I swear I could
still smell the unmistakable odour of burnt flesh.

Marguerite Higgins, a war correspondent with the New
York Herald Tribune, was the first to report on
Dachau. She wrote that a German guard, in dress
uniform, “came forward to surrender” to the Americans.
He gave the Nazi salute and barked, “Heil Hitler.”

Shot rang out
She continued: “An American officer looked down and
around at mounds of rotting corpses, at thousands of
prisoners, shrouded in their own filth. He hesitated
only a moment, then spat in the Nazi’s face, snapping
‘Schweinhund’ before ordering him taken away. Moments
later a shot rang out and the American officer was
informed that there was no further need for
(surrender) protocol.”

General Dwight Eisenhower’s laconic report read:

“Approximately 32,000 prisoners were liberated; 300 SS
camp guards were quickly neutralized.”
Many of the guards were summarily executed along with
their guard dogs.

In Berlin, our German hosts, the Konrad Adenauer
Stiftung and Helmut Kohl’s CDU Party, rolled out the
red carpet for us.

The mayor of Berlin hosted a sumptuous luncheon. We
stood in the West German Reichstag (Parliament) and
looked down on “The Wall” and the killer no-man’s
strip dividing east and west.

One of our stops was at Plötzenzee in central Berlin.
We were led into a one-story, red brick building that
looked like an abandoned mill in New Hampshire.
Plötzenzee was deceptive from outside. Inside were a
guillotine, gallows with meat hooks and piano wire and
conventional gallows with rope nooses.

Plotters executed
It was there that the plotters against Hitler and
important political prisoners were executed.

Outside Plötzenzee was one of the most incongruous
sights I have ever seen. It was a huge amphora — an
urn. We were told that the urn contained ashes of Jews
from every known death camp.

Later that night, the Canadian ambassador had us at
his residence for drinks. He was Pierre Trudeau’s
none-too-subtle jab at Germans. He was a Jew but also
an extremely qualified and gifted diplomat.

MP Bob Coates, the ambassador and I were chatting
outside on the patio when two Prussian type juniors
from the Foreign Office, handkerchiefs up their
sleeves, clicked their heels and joined us.

When I had my fill of their smarmy propaganda about
Germany’s rich history, I asked: “Tell me, what do
your history books tell your school children about the
Holocaust and the death camps.”

It was like the day the cake of Ivory soap sank at the
factory. The ambassador tried very hard not to laugh.
Bob Coates almost split his ribs trying to suppress
his laughter. He said later: “J.P., you have a way
with words. Your question went over like a fart in a
space suit.”

The German diplomats blanched, clicked their heels and
walked away. No, they didn’t goose step.

I thought my first foray in international diplomacy
went fairly well.



Peter Wakefield Sault:


He Wanted to Take Over the World IV

Time to connect some dots. Remember how I told you, in
a separate thread, about how the wannabe Jew (aka
‘Puritan’) Oliver Cromwell invited the Jews of
Amsterdam to enter England [*officially*, for their
network of embedded, hidden spies had never left in
1290] in 1655?

A short while later (1688), there was a *monarchist*
revolution in England and just GUESS who ended up on
the throne and, as is revealed below in the article
which you forwarded, CHARTERED THE BANK OF ENGLAND and
I quote:-
“King William III (king from 1688 to 1702) was a
money-changer from Holland.”


One last criticism of the forwarded article. It
repeats the myth that money-changing was invented in
Renaissance Italy (Venice rather than Rome unless I’m
mistaken). Remind me again who it was that Jesus
whipped out of the temple, according to the legends.
They assuredly did not start up in business there only
the day before he did that. They brought the business
with them from Babylon. With all this in mind it is
fair to ask who was really behind the Sack of Athens
in 480BC.

Was Christianity a secret weapon of the Jews to
finally defeat Hellenism? Getting Rome to destroy
Greece would have been a bit like asking the USA to
nuke England. Rome at first resisted the new Jewish
cult, which was hand in glove with the Barbarians of
the Northlands. The SAME Barbarians that the JEWS
employed in 1066 to get them into England in the first
place, aided by DUTCH and IRISH mercenaries. But as
the traitors secretly opened the gates to the invaders
Rome succombed and was eventually forced to accept the
idiot Jewish nonsense, restyling the Imperator as the
‘representative’ of the new
pseudo-/quasi-/crypto-Jewish cult – the Pope.

Now, why would Jews invent a cult based on their own
idiot nonsense which served only to persecute Jews?
Firstly, it must be remembered that the fanatical,
top-rank Jews, the people behind all of this, are
NEVER persecuted by anyone, anywhere, ever. Secondly,
the cohesion of the Jewish people, upon which the
power of the occulted Jewish elite depends, itself
depends upon persecution of the great mass of
semi-committed Jews by non-Jews, which leads such Jews
to ghettoize themselves whereupon we have a nicely
self-perpetuating vicious circle which requires hardly
any maintenance. A few swastikas in Jewish graveyards
now and again. It’s a win-win situation for the elite
because few people are willing to draw the line
connecting the Holocaust with Zionist policy.






I think this says it all!!! Ignoramuses!!!!! Monika

“I think the ban is a Nazi move that will eventually
use Gestapo tactics to enforce.” Savannah resident and
ex-smokder Keith Trawick, Page 3B –
Savannah Morning News, Thursdayu, March 24, 2005

House approves smoking ban, with plenty of exemptions

The Associated Press

ATLANTA – A statewide smoking ban was approved by the
Georgia House Tuesday, but not before lawmakers from
both parties loaded up the bill with plenty of

The bill would ban smoking in most buildings, but the
House spent more than three hours adding exceptions
for places like bars, private rooms in restaurants and
businesses that employ fewer than 10 people.

The tweaks came amid complaints that a smoking ban
earlier adopted by the Senate went too far in telling
people where they couldn’t smoke. One lawmaker,
Republican Rep. Dan Lakly, even called it “reminiscent
of Nazi Germany.”

After the exceptions were added, the smoking ban was
approved 118-52. It now must return to the Senate
because of all the House’s changes.

If the bill becomes law, Georgia would join 11 other
states with some sort of statewide smoking bans. Four
of those states, including Florida, still allow
smoking in bars.

The smoking ban has proved one of the session’s most
divisive, and the question didn’t fall along party
lines. Republicans sponsored the bill, but some other
Republicans denounced it as un-conservative and a
infringement on personal rights.

“It is not the core function of government to control
the lives of free people at dinner,” said Rep.
Charlice Byrd, R-Woodstock. “We are invited to
this Capitol as stewards, not as nannies.”

But most House members liked the smoking ban, once it
was weakened to exempt some areas.

To the argument that the bill would create more
government intrusion, they countered that the
government would spend less money if it didn’t have
to pay health care costs for s mokers.

“I refuse to believe that the inconvenience of asking
a smoker to step outside outweighs the cost,
inconvenience and health risks of the nonsmoker,” said
Rep. Stacey Reece, R-Gainesville, who sponsored the

The version ultimately approved would set up a
patchwork of zones where smoking would be allowed. In
bowling alleys, no. In military clubs, yes. In
restaurants, no. Unless the restaurants only served
adults, or set up private rooms with separate
ventilation for smoking events.

It just gets more complicated from there.

“Let me get this straight. You will be able to smoke
at the airport, but not at the Huddle House in Toccoa,
Ga.?” asked Democratic Rep. Jeanette Jamieson.

She was correct. Sort of. Smoking would be allowed at
international airports, like the one in Atlanta, but
not at other airports.

The bill would also let stand existing smoking bans in
several Georgia cities and counties. Some of those
have different rules than the one approved by

Lawmakers expect more negotiations before a final
smoking ban is hammered out. If they can’t agree by
the end of next week, the question will die until next

“It’s a political hot potato,” said Rep. Ed Rynders,

On the Net:

Read Senate Bill 90:


Could you still light up?

Bars: Yes

Restaurants: No, unless minors are not allowed or
there is a private smoking room

Bowling alleys: No

Airports: No, except at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
International Airport

Hotel rooms: Yes, if designated as smoking rooms

Retail tobacco stores: Yes

Employee break rooms: Yes, if properly ventilated

Private military clubs: Yes

Business offices: No, unless there are fewer than 10
employees or the business is open only by appointment

Source: Senate Bill 90, as amended by the House













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