Patriot Letter. Dated 4/10/05.

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[NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all the things written by Walther F. Mueller; I merely archive this newsletter because it does contain interesting bits worth saving.]



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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Zundel In Germany:

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Keith Fulton:



by Keith Fulton

1. In any political, social, or revolutionary
movement, it is always a good idea if both the leaders
and the rank and file members of that movement reflect
the ideals and principles that the movement publicly
advocates, in their personal lifestyle and in their
personal behavior.

2. This is not the case in the White nationalist

3. A very large percentage of the people involved in
White nationalist politics have no business whatsoever
being involved with this or any other cause, because
of their personal character defects.

4. Many of the people involved in White nationalism,
arguably a majority of them in fact, are mentally and
emotionally damaged or dysfunctional in some way.

5. The majority of White nationalists have joined the
Movement because we want to get something OUT of it,
not because we want to put something INTO it.

6. Most White nationalists are not revolutionaries.
They are what is known as paleo-conservatives. They do
not want to change the entire political, social, and
economic order in America. They want the EXISTING
order to work for THEM personally and give them money
and success.

7. Most white nationalists are, to put it politely, of
“dull normal” intelligence.

8. Being Americans of the 20th and 21st century, White
nationalists have no oral history and in many cases
have no idea where they came from, beyond the
generation of their grandparents, and some not even
that. White Americans as a whole are essentially a
people without a past.

9. Because of this and other factors, White
nationalists as a group are almost entirely lacking in
any kind of spiritual or moral values, unless you want
to count Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell-style Protestant
evangelicalism as a moral value, which it isn’t.
(Protestant evangelicalism is a political ideology,
not a religious one.)

10. White nationalists are completely materialistic
and driven by money and consumerism. Their real beef
with America is that America has not kept its promise
to THEM personally and showered them with wealth, or
else in the case of conservatives America demands that
they pay taxes on the comparatively small amount of
wealth they have managed to accumulate.

11. Most self-appointed Movement “leaders” are, or
were, janitors or gas station attendants in real life.
Some, like ((David Duke and William Pierce,)) have
never actually held a real job in their entire lives.
Virtually no self-appointed White racist “leader” has
ever demonstrated any personal success in the real
world. The White nationalist movement is a very small
arena wherein dysfunctional people attempt to
compensate for the fact that they are failures in

12. Active White racists are almost without exception
dirt poor, and so personally dysfunctional that they
are incapable of getting or holding a job and
remaining economically viable in a competitive

13. The majority of White nationalists are dishonest.
Lying is a routine practice in our world. Very few
White nationalists can be trusted with even small
amounts of money. The spreading of slanderous rumors,
petty theft of one another’s personal property, and
personal betrayal of every kind are standard practice,
the rule rather than the exception.

14. White nationalists have no loyalty to one another
or personal sense of honor.

15. White nationalists are bone-idle lazy and sloppy,
both in their personal habits and politically.

16. White nationalists crave, respect, and worship
money, because they have so little of it. Let’s be
honest, people. Give your typical White racist
something to lose, give him a $100,000 a year job, a
house in a nice suburb, and three cars in the garage
(one an SUV), and he would be OUTTA HERE. Give a White
nationalist a taste of wealth and in a heartbeat he
will be voting for President Bush, cheering on the
American invasion of every small country, hollering to
“reform” Social Security, and watching Fox News with
his slack jaw hanging down. It has to be said again:
the overwhelming majority of so-called White
nationalists are simply blue-collar conservatives who
have gotten the shaft from the system. If the need
ever arose, they could be bought, and bought cheaply.

17. A very large number of White Nationalists are
involved in the Movement because of their own personal
resentment at the crappy lives they have led. Granted,
sometimes it’s not their fault. In fact, a LOT of
times it genuinely isn’t their fault. But the fact is
that petty personal resentment simply isn’t a very
good political or revolutionary motivation, with the
result that Middle American Whites don’t make good

18. A very large percentage of White nationalists,
possibly the majority of them are, er, uh, how can we
put this? Sexually ODD in various ways.

19. A HUGE number of White nationalists, almost
certainly a majority, are closeted homosexuals. This
especially applies to the NSM and other costumed
“Nazi” groups. Homosexuals have always been so
predominant in White nationalism that in the past year
there has appeared a kind of “gay liberation movement
in the Movement” led by certain prominent White
“leaders” who have for all practical purposes come out
of the closet. It is a myth that gays are largely
left-wing and liberal in their politics. In fact there
is a lot about the claustrophobic and paranoid
closeted gay lifestyle that is similar to, and
attracts, strong rightist and racist elements.

20. The White nationalist movement is characterized by
personal and political failure, by mediocrity, by a
low level of intelligence, by personal and political
ignorance, by hypocrisy, by massive dishonesty, by
sexual perversion, by cowardice, by childishness, and
by an almost total lack of any kind of direction or
any kind of strategic plan.


It is an undeniable fact that the vast majority of all
White Americans believe in most of the basic
principles of White nationalism, and agree with the
general idea of White racial superiority, IF
(important proviso) these ideas are expressed gently,
subtly, and correctly without outward symbols and
appurtenances of violence and extremism. It is
entirely possible to slip White nationalism in under
the radar, so to speak, if it is done with a bare
minimum of psychological skill and subtlety.

above character defects, if an intelligent and
realistic strategic PLAN ever appears, and if a
collective leadership ever makes an appearance who are
willing to accept the above twenty points as a
real-life truth and correct these problems by
eliminating self-appointment, setting serious and high
moral and mental standards, and who dare to MAKE
DEMANDS of White nationalist personnel and dare to
swiftly and effectively sanction misbehavior and poor


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Israel to resist Bush pressure for freeze on
construction in settlement blocs
By Associated Press April 9, 2005

Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said settlement
expansions “need not be done with drums and cymbals,”
but made clear that the Israeli government had no
plans to reverse its plans to expand the Jerusalem
satellite city of Ma’aleh Adumim.

“Essentially Israel views the settlement blocs as
parts of Israel and therefore we stand by our opinion
on this matter and I would say that our opinion is
represented by most of the political streams in this
country,” he told Israel Radio.

“I’m sure that if this issue is brought up [by U.S.
President George W. Bush], [Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon] will make his position clear, which is that
the settlement blocs are a part of Israel. Between
friends you can agree to disagree,” Shalom said.

Bush said Friday he will tell Israeli Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon he should adhere to obligations of a
Mideast peace plan that calls for a construction
freeze on Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Bush and Sharon will meet Monday at the president’s
ranch in Crawford, Texas, quickening the pace of U.S.
involvement. The president will meet with Saudi Crown
Prince Abdullah at the ranch on April 25 and will see
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas when he visits the
United States next month, an administration official

Bush dampened speculation in Israel that he would
avoid raising the sensitive settlement issue with
Sharon. “What I say publicly, I say privately. And
that is (that) the road map (peace plan) has clear
obligations on settlements and that we expect the
prime minister to adhere to those road map
obligations.” The president made his comments to
reporters on Air Force One as he flew back to the
United States from Rome after the funeral of Pope John
Paul II.

The settlement issue is an area of dispute between
Washington and Jerusalem. Israel insists it has the
right to strengthen settlements, and plans to build
3,650 homes in the largest West Bank settlement,
Maaleh Adumim. The United States says settlement
expansion threatens peace with the Palestinians. The
planned Maaleh Adumim expansion is especially
contentious because it would link the settlement to
east Jerusalem, separating Arab neighborhoods of the
city from the rest of the West Bank.

Israel’s housing minister, Isaac Herzog, said in
Washington on Monday his government had no immediate
plans to go ahead with the new homes.

Bush and Sharon will meet a year after the prime
minister announced plans for withdrawal from the Gaza
Strip. Bush said he would talk with Sharon “about the
need to work with the Palestinian government,
President Abbas, to facilitate success, to enhance
success” as Israel turns the area over to the

“Success in the Gaza will make success on the West
Bank easier,” Bush said.

Bush has made the spread of democracy in the Mideast a
goal of his second term. He declined to criticize
Egypt and Saudi Arabia, major players in the Middle
East, for failing to move toward democracy.

The president said the United States’ own road toward
democracy was “a little bumpy” and that “we shouldn’t
try to impose our democracy on other nations.

“What we should say is, we’ll work with you to develop
a democracy which adapts to your own cultures and your
own religions and your own habits,” the president

He pointed to Iraq as a model for other countries but
cautioned against unrealistic expectations.

“There’s got to be a certain realism about how fast
things can possibly happen, given where different
nations have started from,” Bush said. “Now, I will
continue to press forward on encouraging democracy and
reform in every nation, because I believe that is the
ultimate strategy to defeat the terrorists.”

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres has sounded
out senior administration officials on U.S. support
for economic reconstruction of Gaza after the exodus
of the area’s 8,000 Jewish settlers next summer.

In meetings Thursday, Peres also raised with Vice
President Dick Cheney and Deputy Secretary of State
Robert Zoellick prospects for development of the
Galilee and Negev areas of Israel, an Israeli diplomat

The idea is to attract investments in order to raise
living standards for Israeli Jews and Arabs. As a
model, Israel is pointing to an economic zone that it
helped set up in Jordan, which has created 40,000 jobs
for Jordanians.


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Michelle :


A Bee obit caught my eye this morning,( right after I
saw one for a friend of my parents who passed away
from cancer) it was that of a rich (Jewish?) Rio
Americano student who apparently killed himself by a
tragic accident in an expensive new car for racing
given to him even before he graduated from high
school! Couldn’t the parents at least waited until
graduated,( so then at least he’d be alive today) ? At

least when I went to that high school that waiting for
graduation for a car you wanted was generally the
rule. Of course I think for young men, why not until
graduation from university, when they really are
somewhat more mature to understand how to drive?

Michael John Silver’s obit ironically points out some
problems with this new generation of spoiled young
people in culture who don’t learn the lessons of the
previous generations:”He was sitting at his desk with
his T.V on, stereo blasting, downloading music from
the internet, and talking on his cell phone. Somehow
he did them all at the same time”

But the problem here is that is all too typical for
this generation, rather than the exception. They get
whatever they want now, rather than understanding
working hard to get the rewards. Like Silver here,
they don’t even study to get accepted into a
university. It’s no wonder many more then ever also
attempt and succeed at suicide, as well as kill
themselves by auto accidents by their own fault.
However the educational system goes on telling the
kids like him that Hilter was polluting the minds of

Michelle Kunert


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Any of you nice people out there would like to help
this family as I do? Not only is it right, but, Our
Lord said that we are our brothers keepers. These
children are shot at every day, go hungry and do not
know what a normal childhood is.
Since I have 4 children in Nablus to take care of, I
can’t take on anymore. I have a letter from one of
the children and now waiting for it to be translated.
The pictures of them are beautiful and it makes me
feel like living since I found them via Ahmad. Please
help, I beg you. All it would take is some money that
you would spend on soda that will feed these children.

janet ny

From: “Ahmad Abouali” <>
To: Undisclosed-Recipient@,
Subject: Needy family in Nablus.
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 13:25:48 +0200

Hello Friends

There is a new added poor orphan family is found in
Nablus, it is a family of 6, a mother and five orphans
(all girls) the youngest is a twins of two girls,
2&1/2 years old, there father passed away last month
at the age of 42 due to cancer in the lungs.

Perhaps you do not know, but we have no welfare nor
social services to take care of, therefore, I am
appealing to you to seek if you know anyone willing to
foster this in need family. that would be great.
Anyway, a once shot donation to this specific family
is welcomed & appreciated.

Please contact me if you have any serious inquiry.

thanks and God bless

Ahmad Abouali
Home: +972-9-238-4514
Cell: +972-59-931-7511


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Adelaide Institute:




Well my last message resulted in annoyance from some
Germans whom I have communicated with for daring to
mention past atrocities committed against the German
people during W.W. 2. Maybe it’s because I also
mentioned that the world sorrows for an old Pope but
very little for those millions that suffered and died
in an unnecessary war called W.W.II. If the truth
offends them so be it. I recognize that the time is
now ending for those that survived and lived during
that harrowing time and remember.

However there will also come another day when out of
the ashes of that war the burning embers will spark
another conflict that will consume millions of lives
in a nuclear holocaust in but a few hours.

The simpletons can become annoyed at the infringement
on their preconceived notions of history but they
better wake up and really try to apprise the danger
and stop thinking that somehow they must forever
grovel in penance for events they had nothing to do

Germany paid a terrible price for seeking
rectification of the deadly Treaty of Versailles and
whether it was Chancellor Hitler or some other German
Chancellor the cycle of events would have been the
same. The world held the German people in contempt and
disdain and that was evident in the continued blockade
after W.W. 1, and the brutal French occupation of the
Rhineland that they always coveted.

The old Germans always understood this very well and
emphasized their understanding in their motto’s and
songs about “Die Wacht am Rhine.” I have said before
that had the Allies not feared the Russians there
would have been millions of Germans that would have
been starved to death under the Morganthau Plan. Today
the plan is to racially destroy Europe with massive
immigration and thus racially dilute the European
people in connsonance with the new world order. The
same process is going on in the U.S.

Now let me digress a bit. The Allies of W.W. 2,
believe the whole world belongs to them because of
commercial trade, stock exchanges, and bought
politicians, but nothing could be further from the
truth. The arrogant behavior of the west including the
bringing of N.A.T.O. to the Russian frontier and
interfering with former Russian areas of influence has
made an enemy of that country and will have far
reaching consequences. That will be quite evident with
the summer joint military maneuvers between Russia and

The fools cannot see what they have wrought. Nor can
they perceive the arrogance of their Mid East policies
designed to accommodate Israel and the petroleum
industry. Incidently the vaunted E.U. will last only
until the coming war for the Russians cannot nor will
they permit a united Europe that can threaten their

We cannot change history, but it should never be
forgotten because the world is at the threshold of
another conflict of unimaginable scope. If past
history was truly understood then it would not be
difficult to realize that all the signs of a coming
nuclear war are quite evident. Many will say that we
cannot live in perpetual fear and there is little that
can be done so lets all live in happy land till
armageddon arrives. My advice to the air heads would
be to plan a safe place for your loved ones.

Stock up on medications and food that is non
perishable. If possible buy a small farm or arrange a
community farm far from danger zones even if it’s used
as a summer camp for youth.

I truly hope that another war never comes because I
had and seen enough during W.W. 2. However I do
believe my hopes are in vain.

Now I know some will think I am just trying to
frighten a lot of good folk if that is so then I have
accomplished a worthy goal.

Regards to all.



From Peter Marshall –

Jew finds his jew-parroting, so successful in the
west, doesn’t work with these Chinese.

[FT: Baruch Goldstein attempts to gain sympathy with
Chinese using the Holocaust card and Bible for
justifying Israel’s landgrab, aggression against and
ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Read in particular
pages 6-8 where he breaks down and becomes unvicilized
in his language-use. The Christian weakness in
failing to stand up against Jews is evident here, with
the exception of Michael Hoffman whom Goldstein


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London Mayor continues anti-Israel line

Despite calling Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “a war
criminal who should be in prison,” London Mayor Ken
Livingstone told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that he
would agree to meet with him face-to-face should he
visit England.

“And I would express to him in a meeting exactly the
same views I have expressed in public,” he added.

That would include charges that Sharon “continues to
organize terror” by combating the current intifada,
that Israel is engaged in a campaign of ethnic
cleansing against the Palestinians similar to that of
the Serbs in Bosnia and that the government is trying
to frame Muslims for European anti-Semitism – all of
which were outlined in a column published Friday in
The Guardian.

On Monday, in a written response to questions from the
Post about that column, Livingstone not only
reiterated those claims but even went a step further,
saying that the Israeli government “threatens all of
us” by inspiring groups such as al-Qaida to attack the

“The threat is from the policies of the current
Israeli government, which in its abuse of the human
rights of the Palestinians, typified by the shocking
image of the wall being built around them, raises the
temperature of the Middle East to a boiling point –
thereby creating threats to all of us,” he wrote.
“This policy acts as a recruiting sergeant to
extremist groups such as al-Qaida who can pose as
supporters of the Palestinian cause.

“I want to see groups such as al-Qaida isolated and
defeated, which means to cut off anything that allows
them to bring their message into the mainstream,” he
added. “Only a just and lasting peace in the Middle
East, including peace between Israel and the
Palestinians, will bring long-term security.”

Before the Guardian column, Livingstone endured a
month of criticism for calling a Jewish reporter “a
concentration camp guard.”

Henry Grunwald, president of the Board of Deputies of
British Jews, led the call for the mayor to apologize
for the remark and accept it as anti-Semitic.
Livingstone has only done the opposite.

“He is a maverick figure who recognizes no control
other than his own prejudices,” Grunwald said.
Livingstone told the Post that he wrote about Israel
not to deflect attention from the charge of
anti-Semitism, but to disprove it.



Since everyone has a right to express his/her thoughts
on issues, well, I will express mine this evening with
a quote that was forwarded to me and the quote had the
name Werner Sombart underneath it. Don’t know who is
is, don’t know where he got the quote, really don’t

Today “Americanism is to a great extent distilled

Got my last two copies of Southern Events today. And
of course the Third Issue of 2004 is fromt the LOST

The Fourth Issue of 2004 had an article of Ronald
Perry, a minister in Alabama – anyone knows the fella
– I don’t with the title Christian Zionism and Jews.

Anyone has this article, please forward me the link.
Beside using scripture and taking verses totally out
of context it ends:

These Jew-haters typicaly are very mean-spirited,
bitter, argumentative, and arrogant, contrary to what
Paul commands in 2 Timothy 2:24-26 .

On the Scapegoating of My People, the Jews

by Lewis Regenstein

I am writing this as a proud descendant of a veterans
who fought for the Confederacy, in most all of the
major battles and engagements, including one ancestor
who fired the last shots, and gave his life, in
defense of Mobile, Alabama a few hours after General
Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

My maternal great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Moses,
from Sumter South Carolina, served in the armed forces
of his country, the Confederacy, loyally and
honourably, along with his four brothers, their uncle,
his three sons, and some two dozen other relatives and
family members.

One of the five Moses brothers, Joshua Lazarus Moses,
was commanding Culpeper’s Battery near Mobile on 9
April, 1865 when his unit was attacked and overrun by
a Union force outnumbering his 13 to one. He was shot
down while still standing by his guns, and was the
last Confederate Jew to die in combat. In this battle,
Fort Blakeley, the last major engagement of the War,
one of Josh’s brothers, Perry, was wounded; another
brother, Horace, was captured, barely surviving Yankee
captivity and returning home ‘a skeleton’ according to
his Mother.

Josh is buried in the Confederate Rest section of
Mobile’s Magnolia Cemetery, and on his monument are
inscribed the words, ‘He fired the last gun in defense
of Mobile. He fought for the Cause from its birth, and
refusing to surrender, gave his life, to die with it.’
I am proud to be a member of the Dixon-Lee-Moses SCV
camp in Mobile, named in part after Josh.

The fourth brother, Isaac Harby Moses, served with
distinction in Wade Hampton’s cavalry, riding home
after the battle of Bentonville, North Carolina where
he commanded his company, all the officers having been
killed or wounded, and never surrendering to anyone,
his Mother proudly observed in her memoirs.

The fifth brother, my great grandfather, at age
sixteen rode out to defend his hometown of Sumter as
part of a hastily formed local militia to defend
Sumter against Sherman’s rapidly approaching army,
which had just burned nearby Columbia, along with most
everything else of value in its path in its March to
the Sea from Atlanta. . Along with a few other
teenagers, invalids and wounded from the hospital, and
some old men, this rag-tag band was able to hold off
an experienced Union force, Potter’s Raiders, for an
hour and a half before being overrun by sheer force of
numbers and a huge advantage in arms and ammunition on
the part of the enemy.

I preface my letter with this foreword to establish
that while I claim no distinction for myself, I do
have some historical credentials to address myself to
the issue of our Southern Heritage. I would like
respectfully to comment specifically on the hate- and
lie-filled letter attacking ‘Jews’ that was recently
posted on this website by one Tyrone Crowley.
Criticizing a previously posted essay by Reinhard
Dearing, Crowley’s polemic is an insult to, among
others, the 3,500 to 5,000 Jewish Confederates who
served, and in many cases died for, the South.

This is a Cause Mr Crowley manifests a deep pride in,
but which his letter could do harm to, since it gives
ammunition to our enemies who delight in portraying
Southern heritage supporters as bigots and haters
instead of the decent people I believe most of us to

Crowley’s letter is so filled with falsehoods and
inaccuracies I hardly know where to begin; indeed,
space would not permit a point by point rebuttal. Mr
Larry Smith eloquently addressed some of these issues,
but I would like to further respond by mentioning a
few highlights – or should I say ‘lowlights’ — of
this document.

Let us begin with the most blatant falsehood cited by
Mr Crowley, the alleged ‘Franklin Prophesy,’
supposedly a speech by Benjamin Franklin, reflecting
the views of George Washington, urging that Jews be
expelled from our new nation, purportedly quoted in a
‘private diary’ of Charles Pinckney, said to be now in
the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

This well-known fabrication has been around for
decades, has been discredited numerous times, and even
the director of Franklin Institute has stated there is
no record of the diary ever having existed, or of
Franklin ever holding or expressing such sentiments.
Detailed refutations of this lie can be found on
several websites, which Mr Crowley could easily have
checked before repeating this well-known, bald faced
lie, which, to give him the benefit of the doubt, I
assume he repeated out of ignorance and carelessness
rather than intentionally passing on a falsehood.

Interestingly, in his footnote, Mr Crowley cites as
his source the Diary itself, a document that has never
been seen or found or ever existed. So much for his
scholarship and research.

If Mr Crowley is an honourable man, he will do some
research on this matter, and if he finds that his
allegation is indeed false, which is in reality
undeniable, he will issue a retraction out of respect
for the truth, his readers and his own integrity.

Perhaps Mr Crowley will actually find convincing
evidence of the diary’s existence or even the diary
itself. If he does, he will be the first person in
history to have done so. But otherwise, he should
admit his error on this matter and issue a correction.

But the most astonishing thing about Mr Crowley’s
letter is his discussion and apparent defense of the
Nazis. He seems offended by criticism of a statement
‘… suggesting that the Nazis should not have been
crushed,’ observing that ‘the proposition is not
unheard of…It is a debatable point that the US would
have been better off staying out of WWII…’

Apparently Mr Crowley is unaware of the fact that the
US DID stay out of World War II, until we were
attacked at Pearl Harbor – surely he heard of that, it
was in all the newspapers – after which we did declare
war on the Japanese. But the US still had no intention
of going to war against Germany until a few days
later, when Germany, unprovoked, declared war on us !

Therefore, I do not see how our country could have
stayed out of the war after Japan attacked us and
Germany declared war on us, and it is difficult to see
how this can be blamed on ‘the Jews’, which is
implicit in his discussion here, and is often alleged
by those who try to blame the world’s ills on Jews.

Mr Crowley goes on to defend the Nazis against other
‘assertions’ by Mr Dearing, and questions the well
known fact, cited by Mr Dearing, that the Nazis
‘murdered many Christians’ and ‘were occult minded
pagans.’ There have been books written about the many
Catholic priests and Protestant ministers and other
Christian leaders who were imprisoned and died in
Hitler’s concentration camps. How can someone not know

But one thing here IS clear: If Southern heritage
spokesmen are going to start defending the Nazis, this
is good news indeed for such of our enemies as the
NAACP and the SPLC.

Mr Crowley goes on to blame Hollywood Jews for ‘much
of the harmful, violent, and pornographic material’
that has so degraded our culture. I will sadly admit
he has a point here. But he fails to mention the many
Jews who have fought against the liberal cesspool of
Hollywood, including writer Ben Stein, reviewer
Michael Medved, Senator Joe Lieberman, Rabbi Daniel
Lapin and his conservative Jewish group ‘Towards
Tradition,’ and numerous other rabbis, as well as
members of the Orthodox Jewish community, who are
appalled at Hollywood’s degeneracy.

We Jews have a saying for a shameful thing done in
public – a shanda. To many of us, the filth and
violence put out by Hollywood is certainly a shanda,
and there are many Jews working to do something about
this shameful situation.

Perhaps Mr Crowley has never heard of these people and
their efforts, which would not be surprising, since
the liberal-dominated news media, except for Fox,
seldom allows them any coverage.

Mr Crowley implicitly impugns the patriotism of
American Jews by mentioning American traitor and spy
for Israel Jonathan Pollard, who I am pleased to note
is serving a life sentence for his inexcusable crimes,
after the success of the investigation and prosecution
team – composed in part of Jews — that nailed him. .
But I wonder why Mr Crowley did not mention any other
Jewish spies…Could it be because of the lack of other
Jewish traitors since WWII ? That is a fact – none of
the dozens of traitors who spied for the Soviet Union
and our other enemies during the Cold War, to the best
of my knowledge, were Jews, indeed, virtually all were
Christians. Should we condemn ‘the Christians’ for
this treachery?

There were of course several Jewish traitors during
World War II who spied for our then-ally the Soviet
Union. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were justifiably
executed for this immense crime, after being convicted
by a largely Jewish team of prosecutors, led by Irving
Saypol, and sentenced to death by a Jewish Judge,
Irving Kaufman.

Mr Crowley goes on to blame the US war in Iraq on such
‘neoconservatives’ as ‘Fromm, Perlmann, Wolfowitz.’ I
have never heard of these guys Fromm and Perlmann and
doubt they exist (perhaps he means former Defense
Department official Richard Perle, an ardent,
hard-line anti-Communist who helped bring down the
Soviet Union). But I do know Bush’s national security
team of Cheney, Colin Powell, Rumsfeld, and Condeleeza
Rice , who are the ranking officials in the
administration who made the decision to go to war,
none of them Jewish. Maybe it was all a ‘Christian

Mr Crowley makes passing reference to ‘the involvement
of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution,’ ignoring the
fact that when the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917,
only two political parties in the Russian Congress of
Deputies condemned the takeover – the Jewish Labor
Bund, and the heavily Jewish PSR (democratic socialist

Of course, there were prominent Jewish Bolsheviks
(another shanda! – but almost all of them were
murdered by Stalin, along with many members of the
Jewish community ). Even though Jews had been cruelly
persecuted by the Czar and his agents, and did not
mourn their passing, most Jews did not support the
communist regime.

Indeed, the Jewish people suffered greatly at the
hands of the communists; synagogues all over the
country were closed down or destroyed; the gulags were
full of Jews; many others were jailed, tortured,
murdered, including many heroes of the Great Patriotic
War against the Nazis; and virtually all Jews were
denied the right to worship and observe their

Crowley likes to pick out Jews as explanations for
practically every problem our nation has faced,
writing that ‘Jews are involved in so many of the
movements/incidents that are abhorrent to us and our
way of life…’

Is not having your children get polio ‘abhorrent’ to
Mr Crowley ? For this we can thank two Jewish doctors,
Jonas Salk and Alfred Sabin, and their largely Jewish
team of medical researchers.

Mr Crowley lists many shameful things prominent Jews
have done, but ignores the many valuable
contributions, too numerous to list here, that Jews
have made for America and for humanity, as attested to
by the hundreds of Nobel prizes Jewish doctors and
scientists have been awarded.

Let me end by quoting my ancestor Major Raphael Moses,
CSA, who was a top aide to General James Longstreet,
and is credited with carrying out the Last Order of
the Confederate Government. Moses was the uncle of the
five Moses brothers discussed above, and his three
sons also fought for the South. One of them, Albert
Moses Luria, was killed at the Battle of Seven Pines
in May, 1862 after performing several acts of amazing
heroism and valour, the first Confederate Jew to fall
in action.

Moses returned home to his plantation in Columbus,
Georgia after the War, financially ruined, even though
he had earlier pioneered the commercial growing of
peaches in Georgia, now known, in large part due to
his efforts, as ‘The Peach State.’.

Moses became active politically in opposition to the
local Reconstructionist regime in Georgia, calling its
leaders ‘…spies, carpetbaggers, a class of
politicians, men without character who came from the
North in swarms seeking whom they might devour.’

Moses was very proud of his Jewish heritage, and once
wrote to his grandson Stanford, one of ten members of
his family to enter the United States Naval Academy,
‘You can point to your ancestry and show the wisdom of
Solomon, the poetry of David, the music of Miriam, and
the courage of the Maccabees.’

At one point Moses was attacked by a political
opponent, W.O. Tuggle, for being a Jew. Moses’ famous
reply to his adversary, printed and republished
hundreds of times, is more eloquent than anything I
could write, so I offer excerpts from it here as the
final reply to Mr Crowley’s attack on my People:

Had I served you to the extent of my ability…and your
overburdened heart had sought relief in some
exhibition of unmeasured gratitude, had you a wealth
of gifts and selected from your abundance your richest
offering to lay at my feet, you could not have
honoured me more highly, nor distinguished me more
gratefully, than by proclaiming me a Jew. I am proud
of my lineage and my race; in your severest censure
you can not name an act of my life which dishonours
either, or which would mar the character of a
Christian gentleman.

I feel it to an honour to be one of a race whom
persecution can not crush; whom prejudice has in vain
endeavored to subdue… Your narrow and benighted mind,
pandering to [your] prejudices…, has attempted to
taunt me by calling me a Jew – one of that peculiar
people at whose alters, according to teachings of your
theological masters, God chose that his son should
worship. Strike out the nationality of Judea, and you
would seek in vain for Christ and his apostles.

Strike out of sacred history the teachings of the
Jews, and you would be as ignorant of God and the
soul’s immoral mission as you are of the duties and
amenities of social life.

I know of at least eight or nine members of my
Mother’s extended family who died fighting for the
South. They were loyal to their country and their
compatriots, and were killed defending their families,
their homes, their cities, and themselves from an
invading army that was trying to kill them and destroy
everything they held dear.

It is hard enough defending them, and our compatriots,
today, from the ignorant libels heaped on Confederates
and their proud descendants. The last thing our
movement needs are expressions of bigotry that divide
our compatriots and help our critics attack the
heritage which we so greatly value.

Some of the best defenses of Southern Heritage and the
valour of its soldiers have been recent books by
Jewish authors: Robert Rosen’s The Jewish
Confederates, and Mel Young’s Last Order of the Lost
Cause (about Raphael Moses and his family) and Where
they Lie, the story of Jewish soldiers who fought in
the War.

Those of us who cherish our Southern Heritage do have
real enemies out there. We should concentrate on
fighting them instead of engaging in a civil war among
ourselves that can only bring us ruin.

Mr Lewis Regenstein, a Native Atlantan, is a member of
the Dixon-Lee-Moses SCV camp in Mobile, and writes
frequently on the Confederacy, for which nearly three
dozen members of his extended family fought. His email


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Fw: Haaretz – Israel News – Israel to dump 10,000 tons
of garbage a mont

In a message dated 4/5/05 10:50:16 A.M. Eastern
Daylight Time, writes:
Poor and innocent Israel
So poor, that their hands are always out to the
American taxpayer.

It would be difficult to find any other nation, Arab
or whatever, that continually commits as many human
rights violations, and International Law violations,
or U.N. Resolution violations as Israel. But even
more remarkable is that this same nation who commits
all these violations is being subsidized by the
American taxpayer of more than $15 million a day,
every day, every year, for the past 35 years. And
when the Israelis disguise themselves as performing a
good deed, it’s always the American taxpayer who has
to pay for it. The state of Israel can truly be
described as a gigantic, swollen parasite fastened on
the American people. This is the latest example.
04/05: AOL News: Israel’s Peres Seeks Aid for Gaza

Israel’s Peres Seeks Aid for Gaza Pullout

.c The Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AP) – Vice Premier Shimon Peres said
Tuesday he is going to Washington to seek U.S.
financial aid for Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza

Peres told Israel’s Army Radio he will meet Vice
President Dick Cheney and other administration
officials and ask them to assist with the withdrawal
from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements.

Peres, who leaves for the United States late Tuesday,
refused to say how much money Israel is seeking. He
did say the money would also be used to develop the
Galil and Negev Desert. Israel wants to relocate
Jewish settlers slated for evacuation to these areas
and is offering extra compensation to those who agree
to move to the peripheral regions.

One official close to the Bush administration said
officials in Washington estimated Israel would request
$500 million in aid.

Israel has budgeted about $1 billion for the pullout.

But the withdrawal could cost a great deal more once
Israel finishes compensating the 9,000 evacuated
settlers, moves its military installations and
completes construction of the new fences and
surveillance equipment it is putting along its border
with Gaza, a government official said on condition of


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For our German readers




Bewährungsstrafen für Münchner Neonazis

Fünf Rechtsextremisten um den Neonazi Martin Wiese
sind heute wegen eines geplanten Bombenanschlags auf
das neue Münchner Jüdische Zentrum verurteilt worden.
Das Gericht verhängte gegen die Angeklagten der
“Kameradschaft Süd” Bewährungsstrafen zwischen einem
Jahr und vier Monaten sowie einem Jahr und zehn

München – Das Urteil wurde heute vom Bayerischen
Obersten Landesgericht nach sechsmonatigem Prozess in
München verkündet. Die drei Frauen und zwei Männer im
Alter von 18 bis 38 Jahren haben sich nach Überzeugung
des Gerichts der Mitgliedschaft in einer
terroristischen Vereinigung beziehungsweise deren
Unterstützung schuldig gemacht. Einer der
Angeklagten wurde wegen illegaler Beschaffung von
Sprengstoff und Waffenbesitzes verurteilt.

Nach Auffassung der Bundesanwaltschaft gehörten vier
von ihnen dem inneren Führungszirkel der von Wiese
geleiteten “Kameradschaft Süd” an, der fünfte
Angeklagte aus Brandenburg unterstützte die Gruppe.
Ziel des inneren Zirkels war laut Bundesanwaltschaft
ein Regime nach nationalsozialistischem Vorbild. Die
so genannte Schutzgruppe operierte konspirativ mit
Decknamen und Codes. Der Angeklagte Andreas J. wurde
wegen illegaler Beschaffung von Sprengstoff und
Waffenbesitzes verurteilt.

Bei dem Prozess ging es um einen geplanten
Bombenanschlag auf die Grundsteinlegung für das
Jüdische Zentrum am 9. November 2003. Der Prozess
hatte unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit
stattgefunden, weil drei der fünf Angeklagten zwischen
18 und 38 Jahren zur Tatzeit noch minderjährig waren.
Die Beschuldigten hatten vor Gericht die
Anschlagspläne eingeräumt, aber den Terrorvorwurf
zurückgewiesen. Die 23-jährige Jessica F. hatte
umfassende Angaben über Struktur und Vorgehensweise
der Neonazi-Gruppe gemacht.

Die Bewährungsstrafen im Einzelnen:

– Monika S., Auszubildende, 18 Jahre: 18 Monate

– Ramona Sch., Schülerin, 20 Jahre: 22 Monate

– Jessica F., Auszubildende, 23 Jahre: 18 Monate

– Thomas S., Schüler, 19 Jahre: 16 Monate

– Andreas J., arbeitsloser Forstarbeiter, 38 Jahre: 18

Gegen den mutmaßlichen Rädelsführer Martin Wiese und
drei enge Vertraute läuft ein Parallelverfahren. Wann
das Urteil gegen ihn gesprochen wird, ist noch offen.
Der 29-jährige Neonazi war laut Anklage Anführer der
“Kameradschaft Süd”, die sich ein Regime nach
NS-Vorbild zum Ziel gesetzt habe. Am 9. November, dem
Jahrestag der Reichspogromnacht, wollten die Neonazis
bei der Grundsteinlegung in der Münchner Innenstadt
eine Bombe hochgehen lassen. Dabei sollen sie den Tod
von Menschen in Kauf genommen haben. Die Polizei
konnte den Anschlag verhindern.


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