Patriot Letter. Dated 4/3/05.

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[NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all the things written by Walther F. Mueller; I merely archive this newsletter because it does contain interesting bits worth saving.]


Dear Fellow Patriot!


Zundel In Germany:

For Zundel updates please visit the above website!

To submit news, information, etc. about Ernst Zundel,
please e-mail



Dear Walter and Hans,

In the Name of the Triune God and our Risen Savior
Christ Jesus.

Leah and I send you our heartfelt condolences upon the
death of Pope John Paul II. We pray that God will
bless you, your family and our Christian Church during
this time of sorrow and trial.

May the words of St. Paul to the Church at
Thessalonica be ever present in our memory:

But we don’t want you to be ignorant, brothers,
concerning those who have fallen asleep, so that you
don’t grieve like the rest, who have no hope. 1
Thessalonians 4:13

Archer and Leah Frey



Pope John Paul II has died at 84. As you gather from
this nice and respectful letter above, I am Roman
Catholic and yes, we are mourning the death of his
holiness. The respect for the highest office in the
world certainly plays a role. I did not agree with
everything of the late Pontiff’s work. His apologies
to the Jews and his liberal policies are certainly not
something I have endorsed.

If I can say this without being disrespectful. By the
very nature of the “job”, his holiness John Paul II
was still a source of good. Remember, the Pope has no
army to command, therefore no military power. Only the
word that comes from God.

It’s an awesome power to wield and a huge
responsibility. In his holiness’ era, the Catholic
Church went through “hell.” Especially in the US, the
hatred against Roman Catholics had taken its toll.

I personally never understood it. The Roman Catholic
Church, with all of its faults, is still the one that
has helped the most. It even supported the Third

Despite all the scandals, I personally think that the
Catholic leaders are still gold compared to the “bible
beaters” in America. The so-called “Christian
Movement” in the US is just as riddled with scandal,
even more than those of the Catholics.

However, while the Jews have targeted all Christians,
they singled out the Roman Catholics. Sort of a
payback for Germany.

His Holiness Pope John Paul II had to withstand a
storm of criticism and hateful accusations.
Nevertheless, for more than 25 years he was Peter, The

The Pontiff died early this afternoon, and already the
“Pope Experts” have been released upon the public. I
say, if anyone wants to know the process of selecting
a new Pope, rent the movie “In the Shoes of the
Fisherman”, no one can explain it better.

As it wasn’t enough to see all the nasty commentaries,
even though the Pontiff hasn’t been buried yet, the
white nationalist movements websites stand out with
their tasteless and hateful RIP’s. It is no secret
that the white supremacists are highly anti-Christians
and ardent Catholic haters.

Conspiracy theories are floating like a swarm of
mosquito eggs in old water. Who will be the next Pope?
“It could be a Nigger, a Jew, or a Spic.”

This is the usual lunatic blabber of a movement that
has no direction and no plans. It is like with the
history of Adolf Hitler. You give them a serious
question and you’ll never get the answer.

The selection of a new Pontiff is done in secret and
by the cardinals. Whoever will be elected does not
constitute any danger to the political world of
anyone. Just take a look at the “job description”.
Love and peace for all!

Almost all of Europe is mourning, and I am sure there
are many who did not agree with his Holiness Pope John
Paul II, however, respect and tradition demands the
kind of behavior we see in Europe this evening. After
all, it is still the civilized part of the world.

Like it or not, Americans have no respect for
anything. Not even for themselves. Yes, I am deeply
saddened by the death of the Pontiff, not for the man
he was, but for the belief he represented.



Careful Walter.  Some of these people may be Zionists
plants. They overdo the “race ” bit!



This short letter from Gavin gives me the opportunity
to clarify. Yes, he has a point, however, it is the
responsibility of website owners to remove the nasty
comments that are posted on it. If not, then they
agree with it. It does not matter where they come
from.  In that spirit, here are a couple more of these
white supremacists in their own words. And, by the
way, I take them down directly from their websites:


Hey all

Although I’m not from your country, I kinda know what
it is like there, and we have similar problems here in
Australia. Here we have native Australians, called
aboriginals, which are the blackest, ugliest forms of
human shit you ever thought possible. “Nigger, I hate
your face, don’t try and mess with the master race.”

White Pride



Fuck that!!  I refuse to live alongside the piccananny
or whatever they used to call those red-ass babboons.
Let the liberal cowards hang with the niggers.






A photograph of the original pledge of allegiance to
the flag of the USA was banned in a sale on Ebay.  As
explanation for the ban of America’s heritage, Ebay
cited it’s policy against items related to Nazism.
The eye-popping photo and the Ebay letter are at

Questions raised by Ebay’s actions include the
following (and any answers are not clear from Ebay’s

Is Ebay acknowledging that the USA’s original pledge
of allegiance (which used a straight-arm salute) was
the origin of the Nazi salute?  That historic
discovery was exposed by the historian Rex Curry at     Additional
eye-popping photos are at

Does Ebay believe that historic photographs of
America’s original pledge violate laws in countries
that ban Nazi depictions? (Selling or displaying
Nazi artifacts is illegal in France. Germany is
similar. In other words, is the U.S. pledge a Nazi
artifact? Is it illegal to display / sell historic
photographs of the original USA pledge in France
and/or Germany?)




P.O. Box 14491
Scottsdale, AZ  85267
FAX 480 947 3329

The Meteoric Rise and Planned Decline of Propagated
Truth via E-mail
Charles E. Carlson

Yes, someone is curtailing free speech over the
Internet, especially directed e-mail, and there is a
reason?  Who plans it and why will be saved for later.
Most readers don’t know the Internet is being
curtailed, and many think it needs to be controlled,
but you will not like what you are about to learn.
Indeed your writer is also an unwilling sorter of
unwanted trash ads and pop-up irritants.  But these
are 95% commercial ads and have nothing to do with
propagation of unheralded news, editorials, and
Pharisee Watch, which are by our plan propagated by

This is our latest tale of our own long and true
experience of being mugged over and over again by
those with whom we do business.  It is the latest of
seven or eight unpleasant and costly incidents that
have threatened us and restricted us over the last
four years when we set ourselves on this course of
communication.  You should know that this message
is going out to only 3% of our normal mailing list.
We are 97% crippled by the events we are about to
share with you.  Others with valuable messages do not
even try to do E-mailing like we do, having long since

given up. Were it not for organized interference,
Pharisee Watch would be reaching millions every week.
We are not about to quit, there is too much at stake.
But we must have help.

Strait Gate Ministries which does our mailing, has
received many letters that have stating words to the

how I got on your list, but your message should go out
all over the world; keep it up.”

Of course, we get many more who say “TAKE ME OFF THIS
LIST.”   And we do so, that is the law.

But our purpose is to reach around the globe with the
PHARISEE WATCH message.  But we are not free to do so,
unless we can afford the cost, which is many times
higher than it should be because of deliberate
interference and defamation.  There are powerful and
rich organizations that want Internet communications
controlled…controlled by themselves, of course.

To give you a glimmer of understanding of how this
Internet control network works we are, for the first
time, sharing a real “demand” letter we have just sent
to our latest high speed (DSL) Internet Service
Provider who provided commercial service to us under a
formal written contract at a cost of $150.00 per
month, until one week ago.  We have masked the real
names only because this letter may end up as evidence
in court:

March 26, 2005
(Company Name) Internet Services, L.L.C.

Dear Mr. CEO:

You have now returned our check dated March 18, 2005,
for $150.00, marked “void”.  You have discontinued our
commercial Internet service in violation of your own
written contract. We pay five fold the cost of
household DSL service, to have commercial service with
a fixed IP and a written contract.  We have not
violated that contract, you have.  Again I ask you to
please restore our service and honor our contract.  If
you will not do that, please promptly provide every
E-mail and other communications you have received
about Strait Gate Ministry, and specifically including
each and every E-mail complaint about us, with full

On Monday, March 21, about 11:00 AM, Mr. B. called to
tell us your decision had been made to restore my DSL
service, that service having been interrupted a few
days earlier.  He requested that I agree to run an
“opt in list only.”  I declined, stating that we would
remain legal at all times.  Mr. B. agreed to restore
service anyway, but he warned me that Your Company
Internet could not afford to be placed on a spam
listing, or words to that effect. In a previous call,
Mr. B. told me words to the effect that Your Company
Internet cannot go by the legal definition of “spam”
in dealing with us, its customer, because its industry
would not tolerate it doing so. This means someone
else is forcing you to restrict our legal, free

Next, on Thursday, March 23, at about 10:00 AM, Mr. B.
called to tell me he had again “closed Port 25” on our
DSL service.  He stated Strait Gate’s server had again
been “spam listed” by (A certain Anti-spam vigilante
organization) after mail was sent on the evening (22
March).   He also stated he had again received
complaints.  Mr. B. stated he is returning our check
($150.00) for the current month’s rental and that we
are invited to use the Webmail for a “couple of weeks”
while we find someone else for DSL service.

Previously, on Thursday, March 17th at about 3:00 PM,
Mr. B called the undersigned to tell me he had “closed
our DSL service.  When asked “why” he said “because
you are a spammer.”  When asked to explain, Mr. B.
replied, “Before you ask me to define “spam,” let me
tell you spam at Your Company Internet is what I say
it is.”

I appreciate Mr. B’s courteous manner in his recent
call, but this does not solve our issue, and does not
comply with our contract that requires 30 days
cancellation notice by either party, and we do not
want to move our services to another provider, we
chose your company for a reason.

Mr. B’s suggestion that we “find another provider” is
also useless unless we can remove the complainers from
our list.  They will simply stalk us from one provider
to another, embedded in our list, and protected by
Your Company.  Our mailing list is clean, it was last
updated to exclude all known complainers and remove
requests through March 22, 2005.
But the professional complainers who are hiding out in
our list will repeat their complaints to the new
provider.  Nor can we take legal Action against them
until you disclose who they are.  We are your client,
they are not; we have a right to know who is
interfering with us and defaming us.  If you will not
tell us you are protecting them, and you are as
guilty as they are.

(A certain Anti-spam vigilante organization) who you
have mentioned, is unreachable, operating out of a
foreign country. But both you and I fall under US
jurisdiction. “Spam” is codified in Federal Law as of
January 1, 2004. (see footnote)  All providers of
Internet service are responsible to know what is in
the Can Spam Act.  All of our E-mail sent through Your
Company Internet was legal under that Federal Law.  I
continue to invite anyone who thinks we are violating
the law to make a complaint to the US Attorney

As for your industry problem that Mr. B. has referred
to, you will have to face it sooner or later. Your
free speech is also in jeopardy. The big backbone
providers like Qwest, AOL, MCI, need to be told by the

ISPS, like yours, that you will not tolerate being
blacklisted because you do business with clients who,
like us, are not breaking the law.  Big industry
subscribers to (A certain Anti-spam vigilante
organization) list should be held responsible for any
damage caused by its deliberate false representations
that go beyond US law, defaming people for profit.

(Rest of letter withheld.)
Charles E. Carlson

If you want to learn more about the law of the
Internet, here are two sites to visit to explain the
Can Spam Act plus some of our prior experiences with
anti-spam vigilantes. (scroll down)

Can Spam Act:

We Hold These Truths’ advisors are being asked to
decide it we need an audience in “Caesar’s Court” as
the Apostle Paul did.  Will you help us?  It is your
freedom too, if we do nothing, we will soon be
nothing.  Internet communications will soon go the way
of celebrity “Christian” airwaves.  A little free
speech will be tolerated, just enough to be noticed,
but never enough to do much good. Soon E-mail
broadcasting will be reserved for a selected few with
establishment’s acceptable views.

We Hold These Truths cannot succeed sending our
message to 3% of our potential.  We must propagate our
Pharisee Watch selectively to a million people a week,
or more.  Then change is possible.

How can you help us reach a million people a week?
Call and ask us or sent an e-mail with your phone
number.  I am sure you also know your check or credit
card donation would be most helpful.  We Hold These
Truths has yet to pay our first legal bill.  In the
future we may have to pay lawyers to protect us. If
you want to help, send contributions to Strait Gate

Have you had trouble with the credit card functions on
our Bookpage, please try again, we think we fixed the
problem and your credit card should ACCEPT ALL CREDIT
CARD IN ALL COUNTRIES. Check out our new specials.





“There has been a lot of activity involving security
certificates in the past month. Holocaust denier Ernst
Zundel — not among the five men for whose families
the fundraiser is being held — was removed to Germany

under the procedure.”

‘Kafkaesque’ trails decried

Pinsent, Macdonld among those raising money for
families of alleged terrorists


Saturday, April 2, 2005 Page R2

On Monday night, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Gordon Pinsent
and others will take to a downtown Toronto venue and
read selections from Franz Kafka’s The Trial to raise
money for the families of five alleged terrorists.

By doing so, these crusaders of Canadian culture will
draw a direct parallel between the process used to
deport the accused men and the 1925 book chronicling
the ordeals of the guiltless Josef K., who in The
Trial is arrested, interrogated and finally executed
for an alleged crime that is never revealed to him.

The Trial helped establish “Kafkaesque” as a synonym
for impenetrably oppressive and nightmarish — and
critics have applied the term many times in relation
to Canada’s controversial security-certificate
process. “There’s no trial, no evidence; they are
there at the minister’s pleasure. Their families,
meanwhile, are abandoned and living in limbo,” said
MacDonald in an interview. “There’s a very good
argument that says that’s against Canadian law, that
they are being detained illegally, and the security
certificate is a bit of a boondoggle. And that’s

The planned reading, at the Lula Lounge on Dundas
Street at 7:30 p.m., follows on the heels of similar
rallies in Quebec, where filmmaker Denys Arcand and
others have rallied against security certificates.
Despite the criticisms, security certificates are more
complex tools than often described. The legal rocedure
in question has existed since the late 1980s, but has
drawn ire as critics have come to see it as part of
the excesses of the U.S.-led war on terror.

Trials do happen: In fact, the processes tend to be
marked by lengthy legal hearings before Canadian
judges, who have always upheld the process as
constitutional. Suspects, who are all non-citizens
whom the government wants to deport, do get summaries
of the evidence disclosed to them. They never learn
the full extent of the allegations, however, as they
are blocked out in the name of national security,
leaving their lawyers to complain they are essentially
fighting in the dark.

There has been a lot of activity involving security
certificates in the past month. Holocaust denier Ernst
Zundel — not among the five men for whose families
the fundraiser is being held — was removed to Germany

under the procedure. In Ottawa, a Federal Court judge
ruled that Algerian Mohamed Harkat lied about his
connections to top al-Qaeda figures, and is a
deportable threat. Another suspect got a temporary
reprieve when a judge told Ottawa to better consider
the welfare of the six children of Mahmoud Jaballah, a
man CSIS alleges has links to Islamic extremists,
before sending him back to Egypt.

The other men deemed security threats to Canada
include an Egyptian who once operated a farm for Osama
bin Laden; a Syrian who says he trained in
Afghanistan; and a recently freed-on-bail Moroccan who
the government alleges trained as a terrorist.

All of the men entered Canada as refugee claimants,
and the government contends they should not have
glossed over checkered pasts to gain a toehold in
Canada. Deporting has been tricky, however. Each man
has complained that he might be tortured if sent back
home. Each of the men has spent two to five years in
Canadian jails.

Whether Kafkaesque is the suitable term for what the
men have gone through, less controversial is the
raising of funds for the families. Wives of the jailed
Muslim men have testified about having to save up to
visit their husbands in jail. Young children of the
suspects have complained of growing up never being
hugged by their fathers.

MacDonald said she was largely motivated to take part
in the reading by the case of Maher Arar, the Canadian
citizen deported by the U.S. to his native Syria. Arar
says Canadian agencies leaked intelligence about him
to the U.S., resulting in his spending a year in a
Syrian jail, where he says he was tortured. “The
poster issue is Arar, but the larger issue is
the secret security certificates whereby five men have
been held for a total of 188 months,” said MacDonald.

She said the artists don’t buy arguments that
information can’t be divulged for reasons of national
security: “It’s a way of hiding incompetence,
disorganization and a lot of toadying to the
Americans. I don’t think that there is never a time
when . . . it is a matter of genuine security, but I
am skeptical about it.”

She added: “I say, let’s have a trial, let’s do
something out in the open. If they deserve
deportation, let’s get rid of them, but let’s know
why we are doing that, and have it be a matter of
public record.”



William Henry Harris:


Tsar Vladimir has invited the leaders of the West
to Moscow on May 7 & 8…

Watch those dates !!

May 7 is the 5 year anniversary of Tsar Vladimir’s
coronation … er.. inauguration

Subject: Neo Cons and the Israel Lobby in US declares
War on Putin

Neo Cons and the Israel Lobby in US declares War on

I would like to start by reminding you what World
Jewry did back in 1933. On March 24th. of that year,
they declared war on Germany. Then on March 25, 1933
the American newspaper, The Baltimore Sun, ran an
anti-German article. The New York Times followed with
an article on March 26, 1933, stating that Hitler
attacked over half a million Jews in Germany. During a
demonstration in Madison Square Garden, in New York
City, Stephen S Weis, the chief rabbi of New York,
repeated the Jewish war declaration on March 27 1933.
SIX years later Germany was caught up in a war for her

Now, over the last five years, Jews and their lackeys
have launched upon Russia’s Putin. To sum up these
attacks, and in order to get into the seriousness of
what is happening, I ask you to reread an article I
wrote earlier last year: WHEN WILL THEY LURE RUSSIA
INTO THEIR WAR? You can find it on the link here:

Part of this article I have based on works by Michael
Collins Piper, author of Final Judgment and The High
Priests of War, by Joe Vialls Correspondent for
American Free Press.

The following article resembles what happened in the
world after Judea had declared war on Germany in 1933.
Therefore, I will focus on what the neo-cons and the
Israel lobby in US have done to prepare themselves for
the oncoming war.

US Neo Cons attacking Premier Putin:

America’s neo-conservative elite, with their
collaborators in the pro-Israel lobby in Washington,
have launched their opening guns against Russian
Premier Vladimir Putin. Although it hasn’t been
reported widely in the America mass media, Senators
John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), two
of Israeli’s leading congressional stalwarts,
introduced a resolution in the Senate this past
February 19th, condemning Putin and urging President
Bush to push for suspending Russia’s membership in the
G-8 group of industrial nations.

Why should Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Joe
Lieberman (D-Conn.) be concerned about democracy in
Russia? It can be easily be understood when the names
of Wladimir Gussinski, Boris Beresowoski,
Chodorkowskij, Ahbrahamiwsh and Lebed are mentioned;
the last two are the latest Jews who have tried to rob
Russia of her natural resources. Others tried to steal
many Russian newspapers during the period when Jelsin
was president. To hinder Jews from taking what belongs
to the ‘goijm’ is enough for the Oberjuden to
encourage a war on a country or its president.

Senator Lieberman, latching onto the U.S. president’s
emphatic declaration in his January 20, 2005 inaugural
address for a new global campaign to promote
“democracy” announced that “Premier Putin’s assault on
democracy in Russia violates the spirit of the
industrialized democracies and Russia’s obligations to
Group Eight. “We must openly confront anti-democratic
backsliding in Russia for the sake of all those who
look to the United States as a beacon for freedom.” He

Premier Putin jailed a few leading Russian Jews for
the corruption and theft of Russian national
resources. As a polite man Putin has not openly asked
leading US Jews to stay out of Russian politics. Over
the last years George Soros has pumped millions of US$
into “democratic” organizations in Russia, hoping it
will start a revolution there like the one which
recently led to a political earthquake in Ukraine.
However, the Russian nationals are sure the Jewish
attacks on their country will fail. (Die Welt, 16.02,
2005). The Jewish media describe Soros as a
philanthropist; But then, since I am not a Jew,
mingling in other nation’s politics is not exactly
what I understand as ‘philanthropy’.

President Bush Jr’s February 2005 trip to Europe

The American media did not uncover the real reason for
the President’s trip. “We, the people”, may probably
learn bits of the truth in the months or years to
come. One thing certain is that, the US, UK and Israel
need Europe to “help” the coalition in Iraq. The US
led forces have not been able to bring down the Iraqi
resistance, neither have they been able to get
sufficient economic backing to keep on fighting the
carious Iraqi freedoms fighters. However one question
has been solved: Iraq no longer is a danger to Israel,
however, President Bush Jr will bring up problems
concerning Israel and World Jewry.

European countries will help train Iraqi police; some
training will take part in Europe, while the rest will
be carried our in countries close to Iraq. What kind
of training will be done only the people close to the
negotiations know. We will learn what the training has
taught when the new Iraqi police start attacking their
own people.

Another problem dwelled on by President Bush Jr is the
claim that Iran is building factories that will enable
them to build nuclear bombs. According to Bush the
energy needed to produce such bombs and the plutonium
needed are coming from reactors delivered by Russia.
Questions related to the nuclear reactor have been on
Israel’s agenda for some time. The politicians on
Israel’s payroll around the world have been focusing
on this topic for the last 12 months. All this time
Iran has said: “We are building an ordinary reactor to
support Iran with energy.” Russia has said that the
reactor is a conventional one. Although European
countries want to negotiate with Iran to give up
building nuclear weapons, they have not shown any
interest in attacking Iran.

Also, President Bush Jr told European Union( EU) to
allow Ukraine to become a member, which the new
president is considering in future years, however,
Ukraine will become a member of NATO sometime this
year which will enable US to use Ukraine support in
case US and the Zionist decide to start a war on

President Bush Jr has accused Russia of not pushing
for democracy. A problem the President will discuss
with Premier Putin in Bratislava. To this claim
Premier Putin has already answered: “Russia’s
democracy is Russia’s problem to solve, and we are
solving it!” Such an answer is not what the Zionists
want, they want Russia to give back the power over its
natural resources to the Jews that stole it, and which
Putin has taken back. Whatever Premier Putin says to
President Bush Jr will not be the answers world Jewry
want, and will try to lure Russia into a war.

Zionists need a continuation of WWIII

In order to strengthen their hold over the western
world Zionists need the ongoing WWIII to be followed
up with battles close to Russian boarders. Unless they
can engage Russia into their war, Russia might soon be
able to build up her military strength to withstand an
attack when it comes.

This is what Jewry did to Germany in the1930s –
Germany wanted peace, but Jewry used their power to
bring the war to Germany. But with Russia the problem
is larger and more difficult then it was with the
Germans. Russia already has nuclear bombs and in case
of an attack, it will be willing to use her nuclear

This fact is one of the reasons why the American
Administration recently sent Secretary of State
Condolezza Rice on a friendship tour to Europe to find
out which nations would help the Zionists should they
attack Russia. It appears that Secretary of State Rice
did not succeed in her tasks, since President Bush Jr
decided on his own tour around Europe

Russia is preparing herself

Over the years, the leadership in Russia has been
preparing for attacks from the west. Their scientist
have been developing new missiles that can fly below
the radars and can carry heavier loads. They have
arranged naval exercises with China; and is helping
friendly countries to withstand Zionist aggressions.

Russia also strengthen her relations with India.
Indian companies have been allowed to buy into one of
Russia’s gas companies. Furthermore, Russia has
invested money in a telecommunication company in
India. Is India willing to back Russia in a global
war? What we do know is that India for many centuries
suffered under Jewish pressure when she was a part of
the British Commonwealth.

Iran has strengthen her ties to Russia and China by
increasing her oil export to China, and by buying
nuclear engineering from Russia. Should the Zionists
succeed in bringing EU in attacking Russia, Russia
will cut off EU’s oil delivery. In order to have
sufficient oil, the US can get it from Iraq, which is
now in their possession, but they needed a war to get
it. There should have been an easier way.

Zionist propaganda

Zionists know Russia will not be an easy pick, which
is why they need Europe’s help. In order to get this
aide, they have the media available to plant lies
about Russia pointing some of her missiles on Israel.
To realize the stupidity in such an allegation one
only needs to look at the map of the Middle East. A
nuclear bomb hitting Israel would render Palestine
useless for the Palestinians – and Russia would not do
so unless as a last resort.

Scaring off Israel’s neighbors

In order to show Israel’s neighbors what will happen
should they decide to join in with Russia – Mossad had
Lebanon’s former prime minister Rafik Hariri killed on
February 14, 2005. Every political leader in the
region got the message that the same would happen to
them should they choose to back Russia.

It was not Syria, or any group it may have supported,
that planted the bomb which killed Rafik Hariri. Why
should they? Hizbollah had all the power it needed in
Lebanon. They did not have to kill an ex-premier. But
Israel needed to send a message to her neighbors—and
killing a former premier was a good way to get it to
them. A set back from the murder of former premier
Rafik Hariri is that Lebanon said “NO” to hosting a
conference on Holocaust revision. If anyone believes
that Hizbollah was behind the bomb in Lebanon, ask why
was the conference stopped?

In the face of Chutzpah , Jewish audacity and outright
lies, resistance must be a national duty.

Heil og sael













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