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By Walter F. Mueller

New York Time columnist Nicholas D. Kristof wrote the
following piece, and it was distributed to all major
newspapers in the country. This morning, over a
million readers of The Sacramento Bee got yet another
glimpse into the “hate community.” Back to Matt Hale
it is:


Homegrown Osamas


Before the “Rev. Dr.” Matt Hale, the white racist
leader, was arrested for seeking the murder of a
federal judge, and long before the judge returned home
last week to find her husband and mother murdered, I
had lunch with him.

Mr. Hale, who is smart, articulate and malignant,
ranted about “race betrayers” as he picked at his
fruit salad: “Interracial marriage is against nature.
It’s a form of bestiality.”

“Oh?” I replied. “Incidentally, my wife is

There was an awkward silence.

Mr. Hale was convicted last year of soliciting the
murder of Federal District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow.
Now the police are investigating whether there is any
link between Mr. Hale or his followers and the
murders. Some white supremacists celebrated the
killings, but Mr. Hale has strongly denied any

The possibility that extremists carried out the
murders for revenge or intimidation sends a chill
through our judicial system, because it would then
constitute an assault on our judiciary itself.
Throughout U.S. history, only three federal judges
have been murdered, but all three murders occurred
after 1978 and all at their homes.

Threats to federal judges and prosecutors have
increased sharply since they began to be tabulated 25
years ago, but the attack on Judge Lefkow’s family, if
it was related to her work, would take such threats to
a new level. Who would want to be a judge if that
risked the lives of loved ones?

Whatever the circumstances of those murders, Mr. Hale
provides a scary window into a niche of America that
few of us know much about. Since 9/11, we’ve focused
almost exclusively on the risk of terrorism from
Muslim foreigners, but we have plenty of potential
homegrown Osamas.

I interviewed Mr. Hale in 2002 because I had heard
that he was becoming a key figure in America’s hate
community, recruiting followers with a savvy high-tech
marketing machine. Over lunch in East Peoria, Ill., he
described how as a schoolboy he had become a racist
after seeing white girls kissing black boys.

“I felt nauseous,” he told me earnestly.

Mr. Hale said attacks on race-betrayers and “mud
people” were understandable but a waste of time.
“Suppose someone goes out and kills 10 blacks
tonight,” he said, shrugging. “Well, there are
millions more.”

What troubled me most about Mr. Hale was not his
extremist views, but his obvious organizational
ability and talent to inspire his followers. When he
was denied a law license in 1999 because of his racist
views, a follower went on a rampage and shot 11 people
– all blacks, Asians or Jews.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, American law
enforcement authorities cracked down quite effectively
on domestic racists and militia leaders. But Mark
Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which
monitors 760 hate groups with about 100,000 members,
notes that after 9/11, the law enforcement focus
switched overwhelmingly to Arabs.

The Feds are right to be especially alarmed about Al
Qaeda. But we also need to be more vigilant about the
domestic white supremacists, neo-Nazis and militia
members. After all, some have more W.M.D. than Saddam.

Two years ago, for example, a Texan in a militia,
William Krar, was caught with 25 machine guns and
other weapons, a quarter-million rounds of ammunition,
60 pipe bombs and enough sodium cyanide to kill
hundreds of people.

We were too complacent about Al Qaeda and foreign
terrorists before 9/11. And now we’re too complacent
about homegrown threats.

Mr. Hale handed me some of his church’s gospels,
including “The White Man’s Bible” – which embarrassed
me at the airport when I was selected for a random
security screening and the contents of my bag laid out
on a table. Then, even though the screeners apparently
believed that I was a neo-Nazi with violent, racist
tracts, they let me board without any further check.

That “White Man’s Bible” says: “We don’t need the
Jews, the [blacks], or any other mud people. … We
have the fighting creed to re-affirm the White Man’s
triumph of the will as heroically demonstrated by that
greatest of all White leaders – Adolf Hitler. So let
us get into the fight today, now! You have no alibi,
no other way out, White Man! It’s either Fight or

So we don’t have to go to Saudi Arabia to find violent
religious extremists steeped in hatred for all America
stands for. Wake up – they’re here.


Let’s hear it also from the Anti-Defamation League,
which is advising the law enforcement officials on the
Lefkow killings:


Law Enforcement/Media Seek ADL Experts in Murder Case

As the investigation into the murder of family members
of the Chicago judge threatened by white supremacist
and anti-Semite Matt Hale continues, law enforcement
officials have consulted with ADL experts for
information on hate groups and extremists, as have
media around the country


Two significant statements in Kristof’s column. The
first one equates common criminal Matt Hale to a
“terrorist.” The second one is the call for the
inclusion into the war of terrorism of “the hate

For the mainstream, the “hate community” is everyone
that has the slightest affiliation with the leaders of
the white supremacist groups. Matt Hale tops the list
currently, Dr. William Pierce, Billy Roper and David
Duke are the others that come to my mind. The enemies
within! These are the figures what are being used to
demonize those of us who are seriously concerned about
our people. That includes revisionists, political
activists, and constitutionalists.

However, when you talk to the white supremacist
community, every one of these “leaders” has been part
of a “conspiracy.” Edgar Steele, a two-bit ambulance
chaser for the white supremacist community, announced
that he will be representing Matt Hale. Steele says
that Matt Hale, just like David Duke, are the victims
of a dark plot, aimed to destroy them.

Let me use Ernst Zundel to show you just how full of
it these “leaders” are:

Ernst Zundel was never charged with any crime. In
fact, he was held without being charged and without a
trial. So, he was never found guilty of anything. He
truly was the victim of the traditional enemy for the
mere reason that he was speaking out, exposing the
holocaust lies. Not once could his jailers link Ernst
Zundel to violence or a crime.

On the other hand, Matt Hale and David Duke were both
charged with a felony. A jury of his peers found one
guilty and the other one struck a plea bargain.

A plea bargain was also offered to Ernst Zundel, which
he rejected, because he knew he hadn’t done anything

David Duke, for months, used supporters money to
gamble, lived a promiscuous lifestyle, moved to Russia
where he hid for two years.

The truth so many ignore is that the reason Ernst
Zundel was declared a security risk was because of his
affiliation with types like Hale or Duke. Years of
abusing the history of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP has
crippled legitimate holocaust revisionists like Ernst
Zundel. The reason it is so tough to convince the
mainstream of the lies of the holocaust is due to the
behavior of white supremacists.

But here it is. Hell, even some of the legitimate
revisionists are supporting Matt Hale. The separation
of white supremacy and revisionism has never taken
place. It became the downfall of so many excellent
historians. Are we that desperate?

The hair-brained stories of conspiracy against the
“leaders” of the white supremacists are as ludicrous
as the Jewish stories of soap and lampshades.

You see, there is an enormous difference between white
nationalism and white supremacism. Being a white
nationalist is being true to your culture, your race
and your heritage. Being a white supremacist is just
simply being stupid – a bunch of beer-drinking,
wife-beating, tattooed white guys, who urinate their
name into the snow actually think that they are
superior to anyone else.

Just go read again some of Matt Hale’s comments made
in Kristof’s column. And that guy actually considers
himself a Christian? I never quite figured out why
scum like Matt Hale are so threatened when a white guy
kisses a black girl. Something doesn’t add up. In most
cases its guys like him who go on “The Birdmans”
website to look at a naked black girl.

Surely, it is not my cup of tea either. But I do not
get the feeling having to kill just because I don’t
like what I see.

The government already monitors revisionists, but with
people like Matt Hale and his ilk we are now linked
into the “terrorist mania” of Bush’s insanity.

Perception is an absolutely important thing! It’s how
we are being perceived by the mainstream. The enemies
within are the ones clouding this perception.

I couldn’t agree more that preserving a white nation,
our heritage, and our culture is important. But
advocating murder and genocide does not do it. We do
not have to use these methods. There is no need to
represent us as superior to any creature in the world.
The facts, the deeds, will do it for us. Whether it is
technology, medicine, architecture, or science.
Without a white nation, the world would still be in
the dark.

The old belief that a nation only survives by
destroying another is a primitive notion that only
serves the barbarians amongst us. History tells us
that it doesn’t work. A true advocate for his people
wants their survival amongst other people. Germany for
Germans, America for Americans, is the right approach.
The traditional enemy knows that. A decent and humane
battle for the rightful place in the world is a
success story. However, with the white supremacist,
the traditional enemy has good thing going.

The hypocrisy I’ve seen from white supremacists is
incredible. Criticizing Israel for being supremist,
but calling for the domination of the white race.
Hating Christians, but taking the puritan hatred and
bigotry into their advocacy. White supremacists have
no honor, character or morals. They have become the
greatest liability for those of us who just love our
race, but don’t think that it should rule the world.

As long as we don’t separate ourselves from these
individuals, the demonizing will continue. Cut off the
ties, exclude them from the true white nation, and
treat them with silence.

I live next door to a large black family. As long as
it doesn’t affect me, I respect their way of life. I
made it very clear that it will never be part of mine.
They are mostly excluded from my social life. On the
other side, I have a Mexican family as neighbors. They
always speak Spanish, always display their culture.
But never affect me. So, black culture on one side,
Mexican culture on the other side, and white German
culture in the middle.

Sure, that sounds strange to the “escapees” of the
urban areas, because they live in an all-white
neighborhood and wouldn’t know anything about that.
Out in the neighborhood, people don’t know about the
plotting of the Jews. The average resident doesn’t
really care.

I don’t force them to celebrate October fest with us
and they don’t force me to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or
Junteenth. Mutual respect for each other’s culture has
not once made any trouble. In fact, both the Mexican
and the black came to my help when the Sacramento
Police Department questioned the hoisting of my World
war I Imperial Eagle Flag.

“Leaders” of the white supremacist community, like
Matt Hale or David Duke, are best described as failed
actors. They are still trying to be in the limelight,
not realizing that the light is long gone.

Many times have I listened to the whiny complaints of
the invasion of the Mexicans. But never have I seen
anyone explaining that what the Mexicans did is what
the white nation should have done a long time ago. The
Mexicans said: Okay, we are Americans, but only with
our culture. Folklorico, Festival de la Familia, Cinco
de Mayo, are now more popular than October fest, St.
Patrick’s Day, and even Fourth of July.

Immigrants have even managed to create their own
pockets of little China towns, Tijuana, and little
Russia. Most of European lifestyle has disappeared.
Not because nobody wanted them anymore, but because of
no resistance to the ever increasing flood of Third
World Culture. And when it was almost too late, white
supremacists had the guts to speak on our behalf,
spreading hate and bigotry and gigantic lies.

I’ve said this so many times that using our culture is
what works. Let’s face it, the white nations in the
world are as multi-cultural as they come. The Irish,
the Scottish, the Dane, the Germans, the Poles, the
French, the Italians, etc. etc., have all different
traditions. The Aryan crap from the white supremacists
is nothing but a make-up of history.

Thanks to them, the public today believes that Adolf
Hitler and the Third Reich were white supremacists.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Germany for
Germans, Hitler was a Nationalist. He tried to get
back the territories with German-Poles, German-Czechs,
Austria, and ethnic German-Yugoslavs. Come home to the
German Reich was the motto. And you bet that all of
these territories were as multi cultural as they come.

Let’s assume for a minute: Picture this – white
supremacists will rule. It will be a world without
classical music, without art, without operas, without
Wagner, without Strauss, without ballet, and without
theater. A world of Matt Hale and David Duke means a
world of cavemen, because too many things are –
according to them – a product of “girly men” “fags”
and “queers”.

But, don’t worry, this will never happen. Should the
time come that I have defend the survival of my race,
I will do so with the sword. But, until then, I’ll use
the pen.

And here is a further example that they are the enemy


Subject: Aryan Nations

White Supremacist Group Offers Friendship & Support To
Terror Groups

By Jeremy Reynalds

In a letter posted on its Web site the head of the
white supremacist group Aryan Nations offers his
thanks to radical Islamic terrorists and extends the
group’s hand of friendship.

Aryan Nations National Director August Kreis writes
(, “We as an organization will
also endeavor to aid all those who subvert, disrupt
and are (sic) malignant in nature to our enemies.
Therefore I offer my most sincere best-wishes to those
who wage holy Jihad against the infrastructure of the
decadent, weak and Judaic-influenced societal
infrastructure of the West. I send a message of thanks
and well-wishes to the methods and works of groups on
the Islamic front against the jew such as Al-Qaeda and
Sheik Usama Bin Ladin, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah
and to all Jihadis worldwide who fight for the glory
of the Khilafah and the downfall of the anti-life and
anti-freedom System prevalent on this earth today.


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Simon says:

(from the Simon Wiesenthal Center)


SWC To London Mayor: Apologize Now For Antisemitic And
Anti-Israel Comments

At a time when violent antisemitic attacks on British
Jews increased 42% last year reaching greater levels
than in France, where just days before Holocaust
Memorial Day Jewish  gravestones were desecrated with
swastikas, while at the same time there was a spate of
violent attacks against Jews in North London, where
Jewish students feel increasingly intimidated on
university campuses for openly expressing their
support for Israel, and when young people in the UK
increasingly display a lack of understanding of the
Nazi Holocaust, the slanderous comments against a
Jewish reporter and the State of Israel by London’s
controversial mayor have fueled an already dangerous

Mayor Ken Livingstone’s most recent statements
accusing the Israeli government of “ethnic cleansing”
and his description of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon as a “war criminal who should be in prison”
have added to the anger over comments made last month
when he compared a Jewish reporter to a concentration
camp guard.  Livingstone has refused consistent calls
from Prime Minister Tony Blair, British officials,
Holocaust survivors, and London’s Jewish community to

Therefore, we are asking our supporters in Britain and
around the world to join the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s
protest directly to London Mayor Ken Livingstone to
urge him to immediately apologize for his comments
trivializing the Holocaust and demonizing Zionism and

Livingstone has had a long history of conflict with
British Jews.  Last year, he hosted Sheik Yusuf al
Qaradawi, a Muslim Brotherhood Imam who has endorsed
suicide bombings against civilians in Israel and
attacks on foreign civilians in Iraq. In 2000, he made
a speech claiming that global capitalism was
responsible for more deaths that the Nazis.  And as
far back as 1983, in his capacity as a newspaper
editor, he published a cartoon of then-Israeli Prime
Minister Menachem Begin dressed in an SS uniform with
a caption reading, “The Final Solution.”

Additionally, the Center is urging mayors of all
cities to refuse to officially welcome Livingstone to
their cities until he apologizes for his reckless and
incendiary behavior.

By signing this petition, you will be sending a letter
directly to Mayor Livingstone urging him to apologize
for his anitsemitic and anti-Israel comments.


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Dr. Fredrick Toben:


Please be advised that I have now placed on Adelaide
Institute’s website my book
Where Truth Is No Defence I Want To Break Free.

The legal wheels turn slowly and so for those who have
not been inside a prison, I offer my prison diary,
which will give you an impression of what Ernst is
going through as the German prosecutor prepares the
case against him.

The important thing to remember is that Ernst does not
fear prison because he has no Laster – vices or
addictions to worry about, except for food, but that
vice afflicts us all.

Also, as some of you who have been inside know, if you
are gifted in any way, if you have an accomplishment
such as playing a musical instrument, have a singing
voice, are an artist – as Ernst is, then inmates will
like you because your artistic spirit lifts them out
of their own gloom and doom, thereby deflecting from
scapegoating upon one another.

But that only works if the prison administration is
interested in keeping a calm and quiet prison, and not
interested in causing the prison population to turn
upon itself in gang-wars, etc.

During my time at Mannheim Prison, the administration
was set on retaining a certain civilized standard as
reflected in the choice of its personnel.

There was no outright thuggery against individuals,
though if you were in for paedophilia you were given a
hard time – but again there was an exception to the
rule where a man accused of such was actually
tolerated by the inmates. My being inside was treated
as a bad joke because most inmates could not
understand what I had done wrong – except my refusing
to believe in the ‘Holocaust’.

So, there are other factors that come into play when
considering what makes prison life bearable.

A lot depends on one’s character. If you attended
boarding school – where you learned to survive and
shared things with others you necessarily didn’t like,
and if you completed basic military service, then this
step into prison regimentation is not too difficult.

You need to see things optimistically, for example,
you do not have to worry about feeding yourself. Then
your washing is done for you – and if you have someone
from outside providing you with some luxuries such as
a little money for the prison ‘supermarket’ and for a
television and radio, then all you need do is cope
with the terrible loneliness that will afflict you now
and again when you think of the loved ones that you
have left behind.

It does not help to suicide because that helps the
criminals who put the Revisionist behind bars in the
first place. Don’t suppress the thought of it but
don’t act on it – and overcome it by realizing that
your death will come in its own time. There is no need
to hurry it along.

Also, just stop feeling sorry for yourself, that you
are limited in your personal movements. I thought of
our Associate, Peter Rackemann, who is a quadriplegic
– I considered myself lucky that my legs are still
holding out, and that I could walk in these limited
surroundings. We had a prisoner who had no arms and
needed another prisoner who would look after him. And
if you are the sporty kind, then there is the prison
gym where you can work off your energy – instead of
letting your passions overflow into overt sexual

Young prisoners have a harder time because for the
older ones the basic sex drive is not so urgent
anymore. Still, it helps to write letters, and anyone
who has received those now famous pencilled notes from
Ernst knows that he is writing from his soul.

So, keeping one’s body and mind fit and healthy
through modest exercise seems to get most individuals
through the time spent in prison. In other words,
basic socialising skills and basic self-sufficiency
feelings will get you through the day – and that is
the important thing, that one takes things from day to
day; well, not quite – first it is every second, then
minutes, then hours, then days, then weeks, then
months, then years.

Above all, do not fear prison, and here we must
celebrate Horst Mahler who, to my knowledge for the
first time in Revisionist history, publicly enabled a
situation where about 100 individuals farewelled
Günter Kögel on his way into prison – celebrating him
as a German patriot about to commence his
prisoner-of-war sentence.

Horst Mahler ready to accompany

Günter Kögel, 78, to prison:

Justizvollzugsanstalt Remscheid

Masurenstraße 27

D-42899 Remscheid


This is how the matter should be viewed – because in
Germany, and in any country where ‘Holocaust’ laws
exist to silence those who refuse to believe in this
dogma,  it is a war against Revisionists and against
the truth concept. This, of course, I view with utmost
concern because the truth concept is the foundation
upon which our civilization rests. Take it away and
our bridges and buildings will tumble down.

On Adelaide Institute’s front page you will note
addresses of some of the more recent POWs/freedom
fighters who would appreciate receiving from you a
letter or a post card.

Fredrick Töben


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Prof. Arthur Butz:



Is this what we call “wanting it both ways”?

Why no salutation, e.g. “Dear Prof. Butz”?

I will let them contemplate their ridiculous problem.

Permission to further circulate this message granted.

A.R. Butz

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I work for Educational Service Center Region 20 in San
Antonio, Texas.
We are a non-profit organization supporting 50 public
schools districts in our area. We provide teacher
workshops and training in all areas.

Due to the required filtering that takes place on
public school campuses, some of the sites we use to
teach teachers and students to evaluate web pages are
blocked. I would like permission to save a copy of
your web site, Holocaust Denial or Holocaust
Revisionism?, so that we may put it on a CD and use it
in our workshops. If you have any questions, please
contact me at (210)370-5633. Thank you.

Tom Harris
ESC Region 20
(210)370-5754 FAX

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and objectionable content and is believed to be free
of both.+++

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Christine Miller:


To all the readers: The headline of the
National+Zeitung is about Ernst Zundel. Gerhard Frey
conducted an interview with Ernst Zundel’s female
lawyer, Chi-Kun Shi. The website is


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William Henry Harris:


Dear Walter:

The article by Hans Mohr was a classic!!! A great
tome of truth for the movement to consider as we
march to a different drummer…



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Some of these pictures are very graphic. Forwarded by
Greg Kay. Monika

I just received this in my email. I haven’t gotten
through them all yet,   but  I think they’re paintings
depicting events in Germany.


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Israel’s aid to illegal settlers

An inquiry revealed official complicity in setting up
some 105 unauthorized outposts.
By Ben Lynfield | Correspondent of The Christian
Science Monitor

JERUSALEM – Illegal settler outposts that are
consolidating Israel’s grip on the West Bank are not
pirate operations by hard-line settlers. They are
established, maintained, and expanded with the backing
of the Israeli government.

That charge, which cuts to the heart of one of the
more loaded issues of the Palestinian-Israeli
conflict, is no longer made only by dovish Israelis or
Palestinians. It’s now the official finding of a
report commissioned by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,
which was released Wednesday.

The report marks an embarrassment to Mr. Sharon and
could intensify American calls for Israel to dismantle
outposts in accordance with the international peace
blueprint known as the road map. But the document,
which does not implicate Sharon personally in
illegalities, is not expected to have much of a
political impact in Israel even though it was after
Sharon became premier in March 2001 that the pace of
outpost building greatly accelerated.

“People realize the whole Gaza disengagement depends
on Sharon and don’t want to put that in jeopardy,”
says Leslie Susser, diplomatic correspondent of the
Jerusalem Report magazine. “For that reason I don’t
see a political move by the left, and for the right to
try to get Sharon for playing their game would be
disingenuous. Legally, he probably has not left any

The 300-page report compiled by former state attorney
Talia Sasson finds that the government funds the
establishment of “at least part” of the outposts, a
term used to describe settlement activity that was
never formally endorsed by the cabinet and is
therefore illegal according to Israeli law. Israel
uses the term settlements to describe the more
established communities in the occupied territories,
where 240,000 settlers live. These are authorized and
in accordance with Israeli law, but contravene the
Fourth Geneva Convention by virtually everyone’s
interpretation except Israel’s.

The US-backed road map calls on Israel to
“immediately” dismantle outposts erected since March
2001. Few have been removed in practice and in some
cases new ones have sprung up. Ms. Sasson said
Wednesday that permanent housing and digging to bring
in more mobile homes is under way at some outposts,
adding that taking over lands and paving roads for
them are “daily occurrences.”

She estimated the number of outposts at 105, but said
there could be more than that.

According to the dovish Peace Now group, 50 outposts
were established after March 2001. Peace Now staffer
Dror Etkes says the group feels “some kind of
vindication” for its longstanding arguments.

But he predicts that the Sasson report will deal a
setback to those trying to end settlement construction
and achieve a territorial compromise with the

“The risk of this report is that people forget the
bigger story, the settlements, of which the outposts
are just one small chapter,” he says.

The housing ministry, Sasson said, provided hundreds
of mobile homes to outposts and channeled millions of
dollars to them. Military administrators did not
enforce the law and allowed 54 outposts to be
constructed on private Palestinian land and other
officials ensured that outposts were hooked up to
electricity and other services, she wrote.

The Sharon government has said repeatedly that
Israel’s policy is not to establish new settlements.

In the view of Yossi Alpher, former director of the
Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, the report “will
strengthen the hand of anyone, including President
Bush or [new Housing Minister Yitzhak] Herzog who
wants to do anything about the outposts.” But, he
added, Sharon may have a convincing answer if there is
increased US pressure, namely that he should not be
asked to fight the settlers on two fronts

“I think that what Sharon believes is that to have
fiascos of trying to dismantle outposts while getting
ready for the huge task of Gaza withdrawal is
distracting and will whip up settler anger. He thinks
it is better to bide time with the outposts and get
out of Gaza first,” he says.

Sasson recommended that the attorney general decide
whether investigations should be launched against some
of those involved in funneling money to the outposts.

Sharon spokesman Raanan Gissin said a tangle of
overlapping legal codes in the West Bank – military,
civilian, Israeli, and Jordanian – “creates the
possibility for those who want to use the law or
misuse the law to do so.”


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