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[NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all the things written by Walther F. Mueller; I merely archive this newsletter because it does contain interesting bits worth saving.]


Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Zundel In Germany:

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This arrived in my mailbox, and it shows you again how
right I am about these white supremacist groups.
Before you give it to them, give it to me. At least
you get something in return:


To all the comrades out there:

I understand that donations for my grandson Ian Gaudin
have been made through the Resistance web site for the
Fallen Comrades Holiday fund. These donations were
processed and charged to customers credit cards in
West Virginia. It has now been 8 months since the fund
was set up and I have yet to receive a check from
Resistance records or other related companies owned by
the NA. I was not aware that there were donations sent
through Resistance Records until I was asked by Chris
Evans as to how much was raised by Resistance and sent
to me. I informed him that I did receive checks from
individuals but none from Resistance Records. At this
time I also found out that Chris Evans was fired from
Resistance. And I want all you folks to know that if
it had not been for Chris and the support of all you
good hearted people, many of which were NA members, I
would not have survived this ordeal. I think everybody
needs to take a serious look as to what is going on in
West Virginia, because all is not right on the
homefront. If Resistance is willing to steal from a
fallen NA members orphaned son, what else are they up
to???? If you would like to verify this information
feel free to write me at:

Kathleen Cannon
P.O. Box 2429 Apple Valley CA 92307

Ian and I sincerely thank everyone who has shown their
support in our time of need.

Yours truly,

Kathleen Cannon




Matt Hale wasn’t so tough when he was sentenced to 40
years in prison for soliciting an undercover FBI
informant to murder U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey
Lefkow. Hale, who acted as his own attorney during
sentencing, was rambling, arm-waving, and desperate to
make believe that he was innocent. And, as usual with
these scumbags, he compared the FBI to the Gestapo. He
claimed that the media was smearing him, and at the
end, almost weeping, reciting the last 17 words of the
Star Spangled Banner.

My God, these white supremacists don’t care about the
flag or the Constitution. Suddenly it becomes
important to them, because their life is on the line.
I agree 100% with U.S. District Judge James Moody, who
had this to say before he imposed the sentence:

“Mr. Hale is not concerned about taking someone’s
life, but rather how to do it without getting caught.
I consider Mr. Hale to be extremely dangerous and the
offense for which he was convicted to be extremely

In my opinion, 40 years isn’t enough for the guy who
has abused German heritage, and has been part of
destroying serious revisionist efforts.



Friday, the 15th, Saturday, the 16th and Sunday, the
17th of April, we are privately hosting Dr. Claus
Nordbruch from South Africa.

The Ruthards from Canada called to tell me that Dr.
Nordbruch’s book “Der Deutsche Aderlass” is the best
of all books they have ever read about Allied
atrocities. Mrs. Ruthard said:

“Der Deutsche Aderlass” should be required reading in
all schools.

In an urban backyard setting on Saturday, April 16th,
Dr. Claus Nordbruch will be our speaker. By delicious
Austrian food you can enjoy Dr. Nordbruch’s company.
He will also bring an array of his books. Seating is
limited, and the event is free.

If you are interested, please call me at

(916) 927-8553


Prof. Robert Faurisson:


Dear Mr Mueller,

John Paul II was the first pope mentioning the
[alleged Nazi] gas chambers. He did so in September
1990 in Jasna Gora, Poland (L’Osservatore Romano,
September 27, 1990).

Robert Faurisson



From Egypt:


We need a post-Zionist leap of faith

Assimilation with space for Jewish identity offers us
a better future

John Rose :   author of The Myths of Zionism,

Saturday April 2, 2005
The Guardian

Does the religious and historical attachment of so
many Jews to the “land of Israel” justify the Zionist
project? The idea of a Jewish homeland continues to
pose two problems. The first is the denial of
Palestinian rights, especially the rights of the
dispossessed refugees, who see an Israel built on
their homeland. And the second is what “homeland”
means for the Jewish majority that lives outside
There is an interesting and unexplored link between
these two problems. Resolving the second can
contribute to resolving the first. But that means Jews
in the west renouncing our automatic right to be
potential citizens of Israel.

This position chimes with the rhythms of Jewish
history, especially, paradoxically, in the Middle
East. More than 2,000 years ago, long before the fall
of the second temple in Jerusalem in AD 70, the Jewish
philosopher Philo of Alexandria addressed this very
question. “Homeland”, patris, was one’s place of birth
and education. There was Jewish pilgrimage to the
temple at Jerusalem, but this meant reluctantly
abandoning patris to visit what Philo called not
“homeland”, but a “strange land”.
Incidentally, the existence of flourishing Jewish
communities such as Philo’s across the Mediterranean
and beyond, long before the fall of the second temple,
upset the Zionist myth of “exile”. This held that Jews
went into exile after the fall of the second temple as
a result of the Roman policy of forcible dispersal.
The Zionist enterprise is supposed to overcome the
dispersal 2,000 years later. But “dispersal” appears
to be a much more “natural” historical condition.

More than a thousand years later, also in Egypt, we
have a highly successful Jewish community in the newly
built Islamic city of Cairo. Professor Shelomo
Goitein, the brilliant scholar of Islamic Arab-Jewish
relations, in his analysis of the “Geniza” documents
discovered in a medieval synagogue, has left us a
vivid insight of how the city’s Jews saw “homeland”.
This is the high point of Islamic-Jewish relations
symbolised by Saladin, the Islamic world’s greatest
leader, protecting Cairo from the Crusaders as well as
expelling them from Jerusalem.

It is worth reminding ourselves that it was the
European Crusaders who slaughtered the Jews (as well
as Muslims, of course) in Jerusalem, and it was
Saladin who invited them to return. But most Jews had
no intention of living in Jerusalem. It was a
religious and spiritual centre, not a “homeland”. The
communities felt “at home” in villages, towns and
cities throughout the Islamic world.

Jews migrated from Europe to the Islamic world to
escape the Crusades. Cairo’s Jews readily offered help
to their European co-religionists. According to
Goitein, Islamic authorities made no attempt to impede
this migration. What a contrast with our contemporary
“civilised” attitudes to migration.

The Jews of early 20th-century Iraq have similar
lessons for us. To this day, Iraqi Jews understandably
boast about their uninterrupted 2,500-year history,
from Babylon to Baghdad. Joining the Iraqi national
movement to throw out the British immediately after
the first world war, they certainly did not want the
Zionists. Menahem Daniel, a Baghdadi Jewish notable,
wrote to them in 1922: “You are regarded as a threat
to Arab national life.” He told them: please stay

Jewish culture flourished as part of Iraqi culture.
Over a third of Iraq’s top musicians were Jewish. In
1949 as the crisis for Iraq’s Jews gathered pace,
cynically engineered by both Israel and Britain, as
well as Iraq’s pro-British puppet government, the
Jewish Chronicle, to its credit, reported on the
determination of Iraq’s Jews to hang on: “On the
whole, Islamic tolerance has enabled Baghdadi Jews to
flourish as a centre of learning and commerce. They
and their kind would like to stay…”

It will be objected that the European Jewish
experience, nevertheless, suggests the need for a
securely Jewish homeland as a kind of insurance
against another Holocaust. Yet here we have what is
sometimes called the “lachrymose” view of Jewish
history: the inevitability of Jewish suffering at the
hands of non-Jews. As one writer has put it, there is
a danger of the scar doing the work of the wound.

In truth, the European Jewish experience is far more
complex. The Jewish response to the anti-semitic
pogroms of the collapsing Tsarist Russian empire more
than 100 years, ago deserves particular study. The
Jewish mass migrations to western Europe and America
begin here. The Zionists developed their best cadres
here. Yet the astonishing levels of participation by
Jews in the resistance to the Tsar speak of a
different Jewish history in the making. A history
where the Jewish value asserted with most consistency
was solidarity between Jews and non-Jews in the
resistance. The Jewish socialist Bund helped pioneer
this value, which the Zionists simply could not

The value of solidarity was built into the promise
made to the Jews by the Enlightenment and the French
revolution. It said you are welcome here as equal
citizens in the land of your birth.

Is this not the _expression of Jewish history in
modern times? Are not the Jewish communities in
Western Europe and America models of an enlightened
assimilation where we can express our Jewish
identities, as well as feeling at home in the lands of
our birth?

The dispossession of the Palestinians reinforces this
argument. How can we justify the right to Israeli
citizenship when the Palestinians have no country?

Arab-Jewish reconciliation demands an alternative
approach. It can legitimately point, borrowing an
insight from Walter Benjamin, to “sparks of hope” from
the past history of Arab-Jewish relations in the
Middle East. Some Israelis understand this. Israeli
intellectuals associated with the trend known as
post-Zionism imagine with confidence a Jewish life in
the area without a Zionist state. A tiny number of
former Zionist leaders, such as Meron Benvenisti,
one-time deputy mayor of Jerusalem, agree. He says the
Zionist revolution is over. He suggests scrapping the
law of return that allows Jews anywhere to become
Israeli citizens.

He says he loves the land and it’s an Arabic land.
Perhaps the old Jewish Enlightenment thinkers who
believed in assimilation were much more correct than
even they realised. Imagine the
great-great-grandchildren of European Jewish settlers
in Palestine assimilating into Arabic culture,
absorbing it and contributing to its development, some
time this century.

A leap of faith? To be sure, but we Jews have always
been rather good at that.



From Monika:


RE:sws:Field Report from MinuteMan and Arkansas Senate

Barb reports from Tombstone that the 10 miles strip of
border that they are assigned to have been effective

If volunteers can shut down a 10 miles strip of the
busiest border crossing, what can an appropriate
number of Border Patrol do?

One of our reader’s write: Why haven’t we put up
fences with signs that say NO TRESPASSING in both
Spanish and English.  Then the typical Arkansas
phrase:All Violators will be shot.  Sorry. I don’t
know the answer.  Can anyone tell us?

In Arkansas, an eyewitness reports that when Senator
Jim Holt was to introduce SB206 patterned after
Arizona’s Prop 200:

At 10 am I was down at the Senate Committee on State
Agencies and Govt’l Affairs Senate Committee where
SB206 was on the agenda. Only two senators showed up,
Senator’s Faris and Critcher; the other were AWOL, so
the committee dismissed.

Many people where there for to testify in behalf of
— a couple from Mexico that live in Siloam Springs
(legals), Joey McCutchen from Ft. Smith, Debbie Pelley
from Jonesboro, Bob Hester, Mark Moore, Christian and
Melissa Olson, Betsy, Doris Reed, Doris’ friend,
Lillian Jones, Bobbie Warner, Angel Roberson, Dean
Elliott and Betty Manz.

Looks like we will be out for  80,000 petition
signatures for an initiated act where the people in
Arkansas can have their say like the people in





Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative
Reporting and Revisionist History


Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

April 6, 2005

The Devil Robed in the Radiant Robe of Christ

by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright 2005

On Apr 5, 2005, at 13:40, Tim wrote:

Dear Mike

If this is too unseemly to you, I understand. But if
you can accurately predict who the next Pope will be,
before John Paul II’s burial, I will donate $200 to
your work. Not on the Hoffman Wire, but in a personal
e-mail. On my word of honor, from Tim in Louisiana.
Again, I understand if you do not wish to do this.



Dear Tim

Keep your money. I cannot accurately predict who the
next pope will be.

A top American Jesuit suggested to me that the next
pope would be a pragmatic, older Italian. Some
Conservatives say the new pontiff will be the black
man, Francis Arinze, from Nigeria (he’s alleged to be
conservative). The Western media seem to be betting on
a Latin American cardinal. In France, Cardinal
Lustiger, an ethnic Khazar in whose eyes Auschwitz
trumps Calvary, is also considered an attractive

Whomever it may be, chances are he’ll be another
charismatic type of Anti-Christ, so what difference
does it make? No true Christian will make the grade.

It is like the Republicans and the Democrats, or
should I say, the Ins and the Outs. One gang is in and
the other is out; that’s their main distinction. One
Anti-Christ has died in the shadow of the stone
phallus of ancient Egypt and another will rise to take
his place as the new crypto-rabbi, the latest ruler of
the secret Pharaonic dynasty that has reigned in Rome
in the name of Christ since at least the pontificate
of Sixtus the V (with several honorable exceptions,
among them Leo XIII and Pius X). There was a book
published in the 1970s titled, “It Didn’t Start with
Watergate.” The Golden Gate bridge is for sale to
anyone who thinks that the rot in the Roman Catholic
Church started with Vatican II.

The Vatican is a ghetto, a flea market, an auction
house. Look at their public parading of the pope’s
corpse, like a carnival sideshow Injun Joe. It’s the
first time I have ever felt sorry for the guy, when I
saw his stuffed and costumed remains tossed in the
street to be ogled by throngs of camera-wielding
thrill-seekers. In the Eternal City the eternal pagan
psychodrama marches on.

Look at the 1978 conclave that elected Albino Luciani
(Pope John Paul I). Malachi Martin told me that
Luciani was elected because Cardinal Benelli had
blackmailed several other papal candidates, by
circulating dossiers at the conclave containing photos
of them with “their boys, their girls and their
masonic papers.” Martin was a double agent and
everything he said must be taken cum grano salis.
Still, this particular account has the ring of truth
about it. The Vatican has everything to do with chess
and Niccolo Machiavelli and almost nothing to do with
Jesus Christ, except as a kind of advertising gimmick.
If you study chess and read Machiavelli, then you will
know something of the Vatican.

St. Peter’s basilica is breathtakingly beautiful–an
eighth wonder of the world– but deformed by gross
improprieties, like the gratuitous genitalia on the
“angels” on Bernini’s chapel pilasters, to say nothing
of the obscene nudes on Canova’s “Stuart memorial.”
The magnificent Sistine chapel is a veritable monument
to nudity, to what John Paul II
called, in the modernist argot peculiar to him, “the
theology of the human body.”

Michelangelo’s masterworks would be appropriate
anywhere, except in the House set aside for the pure
worship of the God of Israel. And outside, in St.
Peter’s Square, sits the ensign of Pharaonic Egypt,
the monstrous obelisk which dominates the entire

I am not the first to be put-off by the Vatican. John
Henry Newman avoided it like the plague, and Ronald
Knox was also repelled. Evelyn Waugh describes Knox’s
reaction: “At Easteride in 1907 he went to Rome with
his brothers, followed the customary round of
classical sight-seeing, was unimpressed by the baroque
or by papal magnificence…” Waugh is here being
diplomatic. In fact, Knox was appalled. Yet he became
a Catholic anyway, in spite of the mess at the top,
for the sake of the root that had not yet been

The counterfeit papacy of John Paul II was a product
of the superstar system of the media and, in a larger
sense, of the archaeoastronomy of antique Egypt. I am
not, by the way, declaring that Catholicism is occult,
since it contains within it the seeds of the early
Church. No more than I would argue that the American
Republic is evil because of what usurpers from Lincoln
to Wilson to George W. Bush have done in the name of
the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Usurpation is a horrid thing, but it is not new.
Treason doth ever prosper, for if it prosper, none
dare call it treason. The successful traitors write
the history books, rule the airwaves, the palaces and
the cathedrals. This is an old story. The Tudors
employed no less a propagandist than William
Shakespeare, who forever blackened the reputation of
the rightful king of England, Richard III, and
sanctioned the theft of the Crown from the House of
Plantagenet. To paraphrase Hegel, what history teaches
is this: that people have never learned anything from

We should be vigilant against usurpers, but we fail.
Perhaps as a result of all those years of looking at
television, we are smitten by the “leaven of the
Pharisees” — the outward show, the spectacle and
theatrics. A masquerader “disguised by fearful art”
(showmanship is a type of magic, i.e. “fearful art”),
is pawned off on a gullible public as a holy man and
even the “Vicar of Christ on earth.”

In this vein, I conclude with a poem by Joyce Kilmer.
I am much enamored of the World War I generation of
soldier-poets; brilliant and beguiling youths like
Kilmer (1886-1918), Patrick Shaw-Stewart (1888-1917),
and in particular Wilfred Owen (1893-1918), who
refused to hate the Germans (cf. “At a Calvary Near
The Ancre”, and
whose “The Parable of the Old Man and the Young,” is
among the most devastating and savage evocations of
rage at the fratricidal butchery of that wicked war,
which would slay him, Shaw-Stewart, Kilmer and “half
the seed of Europe.”

With startling prescience, Joyce Kilmer’s 1917 work,
“The Robe of Christ” seems to foretell the coming of
Karol Wojtyla, i.e. John Paul II, the “man of lies,”
who, by “fearful art,” would gain the papacy
(“win the robe of Christ)” by posing as a wounded type
of alter Christus.

The Robe of Christ

by Joyce Kilmer

At the foot of the Cross on Calvary
Three soldiers sat and diced,
And one of them was the Devil
And he won the Robe of Christ…

…I saw him through a thousand veils,
And has not this sufficed?
Now, must I look on the Devil robed
In the radiant Robe of Christ?

He comes, and his face is sad and mild,
With thorns his head is crowned;
There are great bleeding wounds in his feet,
And in each hand a wound.

How can I tell, who am a fool,
If this be Christ or no?
Those bleeding hands outstretched to me!
Those eyes that love me so!

I see the Robe — I look — I hope —
I fear — but there is one
Who will direct my troubled mind;
Christ’s Mother knows her Son.

O Mother of Good Counsel, lend
Intelligence to me!
Encompass me with wisdom,
Thou Tower of Ivory!

“This is the Man of Lies,” she says,
“Disguised with fearful art:
He has the wounded hands and feet,
But not the wounded heart.”

Beside the Cross on Calvary
She watched them as they diced.
She saw the Devil join the game
And win the Robe of Christ.



From Thomas R. Ascher:



“…everything that the Japanese were planning to do
was known to the United States…” ARMY BOARD, 1944

Does it make you angry that all those sailors died to
further FDR’s political agenda?

Also see:

Day of Deceit

The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor

by Robert B. Stinnett

reviewed here:

“You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees
because he is expecting to wake up. You’re here
because you know something. What you know, you can’t
explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire
life  – that there’s something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is,  but it’s there, like a
splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”


“A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon
devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive
of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider
god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less

easily move against him, believing that he has the
gods on his side.” —




For our German readers:


Offener Brief von Horst Mahler
an “Freund” Gerhard Schröder

Forum: politik-digital

Thema: Offener Brief von Horst Mahler an Gerhard
Offener Brief von Horst Mahler an Gerhard Schröder

Gerhard Schröder

c/o Bundeskanzleramt

Berlin und Leipzig, den 9 November 1999

Lieber Gerhard Schröder,

da ich diese Zeilen in freundschaftlicher Absicht an
Dich richte, vermeide ich es, Dich mit Deiner
Amtsbezeichnung anzusprechen An dieser kannst Du
unmöglich Freude haben, denn Du führst eine
Vasallenregierung – und Du weißt, daß ich das weiß Es
wäre ungerecht, Dir Salz in die Wunde zu streuen.

Wir waren uneins in der Frage, ob, wenn Du Dein Ziel,
Bundeskanzler zu werden, je erreichen würdest, Du das
Schicksal unseres Volkes auf parlamentarischem Wege –
mit den Parteien, wie sie nun einmal sind – zum
besseren wenden könntest Du warst zuversichtlich, daß
Dir das gelingen würde Heute weißt Du, daß Du Dich
geirrt hast und ich recht hatte.

Noch vor Deiner Vereidigung haben Dir Bill Clinton und
Madleine Albright klar gemacht, daß Du den Befehlen
der US-Regierung zu gehorchen hast Als ihr
Befehlsempfänger hast Du Dich des Verbrechens, einen
Angriffskrieg zu führen, schuldig gemacht Und daß Du
vorläufig nicht unter Anklage gestellt wirst, hast Du
dem Eidbruch des Generalbundesanwalts zu verdanken,
der den Mut nicht aufbringt, den
Krieg gegen Serbien als Angriffskrieg zu beurteilen.

Einer Deiner Vorgänger im Amte, Helmut Schmidt, hat
die historische Wahrheit ausgesprochen, als er die
NATO-Aktion als völkerrechtswidrige Kriegsführung

Als Bundeskanzler bist Du kläglich gescheitert Die
Medien und Deine falschen Freunde – Oskar Lafontaine,
Rudolph Augstein ua – stellen die Sache jetzt so dar,
als seist Du unfähig für dieses Amt.
Die Wahrheit aber ist, daß in diesem Amte jeder
scheitern muß, dem es widerstrebt, das Deutsche Volk
zu verraten.

Es ist jetzt an Dir, die Niederlage in einen Sieg zu
verwandeln: Wenn Du jetzt den Mut aufbringst, vor das
Deutsche Volk zu treten und die Wahrheit zu bekennen,
wirst Du als eine große Führergestalt in die
Geschichte eingehen.

Zerreiße das Lügengespinst, mit dem die Feinde
Deutschlands unser Volk niederhalten und aussaugen!

Widerspreche eindeutig und unerbittlich der
Kriegsschuldlüge des Versailler Diktats;
benenne die Quellen, die belegen, daß Großbritannien
entschlossen war, das Deutsche Kaiserreich zu
zerschlagen; daß Frankreich – revanchelüstern – die
Aufrüstung des zaristischen Rußland finanzierte, damit
es Deutschland im Rücken angreife;
berufe Dich auf die Zeitzeugen aus den Eliten der
Entente-Mächte, die bekräftigen, daß das
Versailler Diktat die Wiederaufnahme des Weltkrieges
durch das Deutsche Reich unausweichlich gemacht hatte;
decke die Verschwörung auf, die die US-amerikanische
Kriegspartei unter Führung von FranklinDelano
Roosevelt, der großen Banken und der Presse der
amerikanischen Ostküste gegen einen friedlichen
Ausgleich zwischen Deutschland und seinen europäischen
Nachbarn angezettelt hatte; erläutere in diesem
Zusammenhang die Rolle des von Roosevelt gebilligten
Artikels von Drew Pearson und Robert S Allen, in einer
maßgeblichen Ostküsten-Zeitung am 14 April 1939
veröffentlicht, mit dem die englische Regierung unter
Druck gesetzt wurde, um diese von
aussichtsreichen Friedensverhandlungen mit Deutschland
abzubringen;mache deutlich, daß Präsident Roosevelt ,
sein Außenminister Cordell Hull sowie der
stellvertretende US-Außenminister Sumner Welles den
britischen Premierminister Chamberlain
im Hinblick auf dessen Bereitschaft, mit Deutschland
einen Interessenausgleich herbeizuführen, ultimativ
aufforderten durch sein Handeln klarzustellen, ob
Großbritannien eine “Nazi-Nation” oder eine Demokratie
sei;teile dem Deutschen Volk mit, daß Polen zu einem
friedlichen Interessenausgleich mit dem Deutschen
Reich bereit war, aber von Roosevelt gedrängt worden
ist, sich gegen Hitler zu stellen und jegliches
Zugeständnis bezüglich des Danzig-Problems zu
verweigern ; mache der Weltöffentlichkeit bewußt, daß
Präsident Roosevelt unter Bruch der US-amerikanischen
Verfassung durch ein geheimes Ultimatum die japanische
Regierung zur Kriegserklärung an die USA genötigt und
so den japanischen Angriff auf die amerikanische
Flotte im Hafen von Pearl Harbour provoziert hat mit
der feigen Berechnung, daß dann Deutschland aufgrund
eines Beistandpaktes mit Japan gezwungen sein würde,
den USA den Krieg zu erklären;verschweige dabei nicht,
daß Roosevelt rechtzeitig vorher von dem japanischen
Angriff auf die US-Flotte im Hafen von Pearl Harbor
erfahren, die Unterrichtung seiner Flottenbefehlshaber
aber unterlassen hatte, weil er den psychologischen
Schock, den der japanische Erfolg in den USA
auslöste brauchte, um die US-Bürger, die zu 85% eine
Beteiligung der USA am europäischen Kriegstrikt
ablehnten, umzustimmen und so für seine Kriegspolitik
gegen unser Land zu gewinnen; verlange vor der
Vollversammlung der Vereinten Nationen die Öffnung der
geheimen Staatsarchive der Siegermächte bezüglich
aller Akten, die die Zeitgeschichte von 1933 bis 1945
betreffen; fordere insbesondere die Einsetzung einer
neutralen Historikerkommission zur Untersuchung des
Falles Rudolf Hess die bisher bekannt gewordenen
Dokumente und Indizien stützen die These, daß Hess in
Portugal im Auftrage Hitlers mit dem Herzog von
Windsor als Gewährsmann der britischen Regierung einen
Separatfrieden zwischen dem Deutschen Reich und
Großbritannien ausgehandelt hatte, unter einem Vorwand
auf die britische Insel gelockt wurde, wo sich
seiner bemächtigte, um den USA und Rußland glaubhaft
mit dem Abschluß eines Separatfriedens zu drohen für
den Fall, daß die Sowjetunion nicht alsbald
Deutschland den Krieg erklären würde;rufe in
Erinnerung, daß Roosevelts Nachfolger als Präsident
der USA, Harry S Truman, im Juli 1941 in der
Öffentlichkeit seinen Standpunkt zum
deutsch-russischen Krieg wie folgt formulierte:
“Wenn Rußland gewinnen würde, sollten wir Deutschland
helfen und umgekehrt Rußland, wenn Deutschland
gewinnen sollte – und ihnen so Gelegenheit geben,
möglichst viele umzubringen” mache bewußt, daß die
vier Freiheiten der “Antlantik-Charta” – Freiheit der
Rede, der Religion, Freiheit von Furcht und Not – nach
den Worten des großen Gegenspielers Roosevelts, des
republikanischen Kongressabgeordneten Hamilton Fish,
lediglich eine “Propaganda-Ente” waren dazu bestimmt,
die Völker gegen Hitler, Mussolini und Tojo
aufzuhetzen; richte die Aufmerksamkeit der
Weltöffentlichkeit darauf, daß der republikanische
Kongressabgeordnete Pat Buchanan, der sich gegenwärtig
um die Nominierung als Präsidentschaftskandidat
bemüht, in einem jüngst veröffentlichten Buch den
Standpunkt vertritt, daß Hitler zu keinem Zeitpunkt
für die USA eine Bedrohung gewesen sei, daß er in
Europa habe Ordnung schaffen wollen und man ihm das
ruhig hätte überlassen können, daß aber das jüdische
Bankkapital, um Deutschland zu zerstören, Roosevelt
gedrängt hätten, die USA in den europäischen Krieg zu
verdeutliche unserem Volk, daß die Feststellung des
ehemaligen Sicherheitsberaters des
US-Präsidenten, Zbiegniew Brzezinski, zutrifft, nach
der Deutschland ein tributpflichtiger Vasall der USA
ist, die ihre Herrschaft über uns nicht nur mit
militärischen Mitteln, sondern auch durch die Medien
und den American way of life aufrechterhalten;
sprich vor der Weltöffentlichkeit endlich ohne
taktische Rücksichten aus, daß die USA im Begriff
sind, ihre NATO-Vasallen in einen Drittten Weltkrieg
zu verstricken, um jetzt auch China in das
Freihandelssystem zu zwingen und damit ihrer
Weltherrschaft zu unterwerfen.

Tritt zurück und mache deutlich, daß Du nicht länger
bereit bist, der Diener fremder Mächte zu sein!

Gehe ins Exil und organisiere von dort aus den
Aufstand des Deutschen Volkes gegen die
Fremdherrschaft – und schütze Dich vor den
Meuchelmördern, die sie gegen Dich ausschicken werden!

Wenn Du aber diesem Rufe Deines Volkes nicht folgst,
dann werden Dich die feindlichen Medien weiter zum
Versager stempeln und Dich zu einer lächerlichen Figur
machen Dein Name wird vergessen sein und die
Erinnerung an Deine Regierung wird nicht einmal mehr
Flüche sondern nur kalte Verachtung hervorrufen.

Ich schließe in Sorge um unser Volk und in wehmütigem
Gedenken an einen Freund.

Dein Horst Mahler



Chuck Baldwin:


Turning Men Into Milquetoasts
By Chuck Baldwin
April 5, 2005

The failure of Florida Governor Jeb Bush to exercise
his executive authority to intervene on behalf of
Terri Schiavo is just the latest example of how
America’s chief executives seem to lack the will to
decisively act during moments of moral crisis. In
fact, it seems that America’s men in general are
seriously deficient in the traditional masculine
attributes of courage and determination. Instead,
timidity and diffidence seem to characterize most of
America’s leaders today.

The very essence of leadership is the ability to act
decisively during moments of moral crisis. Whether the
decision is approved by a majority of people cannot be
a factor. Just the opposite. During times of moral
crisis, it is assumed that more often than not the
right decision will be unpopular. After all, it was a
breakdown of moral integrity that produced the crisis
to begin with.

In the Terri Schiavo case, it was a breakdown of moral
integrity by Terri’s husband and by members of the
judiciary that forced a moral crisis: a crisis that
could have been resolved by a brave and decisive
Florida governor. As with so many of his generation,
however, Governor Bush sat frozen by fear and

For Jeb Bush, this was the second time that his lack
of moral willpower resulted in tragedy. The first time
was back on April 22, 2000 (on Good Friday weekend, no
less) when Attorney General Janet Reno sent federal
agents into Florida to seize little Elian Gonzales.
When this happened, Governor Bush, again, sat frozen
with indifference and inaction. Or, perhaps, the
governor was told to stay out of the matter, and he
sheepishly complied. Either way, Jeb showed no courage
or resolve, and little Elian was whisked away to
Communist Cuba.

As an aside, Democrats in Washington, D.C.,
demonstrated no trepidation or reservation in sending
federal agents to seize little Elian at gunpoint
without seeking permission from any court! Where were
liberals screaming about the “separation of powers”
and the “respect for the Constitution” then?
Obviously, the only time most liberals pretend loyalty
to the Constitution is when it serves their purpose.
In this, liberals are eerily similar to most
conservatives. Neither show much fidelity to
constitutional government!

Likewise, the absence of moral willpower knows no
bounds. Most fathers appear frozen with fear and
indecision when it comes to disciplining their
children. Neither do most husbands seem capable of
being leaders to their wives.

I challenge anyone to find a current television
program that presents a husband and father as a moral
and spiritual leader in his home. It can’t be found.
Just the opposite. Television programs, and even
commercials, inundate the American public with the
picture of husbands and fathers as weak, spineless,
even comical nincompoops.

On the other hand, wives and women in general are
pictured as strong, decisive leaders. And,
unfortunately, this caricature reflects  many American
households more often than not today.

The lack of masculine courage and willpower is quickly
turning America’s men into milquetoasts. Where are the
Patrick Henrys, the George Pattons, the Teddy
Roosevelts, the Andy Jacksons, or the Harry Trumans
today?  Pastors are afraid of their congregations.
Husbands are afraid of their wives. Chief Executives
are afraid of opinion polls, ad infinitum, ad nasuem.

As a result, another moral crisis has come and gone
with zero leadership exemplified by any chief
executive at any level of government! Consequently,
it’s getting harder and harder to stay optimistic
about America’s future.

© Chuck Baldwin


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