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“Who doesn’t know the truth is a fool. However, who
knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal.”


By Walter F. Mueller

“Auschwitz, a Documentary”, put together by Guenther
Deckert, arrived at my house. Imagine this, a whole
folder of comprehensive work about Auschwitz, from one
of Germany’s most maligned heroes. The work includes
the findings of Fritjof Meyer, Franticzek Piper,
Professor Dr. Dietz, Juergen Graf, and more. Of
course, it’s all in German.

This is not the first time that I have received some
of the great works that Mr. Deckert has put together.
You all should remember his translation of the Postal
History of the Nuernberg Rallies. It is available for
the first time in the U.S. and has already become a
collector’s item, because of its inclusion of all
color postcards of the NSDAP rallies. The book is
available through the Community News Library (see
bottom of this e-mail).

Now let’s get to the purpose of this essay. Wouldn’t
it be great if we could have the Auschwitz Documentary
translated into English? I don’t think it will happen.
In fact, German translations have been a sore subject
for many of you. God, I can’t remember how many times
I have heard: “Can you translate this?” Actually, I
can’t. Not because I don’t know the language, but,
besides making a living, I also put out a daily
Patriot Letter, and a monthly newspaper, called
Community News. In addition, I am the vice chair of a
neighborhood organization and participate in many
meetings with local government. You get my drift?

I believe, if you are a member of these “big
organizations” like the National Alliance or EURO, and
you have paid your dues, you should demand that they
have a translator on staff, which brings you the
important works of German revisionists and political
activists. But you and me know, it’s not going to
happen. Because these leaders can’t have anyone sound
better than they do.

I am stone cold about this issue. I still get messages
like: “This is America, speak English,” from the
ignorant Joe-Six-pack. Here it is: As long as the U.S.
government produces ballots in two languages, public
schools provide paperwork in many languages, and huge
department stores provide the customer service in two
languages, I say it’s about time for you to learn

I will still continue to print German commentaries,
opinions and essays for my German readers. You are
welcome to translate it yourself, and forward it back
to me, and I will put it out to my list.

It is quite insulting to see the complaints about
German language, in addition to the already lack of
German culture.

Spanish will be America’s second language. It is a
trend these days to learn Spanish. You see, even
though immigration is bad in Germany too, the
government forces its immigrants to speak the

Uuh, we can’t have this here, that would be a civil
rights violation.

If “Heil Hitler” and “Deutschland ueber alles” are the
only phrases you know, go change it.

Yes, it would be awesome if we could translate the
Auschwitz documentary from Guenther Deckert into
English, however, I am not going to do it. If there is
someone out there who is willing to do it, please let
me know.

And here is another suggestion. If you have kids in
public schools, or even if you home school them, make
them learn German.


London Mayor and Lady Renouf:


The Sunday Telegraph
20 February 2005

Ken’s friends

THE ADAMANTINE refusal of Ken Livingstone to apologise
to a Jewish local [London’s Evening Standard]
newspaper reporter for comparing him to a Nazi
concentration camp guard has made the Mayor of London
some rather embarrassing new friends.

“I never liked him until now, although his congestion
charge strategy did earn my grudging respect”, says
the historian David Irving, who lost a libel action
against an author who had called him an “anti-Semite
and racist”.

The creepy Irving, who was branded a Holocaust-denier
by a High Court Judge, added that he was “strongly
tempted to send a private note of congrats” to
Livingstone but decided against it.

His close friend and supporter Lady [Michele] Renouf,
who has described Judaism as “a creed of [precious]
domination and racial [supremacy] superiority “, has
no such inhibitions, however.

“Good on you!” she said in an email she sent to the
mayor last week.  “Keep leading firmly. There are too
few public voices willing, in effect, to release true
open debate and world governments from this bullying,
irrational crawling to ‘Israel’. ”

Over to you, Ken.


Chris Tryhorn and Jason Deans
Tuesday February 22, 2005

Livingstone: ‘There will be no apology or _expression
of regret to either the journalist or the Daily Mail
group’ Ken Livingstone has defiantly refused to
express regret or apologise for comparing an Evening
Standard reporter to a concentration camp guard.

Surprising all the pundits who predicted contrition,
the London mayor added further fuel to the row by
launching a third tirade against the Daily Mail group,
for which the reporter works.

“Upon reflection, there will be no apology or
_expression of regret to either the journalist or the
Daily Mail group,” Mr Livingstone said.

“A week ago I said it was not my intention to
apologise to the journalist from the Daily Mail group
or his employers. Upon a further week of reflection in
which I have read everything which has been written in
the press about this controversy, and after a
considerable degree of debate with many Londoners, I
have decided to stand by that decision.

“There will be no apology or _expression of regret to
the Daily Mail group.”

He then launched another extraordinary attack on the
reporter, Oliver Finegold, repeating his assertions
that if he wanted to work for an organisation with
links to fascism, that was his own lookout.

“To the reporter [Oliver Finegold] I have this to say:
you are responsible for your own actions,” Mr
Livingstone said. “That you are being paid by the
Daily Mail group to do the job you do is not a defence
for your behaviour.
“Pursuing me along the pavement, thrusting your tape
recorder at me and repeatedly barking the same
question when I clearly said I did not want to be
interviewed by you is not acceptable behaviour by you
or by any journalist.
Mr Livingstone said that if any member of the public
had done what Finegold had done – ie doorstepped a
party – “they would find themselves in danger of being
arrested for a breach of peace”.
He said that while he did not equate Finegold’s
actions with those of people complicit in the
Holocaust, there was a broader equivalence to his

‘Rwanda caused by “I’m only doing my job” attitude’

“I do believe that abdicating responsibility for one’s
own actions by the excuse that ‘I’m only doing my job’
is the thin end of the immoral wedge that at its worst
extreme leads to the crimes and horrors of the
holocaust, Rwanda and Bosnia. We are all responsible
for our own actions.”
The mayor’s intransigent stance will surprise many,
not least Tony Blair, who called on him to apologise,
as well as Holocaust survivors who claimed his remarks
made light of the real suffering felt by those who
perished in the concentration camps.

Livingstone should go now, says Janner.

Lord Janner, president of the Holocaust Education
Trust, said today it was “very disgracefully wrong of
him” not to have apologised and called on Mr
Livingstone to resign.
“He should at least have had the decency to say sorry.
You don’t use that sort of language if you are a
decent man, doing an important job in a major city. I
think he should go.”

Mr Livingstone emphasised today that he had been
“deeply affected” by the concerns of Jewish people
that he may have been downplaying the Holocaust.
“I wish to say to those Londoners that my words were
not intended to cause offence and my view remains that
the holocaust against the Jews is the greatest racial
crime of the 20th century.”

The row was sparked two weeks ago when Finegold asked
seemingly innocent questions after Mr Livingstone left
an evening party at the London Assembly to celebrate
20 years since Chris Smith became the first MP to come
out as gay.
Mr Livingstone was widely tipped to offer an
_expression of regret but stop short of an apology and
succumb to pressure from critics, who have included
his deputy and loyal ally, Nicky Gavron, who is the
daughter of a Holocaust survivor.
Today, however, Ms Gavron said: “The important thing
for me is that the mayor acknowledged the deeply felt
concerns of Jewish people in London and has made clear
that he did not intend his words to cause offence nor
in any way to downplay the horror of the holocaust.
‘This issue has been given a thorough airing and I
think we should now draw a line under the incident and
move on.”
Since the incident on February 8, Mr Livingstone has
refused to bow to pressure, fuelling the row still
further by launching a tirade against the proprietor
of the Evening Standard, Lord Rothermere, and his
newspaper the Daily Mail.




Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Rolf Hochhut is
finally getting his just rewards from the Zentralrat
Paul Spiegel for stepping out of line. When he wrote
his 1960s play The Deputy with which he attempted to
smear Pius the XII for not rescuing enough Jews from
the holocau$t during the war, Paul Spiegel and his
fellow travelers considered the former Hitler Youth
the man of the hour. Hochhut became their poster boy.
He was interviewed by Der Spiegel and overnight turned
into the darling of the German Left.

Suddenly their willing knave has morphed into a
denier. The Zentralrat with his minions are burning
the midnight oil running around like headless chickens
trying to figure out what to do next. Maybe we’ll see
them even initiate an Anklage at the Mannheim Court
with none other than holo. persecutor Staatsanwalt
Hans Heiko Klein.

The Vatican archives show that Pius XII did everything
in his power bring about a just peace to the war as
well as helping the Jews. Indeed, prior to the war the
Vatican published an Encyclical in the 1930s “Mit
Brenender Sorge” which criticized the Nazi racial
philosophy. His behavior does not at all demonstrate
that he worked hand in hand with the Nazis.

For the Pope’s services the Roman Jewish community
presented him with medals and commendations after the
war. This of course is all forgotten since there is
money to be made by smearing the Vatican and anyone
else they set their sights on. It’s remarkable how
prior to another shakedown selective amnesia sets in.

Rolf Hochut publicly claims that all Germans are
guilty for the holocau$t. Someone should point out to
this Schreiberling that guilt is strictly a personal
matter based on ones actions or inaction. Collective
guilt has no place in Western jurisprudence and is
foreign to Christian tradition. It is a concept
invented by the Bolsheviks that Stalin used during the
Reign of Terror in the 1930s to ship entire social
classes into the Gulag death camps. Not surprisingly
the German Left has no trouble applying these
Bolshevik methods against the their own kinsman.

If Herr Hochhut feels himself guilty by all means let
him apologize. It is the height of impertinence,
however, to expect Germans that still want to be
German to share his sentiments. The majority weren’t
even born, when he was running around Germany singing
the Horst Wessel Lied.

Hochhut no doubt frequently feels guilt pangs since
his home is strategically located overlooking the
Berlin holoca$t memorial. It must be quite depressing.
Imagine getting up every morning having to look out of
your living room window at those monstrous cement

What makes matters worse is that his property value
took a nose dive after the project was completed. But
then masochistic Germans of Hochhut’s ilk don’t think
in such terms. They prefer to walk around with a sack
cloth on their backs wishing to do penance to
compensate for their self imposed guilt. They get bent
out of shape when other people are unwilling to follow
in their foot steps.

Count me out Herr Hochhut.

Mike Reisch





The Germans Bush Wasn’t Able to See

Markus Schreiber/Associated Press
Protesters made their feelings known in Mainz
Wednesday as President Bush’s itinerary avoided
contact with everyday Germans. A meeting with the
public was canceled for fear the audience would be


Published: February 24, 2005
AINZ, Germany, Feb. 23 – President Bush of course is
not the first president named Bush to come to this
town on the Rhine, but the very physical circumstances
of this president’s stopover here on Wednesday suggest
how different, how less automatically warm,
German-American relations are now than they were when
his father stopped in Mainz 16 years ago.

Most conspicuous was the lack of contact between
ordinary Germans and an American president visiting
what could almost have been a stage setting: a town
with buildings but no people, the shops and
restaurants in the center of town closed, and only
uniformed police officers on the streets.



Adelaide Institute:


1.  Peter Marshall asks: Who shall the Simon
Wiesenthal Centre chase after all these people are

Hungary calls for arrest of Australian war crimes
February 24, 2005

Hungarian prosecutors have asked a court to issue an
arrest warrant for an 86-year old Hungarian-born
Australian suspected of murdering a Jew during World
War II.

“We have received the documents from the military
prosecutor’s office and a judge will make a decision
within 15 days (on whether to issue the arrest
warrant),” said Diana Weber, spokeswoman for the
military tribunal in Budapest today.

A spokesman for the military prosecutor’s office,
Tibor Acs, told MTI national news agency it had asked
for the arrest warrant to be issued.

Charles Zentai, a Hungarian-born Australian now living
in Perth, is suspected of torturing and murdering an
18-year-old Jewish man in Budapest in 1944 while
serving in the army of Hitler’s wartime ally Hungary.

Zentai is alleged to have fled to Australia after the
war while the accomplices were caught and jailed.

If the tribunal issues the arrest warrant, the case
would go to Justice Minister Jozsef Petretei who will
decide whether to ask Australia to extradite Zentai.

Earlier this month, Zentai said he had never known the
victim and was willing to return to Hungary to defend

The charges against Zentai were launched in January by
the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre, which
seeks to bring to justice Nazi-era war criminals.

The organisation launched Operation: Last Chance in
Hungary in July, offering financial rewards for
information leading to the prosecution of Nazi war

The Wiesenthal Centre is also trying to track Nazi-era
crimes in several other countries, including Austria,
Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

An estimated 600,000 Hungarian Jews were killed by
German Nazis, as well as Hungary’s collaborationist
regime, during World War II.



Guess what will be next? REVISIONISM


2.  ISPs forced to join child porn crackdown
February 23, 2005

Internet service providers (ISPs) will face fines of
up to $55,000 if they can be used to access child
pornography and do not refer the information to the

Justice Minister Chris Ellison said today ISPs and
internet content hosts (ICHs) would have strict
obligations to report online child pornography to the
Australian Federal Police from March 1.

“It cannot be emphasised enough that behind every
horrid piece of child pornography is a tragic case of
an abused defenceless child, somewhere in the world,”
Senator Ellison said.

Under the new laws, an ISP or ICH will face penalties
of $11,000 for the individual and $55,000 for body
corporates if they are made aware that their service
can be used to access material that they have
reasonable grounds to believe is child pornography or
child abuse material and they do not refer details of
that material to the AFP within a reasonable time.

It will also be a federal offence, carrying a penalty
of 10 years’ jail, for a person to use the internet to
access, transmit or make available child pornography
or child abuse material.

This is on top of the current state and territory

Senator Ellison said it was hoped that internet
providers would work closely with the AFP’s online
child exploitation team and the Australian High Tech
Crime Centre to crack down on child exploitation and
pedophile networks.

The AFP last month announced it was also taking part
in an international task force to prevent online child



3. New Homeland Security
Czar Is An Israeli Citizen
By Christopher Bollyn

On February 15, 2005, Judge Michael Chertoff, a “de
jure” Israeli citizen, was sworn in as the second
Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security for
the United States.
While his official biographies carefully omit the
essentials of his parents’ citizenship, this much can
be deduced.
Michael Chertoff, was born on November 28, 1953 in
Elizabeth, New Jersey, to an Israeli mother, Livia
Chertoff, and Rabbi Gershon Chertoff (citizenship
His mother Livia was the first airline hostess for
Israel’s El Al Airlines, and participated in Operation
Magic Carpet, the airlift of 45,000 Yemenite to
Israeli-occupied Palestine in May 1949.
It is simply not possible that Livia could have even
become a U.S. citizen by November 1953, due to the
5-year residency requirement. She could have only have
been an Israeli citizen (and perhaps Polish if she
retained the citizenship of her birth nation).

Here is Livia Chertoff’s obituary:
Source: The Star-Ledger Newark, NJ
Published: December 21, 1998
Livia Chertoff, 73, El Al flight attendant
21 December 1998
The Star-Ledger Newark, NJ
OBITUARY Services for Mrs. Livia Chertoff, 73, of
Delray Beach, Fla., mother of former U.S. Attorney for
the District of New Jersey, Michael Chertoff, will be
held at 1 p.m. today in the Kreitzman’s Memorial Home,
1500 Morris Ave., Union.
Mrs. Chertoff died Saturday in the Ashbrook Nursing
Home, Scotch Plains.
She was the first airline hostess for El Al Airlines
and participated in Operation Magic Carpet, the famous
airlift of Yemenite Jews to Israel.
Mrs. Chertoff also operated L’Artigue, an art gallery
in Elizabeth.
Her son, Michael, served as Assistant U.S. Attorney
for the Southern District of New York from 1983
through 1987 and as First Assistant U.S. Attorney for
the District of New Jersey from 1987 through 1990. He
was U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey from
1990 through 1994 and during the Whitewater
investigation in 1995 and 1996, he was counsel for the
Senate Banking Committee.
Born in Poland, Mrs. Chertoff lived in Palestine and
Elizabeth before moving to Florida several years ago.
Also surviving are three sisters, a brother and two

Below are Israel’s citizenship laws, which clearly
show that Michael Chertoff was an automatic Israeli
citizen at birth, despite the fact that he was born in
New Jersey.
The operative law for Michael Chertoff is this one:

By Descent:
Child born on or after July 14, 1952, at least one of
whose parents is a citizen of Israel, regardless of
the child’s country of birth.
CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship is based upon the Citizenship
Law of 1952 and amended in 1968.
Any Jew who immigrated to Israel before July 14, 1952,
was granted citizenship after declaring a desire to
reside permanently in Israel.
Any former citizen of Palestine, present in Israel
before July 14, 1952, was granted citizenship upon
fulfillment of certain (unspecified) conditions.
Any Jew or a member of a family of a Jew who
immigrates to Israel after expressing their intention
to settle in Israel, if from the date of their arrival
as an immigrant, unless, being abovethe age of
eighteen and a foreign citizen, they declare within
three months from the date of arrival, that they do
not wish to become an Israeli citizen. A “member of a
family” of a Jewincludes a spouse, a grandchild, and
spouses of the child or grandchild of a Jew.
BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Israel does
not automatically confer citizenship.*
Being born in Israel to a citizen of Israel.
Stateless person, born in Israel after May 14, 1948,
is able to apply for citizenship between their 18th
and 21st birthdays, provided they have resided in
Israel for at least five years before application.*

Child born on or after July 14, 1952, at least one of
whose parents is a citizen of Israel, regardless of
the child’s country of birth.
A person born outside Israel while a parent was an
Israeli citizen by Return (a’renaturalized’ Jew),
Residence, or Naturalization.
The son of El Al’s first hostess is keeping our
“homeland” safe.
Don’t you feel more secure already?


4.  From: Biophilos
encouraging news……..hopefully such measures will
begin a balancing of what now is totally onesided
diplomacy backed by the current ” regime” in


Better late than never, Christians to censure
anti-Christian and anti-Muslim Jews of Israel!

Israel – 500 Million Christians
Urged To Divest
By Sam Ser

An organization representing up to half a billion
Christians worldwide has encouraged its member
churches to divest from companies that participate in
“illegal activities” in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The central committee of the World Council of
Churches, which represents more than 340 Protestant
and Orthodox churches in more than 120 countries,
announced the decision on Monday, toward the
conclusion of the governing body’s meeting in Geneva.

It specifically noted the “process of phased,
selective divestment from multinational corporations
involved in the occupation” now being implemented by
the Presbyterian Church (USA). “This action is
commendable in both method and manner, [and] uses
criteria rooted in faith,” the group said in a

While that campaign angered segments of the American
Presbyterian community, the WCC’s international
affairs expert Peter Weiderud told The Jerusalem Post
on Tuesday that its own statement was the result of a
“grassroots initiative” from its membership, and was
not merely the view of a limited number of senior
clergy. The WCC itself noted in another statement that
it had chosen to follow a “consensus decision-making

The central committee “reminded the council’s member
churches that ‘with investment funds, they have an
opportunity to use those funds responsibly in support
of peaceful solutions’ to the Israel-Palestine
conflict,” the statement said.

“Multinational corporations have been involved in the
demolition of Palestinian homes, and are involved in
the construction of settlements and settlement
infrastructure on occupied territory, in building a
dividing wall which is also largely inside occupied
territory, and in other violations of international
law being carried out beyond the internationally
recognized borders of the State of Israel determined
by the Armistice of 1949,” the statement continued.

“The WCC governing body encouraged the council’s
member churches ‘to give serious consideration to
economic measures’ as a new way to work for peace, by
looking at ways to not participate economically in
illegal activities related to the Israeli occupation.
In that sense, the committee affirmed ‘economic
pressure, appropriately and openly applied,’ as a
‘means of action.'”

Weiderud noted that the committee had taken into
account recent positive developments in the peace
process, but, as the body itself stated, “illegal
activities in occupied territory continue as if a
viable peace for both peoples is not a possibility.”

Apparently seeking to preempt criticism of the move as
anti-Semitic, the WCC’s central committee “framed” its
recommendation by “recalling” its statement in 1992
that “criticism of the policies of the Israeli
government is not in itself anti-Jewish.”

Moshe Fox, minister for public and interreligious
affairs at the Israel Embassy in Washington, DC,

“While maintaining that this recommendation is neither
one-sided nor anti-Jewish, it is clearly both,” Fox
told the Post on Tuesday.

“At a time when Israelis and Palestinians are engaged
in a political process, returning to negotiations,
this decision is utterly ill-timed. The WCC is
apparently seeking to dovetail on the Presbyterian
Church’s campaign. But, while the Presbyterian Church
is still deliberating, the WCC is charging forward…
[but] a boycott of Israel will not bring the Israelis
and Palestinians any closer to the path of peace,” he

Weiderud also said the WCC was unaware of any
intimidation of Palestinian Christians by Palestinian
terrorists or desecration of Christian holy sites. No
churches under Palestinian control were large enough
to qualify for membership in the WCC, although the
body had indirect contacts with several churches
there, he said.

© 1995 – 2005 The Jerusalem Post. All rights reserved.





Assassinating Al-Hariri Fits Washington’s Plan
by Mike Whitney
February 17, 2005

To understand who assassinated Rafik al-Hariri we
don’t need to look any further than the $1.5 billion
US Embassy currently under construction in Baghdad.
The new embassy, the largest of its kind in the world,
will facilitate 1,800 employees and serve as the
regional nerve center for American political and
economic activity. What does this have to do with al

It demonstrates that the US is establishing a massive
command center for its future domination of the entire
Middle East. This suggests that Lebanon must be
entered into the family of client states who accept a
subservient role to American military and economic
power, and who willingly comply with the requirements
of the regional constable, Israel.

Al Hariri’s assassination provides the raison d’être
for severing ties with Syria and for transforming
Lebanon into a US vassal. This conforms nicely with
Israel’s ambition to surround itself with
non-threatening states as well as affording access to
the vital water resources of Lebanon’s Wazzani River.
In other words, the murder of al Hariri has created
some extremely fortunate opportunities for both Israel
and the US; merging seamlessly with their overall
objectives in the region.

The likelihood that Syria was involved in the
assassination is zilch. One can hardly imagine a
greater disaster for poor Syria who has been
scrambling to avoid the American bludgeon for the last
four years. Few people realize that Syria provided
more assistance in the first year of the war on terror
after 9-11 than any other nation. That’s of little
consequence now, as the US is on a mission to quickly
integrate the entire region beneath the American
standard and prove that it can be trusted with its
continued stewardship of the world economy.

Fortunately, there are cracks and fissures appearing
everywhere in the US artifice and new alliances
between former allies of America are forming almost by
the day. This creates a dangerous new threat to the
empire and violates the “three grand imperatives” of
imperial strategy: “to prevent collusion and maintain
dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries
pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from
coming together.” (Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand
Chessboard, p. 40) Alliances between the major players
(India, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, China and the
EU) demonstrate that the “barbarians” are coming
together more swiftly than imagined, creating a
potential roadblock for Middle East consolidation.
This explains why this risky gambit was put into play.

We should also consider the assassination in terms of
the drooping dollar. If Washington’s plan to control
Middle East oil does not succeed, the dollar is headed
for the landfill. There’s no way that the world will
continue to hold paper that represents $8 trillion
worth of debt unless that happens to be the only way
they can purchase the oil that’s essential to their
industries. The Bush administration is on a tight
“time-line” which requires ham-fisted tactics to play
out on city streets in foreign capitals. The murder of
al Hariri fits conveniently within this regional

It’s a marvel to see how quickly the forces of empire
swing into action when a major event like this
transpires. Less than 10 hours after the
assassination, Washington was withdrawing its
ambassador without even scant knowledge of who was
responsible. The press, of course, was immediately
deployed to perform its task of “finger-pointing” at
Syria and to create the spurious narrative of why such
a suicidal action would be in their interest. The US
organized small demonstrations in Beirut to march
around in front of adoring camera lens to create the
impression that the Lebanese masses held Syria
accountable. (A nice touch that the US used
effectively in both Ukraine and the Republic of
Georgia) And the Bush team worked feverishly to frame
Syria with an onslaught of prepared accusations and
innuendo. By now, we should all know the drill: the
main players like Bush stay above the fray and make no
reckless claims of guilt on Syria’s part, while his
emissaries in the media and the Congress heap
suspicion on the target state. (Isn’t this what
happened with the “Swift-boat” fiasco? Bush pretended
not to be involved while his underlings and the media
devoured Kerry in full view of the national audience.)

The next phase of this farce is to expel Syria’s
15,000 soldiers from Lebanon so that Israel-America
can begin the arduous task of establishing another
client regime.

As for Syria, Russia has entered the breach announcing
that it will go ahead with a “controversial sale of
weapons despite the objections of Ariel Sharon.”
(Russian made surface-to-air SA-18 missiles. Russia
made a similar deal with Venezuela just last week)

Is this just the beginning of an arms race in the
Middle East to counter American and Israeli ambitions?

It appears that at least some of the “vassals” are
beginning to tire of Washington’s murderous antics and
are willing to counter with the only thing that will
discourage further aggression — a viable deterrent.

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state, and can be
reached at:






this is hillarious!  The re-education of the German
population during the last 60 years really worked.

German protesters call Bush ‘No. 1 Terrorist’
By Alexandra Hudson, Reuters  |  February 23, 2005

MAINZ, Germany, Feb 23 (Reuters) – About 12,000
protesters, many carrying banners reading “Bush go
home,” “No. 1 Terrorist” and “Warmonger,” marched
through the German city of Mainz on Wednesday, but
were mostly kept away from the visiting U.S.

The official rally, which was twice as big as
expected, never got within earshot of U.S. President
George W. Bush, but a small group of protestors rushed
towards his car as he left to visit a U.S. base in
nearby Wiesbaden. Police wrestled several
demonstrators to the ground and led them away in
handcuffs, a Reuters witness said.

Bush was visiting Germany for the first time since the
2003 Iraq war, which Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and
most Germans opposed.

“I’m disgusted by the war in Iraq Bush started that
has cost thousands of civilian lives,” said Thomas
Odenweller, 49, a computer technician. “Now he’s
trying to normalise relations with Europe. It must be

Ignoring snow and freezing temperatures, the
demonstrators held banners chastising Bush in English
with slogans such as: “You can bomb the world to
pieces but not into peace.” Many had pre-printed
posters reading: “Bush, No. 1 Terrorist.”

Before the march, which Mainz police said was one of
the largest ever in the city of about 300,000, one
speaker told the crowd: “Mr. Bush, please leave our
country. You started an illegal war against Iraq.”

German police confiscated one poster that read: “We
had our Hitler, now you have yours.”

Some protesters praised Schroeder for his anti-war

“Schroeder’s opposition to the Iraq war made me so
proud to be German,” said Helmut Bach, 50, a pilot who
marched with his 20-year-old daughter. “That’s why I
voted for him.”

Several protesters wearing fake U.S. army uniforms
pulled a trailer with dummies of blood-covered Iraq
prisoners impaled on iron bars under a banner: “We
don’t want your type of freedom.”

A force of 10,000 police officers staged one of the
biggest postwar security operations. Frogmen searched
the Rhine for explosives, 1,300 manhole covers were
welded shut and thousands of residents were displaced.

For Bush’s eight-hour stay there was also a strict ban
on air traffic within a 60-km (40-mile) radius of
Mainz, barges on the river were halted and motorways
in the region closed. Factories, businesses and
schools were shut.

Alex Berg, 31, a dancer, and her friends were dressed
as cows and carried a poster reading: “We don’t need
no cowboys.”

Bush’s visit contrasted with that of his father to
Mainz in 1989 when large crowds cheered Bush senior
for his calls for the Berlin Wall to be torn down.

Other U.S. presidents have also been given a hero’s
welcome in Germany, although the younger Bush has
never been popular. When he visited Berlin in May
2002, some 20,000 demonstrators took to the streets.

“When John F. Kennedy came to Germany he drove through
cheering crowds,” said Mark Reichelt, 20, a student.
“Now Bush is here and will drive through empty
streets.” REUTERS





Illegal Immigrants Getting Government Home Loans (HUD)

“Hi, all
This story that broke in Denver exposes the
nation-wide scandal of illegal aliens obtaining
subsidized house mortgages after approval by the
Housing and Urban Development Department [HUD].

Undoubtedly this scam accounts for part of the bloated
mortgage portfolios held by Ginnie May and Freddie

Investigation: Illegal Immigrants Getting Government
Home Loans

Undocumented Immigrants Buying Homes with Fake IDs
Government-Backed Loans Going To Those With Phony
Social Security No.

POSTED: 11:04 am MST February 23, 2005
UPDATED: 12:42 pm MST February 23, 2005

More Americans are homeowners than ever before thanks
in part to government-backed loans that help young
homeowners get into their first house. But with a
government system so focused on homes sales, is any
agency checking to make sure that undocumented
immigrants are prevented from getting such loans? Who
is verifying identification?


7NEWS Investigation: Illegal Immigrants Getting
Government Home Loans

How is it that an undocumented immigrant can use a
phony Social Security number to get a
government-backed loan to buy property in Colorado?
Investigator John Ferrugia has been tracking cases
involving Federal Housing Administration loans and
said the homeland security implications are dramatic.

With phony documents, terrorists or drug dealers can
launder money, set up sleeper cells, or support
smuggling operations in residential communities
anywhere in the state. 7NEWS’ has found that there is
no government agency that has responsibility to verify
the identities of anyone buying real estate.

“The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t have the
authority. They are not doing it,” said Bryan
Cunningham, a former CIA officer and national
security council lawyer who is now a corporate
consultant on homeland security issues.

“HUD, the FHA, and the other lenders and mortgage
refinancers at the federal level haven’t been told to
do it in law and they don’t have the money to do
it. And certainly, the FBI and other law enforcement
agencies can’t possibly be in the business of doing
this themselves,” Cunningham said.

7NEWS found two homes in Thornton that were purchased
by two women who obtained FHA loans. Their names are
listed as the owners and the mortgage holders. But
when we checked the credentials of one of the women,
Claudia Hernandez, we discovered that she likely had
used phony identification to obtain the loan.

Once 7NEWS began asking questions about her home loan,
ICE arrested Claudia Hernandez for being in the
country illegally.

We began looking into her background and that of her
husband, Roberto Hernandez, after he was charged in
the hit-and-run killing of 32-year-old Justin Goodman
last July in Thornton.

Hernandez and his wife are undocumented, yet they are
living in a home backed by an FHA loan.

“We have found a lot of packets that do not contain
the proper Social Security numbers, the W2s on them
have been falsified,” said Jeff Copp, the regional
special agent in charge of Immigration and Customs
Enforcement, or ICE.

He cannot discuss any specific case but he said such
cases generally involve a broad conspiracy by those
who profit from the sale.

“To have a false number — a Social Security number —
and have the realtor be able to take them all the way
through the application process, there has to be
something that that realtor or the mortgage company is
doing to doctor those documents to show this is a
legitimate Social Security number,” Copp said.

Once 7NEWS began asking questions ICE arrested Claudia
Hernandez and other associates for being in the
country illegally.

Federal sources now confirm they are investigating how
she and another undocumented immigrant were able to
get the FHA loans.

7NEWS wanted to talk to the people who issue the FHA
loans at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development. HUD officials were clearly concerned
about our findings and refused an on-camera interview.
Officials wouldn’t answer our questions but in a
written statement, they said in part, “FHA loans are
originated and processed by FHA-approved lenders who
certify that the mortgage is eligible for FHA mortgage
insurance … If irregularities are revealed,
appropriate action is taken.”

“The system itself is designed to facilitate the
purchase of property. It’s not designed for law
enforcement,” Copp said. “It’s the underwriter and the
mortgage banker that are looking at those papers to
make sure that they are true and correct, because they
are the ones that are responsible for the information
they provide to HUD.”

Copp said HUD has to take the underwriter’s and the
mortgage banker’s word for it.

“You’ve got the Social Security card. Then you got the
license, now suddenly you have a piece of real estate
in your name that somebody can go find on the Internet
and it just establishes your legitimate identity. And
if it’s not legitimate, you are helping the terrorists
be able to be here and be asleep and wait for bad
things to be done,” Cunningham said.

Most FHA-approved lenders and brokers are not involved
in this type of activity. They are honest and they do
verify identification.

But for those who do not, there is no system in place
to check or catch the fraud. Federal officials know it
and everyone in the industry knows it.

One federal agent told 7NEWS that we’ve just got the
tip of the iceberg, that this happens every day.

Have a question or comment about this story or have a
story idea? E-Mail 7NEWS’Investigators.

Copyright 2005 by All rights
reserved. This material may not be published,
broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.













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