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By Walter F. Mueller

Sam Francis died last week. Many obituaries have been
written and surprisingly, most of them by the white
nationalist movement. You know what they say, you
shouldn’t say bad things about a dead person. Well,
tell that to the Jews.

I don’t subscribe to the policy of being nice, just
because someone has died.

Sure, Sam Francis was a friendly guy and seemed to
have a few good writings. However, he was also a
coward. I had a few personal dealings with him when I
was still the chairman of the California Council of
Conservative Citizens (CofCC), and a member of the

The entire organization, in which Sam Francis had a
leading position and was also the Editor in Chief of
the “Citizens Informer,” never mentioned the word

My dealings with the CofCC’s top hierarchy was always
one of caution, many times I was warned about white
nationalist organizations, and it was recommended not
to deal with them.

Gordon Baum and Sam Francis are/were the Judases of
the European-American community. Organizations like
this and its leaders are something we have to be aware

In order to gain membership, recognition, and funding,
they pretend to be in the mainstream, however, they
are just as critical of the Jews and Israel as anyone
else in the movement. They want the good times.
Congressmen, State Senators, and even U.S. Senators
have been lured by the mask of conservatism. Actually
to the detriment of their career. The CofCC is just as
white supremist as your homegrown “tattoo Nazi.” The
difference, members of the CofCC think what the
National Alliance says.

Sam Francis was as phony as he was overweight. I am
not about to sit here and admire those people who have
cut ties with those of us who have the guts to name
the real enemy.

I quit the CofCC because of that reason. All the
writings of Sam Francis missed the point. Lamenting
about immigration, blacks, and other conservative
issues, without pointing out who is behind it is like
serving an ice-cream cone without the ice cream.

I have to say, with the white nationalist movement, at
least one know what and who they are. But with people
like Sam Francis and the CofCC, you never stop

And I am not talking about using racial slurs, because
by now everyone knows that I am opposed to that. I am
just talking about the simple sentence “The Jews own
America.” It never did happen in Sam Francis’
writings. May he rest in peace.


Chuck Baldwin:


The Era Of Big Government Is Back
By Chuck Baldwin
February 22, 2005

Many of us remember President Bill Clinton saying in
1996, “The era of big government is over.” Of course,
that statement was made on the heels of the famous
congressional elections of 1994 when a hearty band of
73 freshman Republicans swept into the House of
Representatives promising to reduce the size and scope
of the federal government. On the strength of that
stunning election victory, they pushed through a
budget resolution that called for the elimination of
scores of federal programs and up to 5 federal

However, it is now time to set the record straight:
the era of big government is back! Not only has the
Republican Party not decreased the size and scope of
the federal government, it has exploded the growth of
government to unprecedented levels!

According to The Cato Institute, overall federal
spending has increased twice as fast under George W.
Bush as under Bill Clinton! And no one today even
bothers to whisper about cutting any federal
departments. On the contrary, President Bush’s budgets
even increase expenditures for nefarious organizations
such as the National Endowment for the Arts and the
Legal Services Corporation.

According to the Heritage Foundation, government
spending per household, which had held steady through
the nineties at around $18,000, has, under President
Bush, exceeded $20,000, adjusted for inflation. This
is the highest level since World War II.

Another indication of the Republican Party’s
uncontrollable appetite for federal spending is easily
seen in the way it has dealt with funding for
education. Where once the party called for the
elimination of the federal Department of Education,
federal spending for the Department of Education has
grown 40% under President Bush.

In fact, George W. Bush’s proposed $2.57 trillion
budget increases spending 38% from what the federal
government was spending when Bush became president.
His budget also increases spending 3.6% over last
year’s budget.

Also noteworthy is the fact that President Bush is the
first president since John Quincy Adams to serve a
full term and not veto a single spending bill. In
fact, not only has Bush not vetoed a single federal
expenditure, the only bill he threatened to veto was a
spending decrease. I’m referring to Bush’s “no
changes” promise to his prescription drug entitlement
that, according to George Will, “has an unfunded
liability twice as large as the entire Social
Security deficit.”

Democrats must be green with envy at the ability of
Republican Party to explode the growth of the federal
government and still bask in the reputation as a
“conservative” party. The truth is, however, there is
no conservative party in Washington, D.C., today. Both
parties are intoxicated with an insatiable thirst for
unrestricted federal spending!

Furthermore, this trend seems unlikely to change in
the near future. A majority of voters appears content
to allow their government to spend tax dollars like
drunken sailors as long as they enjoy (real or
imagined) federal benefits.

However, for the sake of intellectual honesty, it
would be nice if today’s professing conservatives
would be willing to face the fact that by supporting
President Bush and the current crop of Republican
leaders, they are merely giving aid and comfort to run
of the mill, big-spending liberals. With apologies to
Shakespeare, “a skunk by any other name smells as

© Chuck Baldwin


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Adelaide Institute:


From: Robert Edwards

Scott Ritter Says US Attack on Iran Planned for June

By Mark Jensen
Saturday, 19 February 2005
United for Peace of Pierce County (WA)

Scott Ritter, appearing with journalist Dahr Jamail
yesterday in Washington State, dropped two shocking
bombshells in a talk delivered to a packed house in
Olympia’s Capitol Theater. The ex-Marine turned UNSCOM
weapons inspector said that George W. Bush has “signed
off” on plans to bomb Iran in June 2005, and claimed
the U.S. manipulated the results of the recent Jan. 30
elections in Iraq.

Read on at





Dear Mr Mueller,

I wish people would give the references of the
articles they send you!!! I SUPPOSE, that that “James
P. Tucker Jr” belongs to the American Free Press,
but how do I know for sure from where I am? And what
is the date of that article? I certainly cannot
distribute such an article without the correct
datas: revisionists are always most careful about
using articles they come across with. We need




Dr. Leon Bourke:



The biography/story by Florentine S. Rost van
Tonningen, is the best and most moving story that I
have ever read coming in your newsletter. This shows
the Allies for what they were.

Leon Bourke





Mr. Mueller,

Good for you!  About time you put the clinch on these
I am DL Whipple
I live in Seattle.
You got brass balls.







the Mystery Deepens Over Hariri’s Killer

Qoting from BASSEM MROUE, Associated Press Writer’s

BEIRUT, Lebanon –  February 19th

“The bomb was placed underground, especially (since)
the crater was so huge,” said Hisham Jaber, a retired
brigadier general and former professor at the Lebanese
Military and Staff Command College. “Even a car with
1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds) of TNT wouldn’t create
such a crater.”

Jaber, who inspected the assassination site but is not
part of the investigation, said a suicide attack was
the least likely cause of the explosion. He noted the
crater was near the middle of the road, indicating the
bomb was likely placed under the street and not in a
parked car.

Dia’a Rashwan, an Egyptian expert on militant
groups… said a “state intelligence service” was
“probably” to blame.”  (End quote.)

Guess which one?



Pat Buchanan says it right:

Baiting a trap for Bush?

© 2005 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

If Syria’s Bashar Assad was behind the assassination
of ex-Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri of Lebanon, he is,
in the edited version of Gen. Tommy Franks’ phrase,
“the dumbest … man on the planet.”

There is no vital U.S. interest in Lebanon. There is
no vital U.S. interest in the Gulf other than oil,
which the Arabs and Iran have to sell to us and wish
to sell to us. No Arab nation has attacked the United
States since the Barbary pirates, and none wants war
with America. Only Osama, Sharon and the
neoconservatives look longingly to a “World War IV”
and a “clash of civilizations” between America and

…the losses are known. Two years after invading, we
have 1,500 dead, 10,000 wounded, and no end in sight
to the fighting and dying. We have killed scores of
thousands of Iraqis, crippled our alliances and bred
hatred of America across the Islamic world. We are
$300 billion deeper in debt. And the War Party, which
was 100 percent wrong about Iraq, is telling Bush the
right thing to do is to attack Syria and Iran.



I think Henry Makow may be on to something by pointing
out the differences between Judaism and Zionism in the
story below.  After all,  Zionism is mostly Communism
with a few sprinkles of National Socialism thrown in
for good measure.  The people promoting this scheme
were and are mostly of East European stock – not even
Semites, if one is to believe their linkage to the
Khazars.  And sure enough, there are quite a few
decent and respectable Jews like Henry Makow.  If they
want nothing to do with Zionism, maybe we should
encourage them openly and give them a helping hand?

Is the New World Order “Jewish”?, by Henry Makow

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 19:31:23 -0000 From: “Rowan

Henry Makow tells us :

The majority of Jews would want no part of the New
World Order a.k.a. “globalization” if they understood
its undemocratic character and how they are being
used. The true Jewish spirit holds that truth and
morality are absolute and cannot be trimmed to fit
one’s perceived self interest.  G.J. Nueberger
expresses this spirit in his essay “The Great Gulf
Between Zionism and Judaism.”:

“The Jewish people are chosen not for domination over
others, not for conquest or warfare, but to serve G-d
and thus to serve mankind…Thus physical violence
is not a tradition or a value of the Jews. The task
for which the Jewish people were chosen is not to set
an example of military superiority or technical
achievements, but to seek perfection in moral
behaviour and spiritual purity. Of all the crimes of
political Zionism, the worst and most basic, and which
explains all its other misdeeds, is that from its
beginning Zionism has sought to separate the Jewish
people from their G-d, to render the divine covenant
null and void, and to substitute a “modern” statehood
and fraudulent sovereignty for the lofty ideals of the
Jewish people.” The bankers obviously aren’t concerned
about true Judaism or racial purity and were quite
willing to sacrifice millions of Jews to achieve their
design by backing Hitler. They are sacrificing
thousands more Jewish, American and Muslim lives in
the Middle East in their Orwellian “perpetual war for
perpetual peace.” Does the New World Order serve a
“Jewish” agenda or a banker elite agenda? I would
venture that it serves the latter, and the Jewish
people are an instrument of this agenda like so many
other people.>

— I think I can explain this apparent contradiction
(of course Henry doesn’t even see it as a
contradiction, just as an occasion for ethnic pathos)
as follows : the very nature of Judaism, as an
exclusivist national cult which requires ritual
barriers of high complexity to permanently fence off
its followers from the rest of the world’s peoples,
necessarily produces a caste system, which then, in
the absence of a territory in which a warrior caste
keep them in check, leads to an unholy alliance
between the priestly and merchant castes at the
expense of the workers. Thus you get abstract ideals,
empty ritual, usury, hatred, and real oppression.

In relation to his comments about Anglo-Jewish history
may I again recommend this article by Evola on
Disraeli (which I translated from a French translation
of Evola’s own Italian): It does
contain one curious misconception – Evola describes
the English Whigs of the day as “a Lutheran

PS. The story above also perpetuates another
misconception:  “The bankers obviously aren’t
about true Judaism or racial purity and were quite
willing to sacrifice millions of Jews to achieve their
design by backing Hitler.”  This was not true.  The
bankers may have been willing to do this, but the
point is, it never happened and I wish Henry and
friends would stop repeating this nonsense.






Dear Mr. Mueller:  Here is something straight from the
European allied newspapers.  This is from my private

The source for the Dresden article is:  Stars and
Stripes, London Edition, Saturday, May 5, 1945.  Vol.
5  No. 156

Air Raid on Dresden Killed More Than 300,000

by Dan Regan

Stars and Stripes Staff Writer

With the 1st Army, May 3 (Delayed)-The Allied air raid
on Dresden on Feb. 13-14 killed 300,000 persons,
according to a report by Dresden police to a group of
600-British and French prisoners who were given passes
by the Germans to enter the American lines.

Nine British PWs were working in Dresden during the
raid and said the horror and devastation caused by the
Anglo-American 14-hour raid was beyond human
comprehension unless one could see for himself.  One
British sergeant said, “Reports from Dresden police
that 300,000 died as a result of the bombing didn’t
include deaths among 1,000,000 evacuees from the
Breslau area trying to escape from the Russians.
There were no records on them.

“After seeing the results of the bombing, I believe
these figures are correct.”

“They had to pitchfork shriveled bodies onto trucks
and wagons and cart them to shallow graves on the
outskirts of the city.  But after two weeks if work
the job became too much to cope with and they found
other means to gather up the dead.”

“They burned bodies in a great heap in the center of
the city, but the most effective way, for sanitary
reasons, was to take flamethrowers and burn the dead
as they lay in the ruins.  They would just turn the
flamethrowers into the houses, burn the dead and then
close off the entire area.  The whole city is
flattened.  They were unable to clean up the dead
lying beside roads for several weeks,” the sergeant



Herta Ruthard:



480,000 casualties, officially recorded. That was the
result of the three British and American air raids
launched within fifteen hours against Germany’s
largest refugee and hospital city, Dresden. Among
these 480,000 dead, there were: 37,000 toddlers and
newborns; 46,000 school-age children; 55,000
war-injured, ill, doctors, nurses, Red  Cross
assistants, and orderlies; 12,000 rescue workers from
the fire
brigades, Wehrmacht, first-aid attendants, air-raid
assistants, and air-raid police, 330,000 men, women
and teenagers (Source) Henry Mawai, “Eidgenoss”
1-3/86, Winterthur: Verlag Eidgenoss, p. 4.

People will no doubt wonder how all these dead could
be identified so exactly. The answer is simple: The
Germans were very precise  in registering their
citizens: name, date of birth, occupation etc., and
during the war everyone received food ration coupons.
Those who no longer picked up their ration coupons
after the inferno, had died.

It is possible that the 480,000 registered deaths were
all permanent inhabitants of Dresden, since refugee
transports constantly entered the city and we can be
sure that not everyone was immediately registered.
So if there were 600,000 refugees in the city, how
many of THEM ended up on the pyres, and how many were
turned anonymously to ASHES in the furnace that
Dresden became? The exact death toll will never be
determined, we can only guess how huge it was.

Dresden was a gigantic trap for humans, set up by
Churchill: “I do not want suggestions as to how we can
disable the economy and the machinery of war, what I
want are suggestions as to how we can roast the German
refugees on their escape from Breslau.”

And when one considers the utter destruction of that
city and the attitude of the Allies to let nobody
escape – hence the extensive American aerial hunt for
survivors at daybreak – then everybody can figure out
by himself what was left of this one-million-plus
misery. The British bombers came at night and the
Americans came during the day to finish the job.

This was done to every German city. Have you ever
heard or read about this genocide in the press? Of
course not.

Herta Ruthard



From Horst Mahler:


‘Ghost Planes’ Make Suspects Disappear

Pentagon has new secret weapon in ‘war on terror’

By Christopher Bollyn

There has been a flurry of articles recently in the
U.S. press about an executive jet used by “American
intelligence agencies” to transport abducted
“terrorist suspects” for interrogation to third
countries that use torture. The mainstream media,
however, largely omits essential details about
“extraordinary rendition,” a practice begun during the
Clinton administration, and ignores the legal
questions it raises.

The Sunday Times (UK) wrote about the mystery jet, a
Gulfstream 5, on Nov. 14, saying it had obtained the
logs of some 300 flights showing “the movements of the
Gulfstream 5 leased by agents from the U.S. defense
department and the CIA.”

According to the Times, the logs indicate that the
U.S. has used the plane to transport abducted
“prisoners” to “countries with poor human rights
records” where they have been turned over to the
authorities for “torture by proxy.”

During the past two years, the plane, which “always”
departs from Washington, “has flown to 49 destinations
outside America, including the Guantanamo Bay prison
camp in Cuba and other U.S. military bases.” Egypt,
Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are
among the foreign destinations of the “torture jet,”
which has the registration number N379P.

The Gulfstream made at least seven trips to
Uzbekistan, a dictatorship allied with the United
States in the “war on terror,” where, the Times wrote,
the “secret police are notorious for their
interrogation methods, including the alleged boiling
of prisoners.”

“I have come across many cases of rape in front of
family members who they wish to extract information
from,” Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to
Uzbekistan, said recently on Swedish television. “I
have post mortem photos of a corpse,” Murray said.
“These show that the person was boiled to death.”

The Washington Post, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune
all recently reported on the torture jet, but have
focused on the phony companies with whom the plane is
registered rather than on the serious crimes it is
being used to commit.

Much of the information about the “torture flights”
has come from a Swedish journalist, Fredrik Laurin,
who has produced four television programs about the
kidnapping of two Egyptians from Sweden in December

The four-part Kalla Fakta (Cold Facts) program about
the “enforced disappearance” of the two Egyptians,
Ahmed Agiza, 39, and Muhammad Al Zery, 33, began on
Swedish television on May 17, 2004, and can be viewed
on-line. The most important details of the abductions,
however, are not found in the U.S. press.

In the afternoon of Dec. 18, 2001, Ahmed Agiza was
picked up by police on his way home from Swedish
lessons in the western Sweden town of Karlstad. His
wife and five children awaited him at home. Meanwhile
in Stockholm, Swedish security police, the SÄPO,
arrested Al Zery at his job. The two Egyptians were
then driven to Bromma airport in Stockholm.

Paul Forell, a policeman with 25 years experience, was
stationed at the police station at Bromma airport that
night. Forell told Laurin what he observed:

“First came the security police. . . after five or 10
minutes two Americans arrived, in civilian suits, and
we stood there for a while talking,” he said. The
Americans, he said, were about 35 years old, gave
their first names and said they were from the U.S.

“Well, then came this group with the arrested men into
the station, and everything went very fast,” Forell
said. “The arrested men, wearing their own clothes,
were shackled hand and foot.”

Asked who brought the men into the station, Forell
said: “The Americans. The Swedish policemen stayed
behind in the outer, public premises,” he said. “There
were three to four men to each of the arrested.” The
Americans were “dressed in jeans and shirts, and
wearing black masks.”

Forell, a bystander, was the only uniformed policeman.
“There was hardly room for me in my own station,” he

Laurin described what happened next: The arrested men
were placed in the station’s changing-room and, while
shackled hand and foot, their clothes were cut off in
pieces. When the men were naked, “suppositories of an
unknown kind were inserted into their rectums.”

Dressed in diapers and dark overalls, blindfolded and
hooded, the men were taken to the cars, Laurin

The Gulfstream 5 with the registration N379P, “flying
for the U.S. Department of Defense,” waited several
hundred yards away, Laurin said.

“One of the prisoners was placed lying on the floor
with his hands and feet cuffed together behind his
back. The other was strapped fast in the cabin, with
his hands over his head.”

The two arrested Egyptians, about eight Americans and
two SÄPO police took off at 9:49 p.m., Kalla Fakta
reported. “When the plane landed in Cairo at 3 a.m.,
the men were turned over to Egyptian intelligence

“Disguised agents from an elite American military
unit, answering directly to the White House, are
allowed to take command on Swedish soil, contrary to
Swedish law. In a secret and brutal operation, two
Egyptians who have asylum in Sweden are kidnapped and
brought to Egypt to be tortured,” Kalla Fakta
reported. “They are suspected of terrorism, but no
evidence is presented.”

After two and a half years of torture in an Egyptian
prison, Al Zery was declared innocent and released.
Agiza, in a military trial, was sentenced to 25 years
in prison.

The Gulfstream 5 has completed at least 72 such
operations in more than 30 countries, Laurin reported.
And it always follows the same pattern. “After takeoff
from its home base in Smithfield, N.C., it makes a
short stop at Dulles International Airport, close to
CIA headquarters and the Pentagon.

“It flies exclusively to countries that are allied
with the U.S. in the fight against terror: Morocco,
Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan,” Kalla
Fakta reported, “countries where prisoners are kept
and interrogated, far beyond the reach of American and
international courts.”

U.S. enforced disappearances from Sweden are nothing
new, according to journalist Sven Anér. More than 10
years ago, on Sept. 28, 1994, nine Estonian survivors
from the Estonia ferry disaster “disappeared” in a
similar manner. The day after the sinking, nine crew
members were removed from the lists of 146 reported
survivors as a Gulfstream 4 (Reg. N971L), and a Boeing
727-200 (Reg. VR-CLM) left Stockholm’s Arlanda airport
carrying four and five unregistered passengers each.

Anér has the documents from the airport’s archive that
show that the fees for the two airplanes were paid by
the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm.

Enforced disappearance” and torture are “crimes
against humanity,” according to the Rome Statute of
the International Criminal Court, which the Bush
administration opposes.

While inquiries at the Departments of State, Defense
and Justice about the legality of “extraordinary
renditions” went unanswered, a March 19, 2004, memo
from Jack L. Goldsmith, assistant attorney general,
clearly reveals the Bush administration’s intent to
defy international law.













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